Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing with blocks of wood

Yes i was down in the stuido playing with these 2 x 2 blocks of wood, trying to make something out of them, maybe christmas tree decorations, and this is one I came up with which is going straight to the recyle bin. I got the idea of site. I love her work, in fact i am in awe of her talent. Of course mine are not like hers and I would never want to copy her, but I did borrow her idea, go to her site, its on the side as a link and look at her work it is amazing, she started painting late in life just like me, but the talented gene pool is all on her side. I am not giving up, I am just taking a day to think it through and go another way. I know I am going to use those cup screwy things and maybe a bead hanging at the bottom. Lets just say its a work in progress, instead of a peice of xxxx. Well again its late, went shopping for presents tonight, came home with one,at that rate I should be ready by next christmas. No really I am just about finished just my daughter and a few odds and ends. Well got to go catch some beauty sleep and be bright eyed for work tommorow. Talk to you then...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Change Room Nightmares

I dont like going into changerooms and trying on clothes, I know that is really stupid. I usually just buy them and try them on at home. Dont ask me why, I have no clue......I should have put that in one of of my 7 random things you dont know about me. Well this little ditty dont ask me where it came from, I was trying on clothes at home, and thought I should do a little art piece on this. Note who I put in there, no not me, the girl from Greys her, she is not model skinny. Was out at Costco tonight with the daughter did a little shopping 100.00 later. Came home and shovelled snow, yes the dreaded shovelling has began. Hubby is out of town on business, so could not help. Seems he is always away when the snow shovelling is needed. Well working on a Christmas piece about my christmas tree, riveting stuff I bet you can hardly wait to see it. Well hope to have it done tonight....Well talk to you all again tommorow.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why in the world would you want to know 7 random facts about me.....because I said so...

Where have I been the last few days, I am a bad blogger. I have been busy with life, it seems to get in the way quite often. I read my fellow blogger Krissies blog and she had 7 random facts about hereself. So I thought I would tell you a few random facts about me. Just in case you ever wondered what is she really like>

1. I love diet coke, i do not drink coffee, never have
2. I have been married to the same man for 35 years, quite a feat some days
3. I have one child, had her in my later thirties and is the light of my life
4. I have worked for the same company for 35 years and am retiring in April.
5. I have travelled quite a bit in my younger years as my dad was in the Airforce
and have lived in France and England\
6. I was born a middle child, Pisces, and March 17, St. Paddys day is my birhtday
7. I was named after a lady my Mother met in a beer parlour.

Well there you go 7 random facts you probably never wanted to know about me, but now know. I have been in the studio creating some art journal pages, they are drying as we speak, so going to post some tommorow. Well till then take care.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - Gratitude

I am blessed to have a loving family and great friends. I am grateful everyday to have these people in my life. I have had these 3 friends for abut 35 years or so. I have other friends of course. But these three have been there for each other and me, we have gone through many of life's trials and survived them together. I think every woman needs a woman or women in there life for emotional support, fun and laughter. They cant replace your family, but you need them in a different way.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

4x4 Challenge - Trees - First Snow

Here is my 4x4 challenge about Trees. I envisoned being in a forest with the snow coming down. I dont know if I caught that feeling in this small painting. Lee

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mr. Winter is making itself known soon

This is me I do not like winter. Its getting cold here and I have a to do list, plus I got my winter coat out....I quess I better start wearing socks again.

The Red Shoe Diary Revisited

I decided this needed to be in my art journal, not my sketch book. I had this idea and I still might do it, to incorporate these designs and the story into an art series for my studio, each on its own canvas. Well today I am feeling very warm and fuzzy thinking about Christmas and what I have to do and get and when it has to be mailed. I noticed the neighbour putting up their christmas tree tonight, a little early for me. I am one of these anal types that dont like a mess or things out of place. So we put up the tree about the 15 of December and take it down the day after Christmas. I can just about stand it that long and thats enough. Well I did another art journal tonight so I am going to post that one now to.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


This is a special art journal peice I made. I am actually going to do something like this on canvas for my mother for Christmas, but I am going to add my other sister to it (10 years younger). This art journal peice was about our connection just 2 years apart and when I last saw her.

Finding my Style

I have been reading a few blogs, and they seem like me to be having a problem finding there own unique style. I am trying to find my style and thats what these two pics are trying to find my style. Been doodling down in the studio, and here are some of the works that were done. Not great, not awful somewhere in between. Practice at your craft is important, and I find that the more I draw and paint and doodle the better I become. I try to draw, sketch or paint each day, there fore by the time I am really to old to hold a paintbrush I should be draw and paint like Van Gogh....

Friday, November 09, 2007

So I look like the Green Eyed monster

This is an old image I reworked and put in my art journal. Yes I do feel envy once in awhile. You often doubt you have any talent, when you surf the web and see what others are doing, and you begin to feel like yours is pre school looking. But then I sit back and say to myself I am making this for me and I like it that should be enough. We have had a busy couple of days around here. Wednesday was my daughters 19th birday, so we were out for dinner, tonight she had a bunch of friends over. Tommorow she is leaving for Seattle for 3 days for shopping and fun with a friend, they are flying. The dollar is so good right now you have to take advanatage of it. I ordered some stuff on the net as well, could not resist. I might even do some christmas shopping on it as well. The weather is turning cooler and snow is forecast......Well I am going to bed now as tommorw I am going to the studio, you should see some new work soon.....Its a long weekend here, called Remberance we have Monday off as well.....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This is another journal page that I made in my book. I have not done much art in the past 5 days since my last post. Life has a funny way of interfering with my art. I mean could someone else clean the house and cook the meals, really I am an artist.....Really time just flies by and before you know it, it's a week since my last post. It snowed here on Saturday night and its stayed around, today was quite mild, but the nights are cool. I know the bad weather is coming its just a matter of a week or so and Mr. Winter will be here until March. Well I should go I will post again tommorow....

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