Saturday, July 26, 2008

open to new possibilities

well on my blog break, I have been opening myself up to new possibilities. I have embraced new techniques, gone back to the old tried and true methods, have practiced drawing each and every day. For I believe that by drawing each day you become a better artist. Even if it is on a paper napkin well out enjoying myself I create something, nothing to show, some would not call it art but it is something I have created. In taking a break from my blog I have stepped back and taken note that I was not enjoying my blog anymore I felt I had to create in order for people to read my blog.....when I first started out my blog I did not care if anyone read it. It was a way for me to be creative because I felt I was stifled creativly. So I am going back to the way I orginally wanted my blog to be, I am not going to feel that I have to create daily so I can put it on my blog. Sometimes there will be pictures I have taken, a drawing on a napkin, a photograph that has inspired me etc. My desire is to create amazing things at my pace........I did not take this picture and forgot where I got it, but I love it and plan on making it a stencil....


  1. Lee I couldnt agree with you more, and thats why I think I am still hibernating cos I cant face the pressure I put on myself when I am blogging. I ended up exactly the same as you...creating to put on the blog and feeling inadequate when I didint have anything to put there and under pressure to do so. I dont know if I even miss blogging but one day perhaps I will feel the urge to write there again.! I will still keep visiting yours to see what you have done and maybe that will inspire me to do some creative stuff too! take care :)Krissie

  2. I took a blog break, too but I didn't do much art....but I can sure relate to how you fell about your blog. I'm the same way. And now that my break is over I'll post when and if I have something to say or show but won't feel obligated to do something every single day. Blogging should be fun!!

  3. Hi Lee, I think sometimes stepping back and see what is bordering you or you are not satisfied with is good. We can put ourself under a lot of pressure....that's why I post only when I feel like or I feel like I want to share something. And I stepped back from taking challenges....just don't have the time and don't feel like being pressure either. There is enough pressure in everyday life.
    Plus it sounds like you did a lot of fun things, enjoyed discovering new techniques and living the creative life as good as you can.....enjoy in full ways, big smile, Anke ;)

  4. Hi Lee,

    I am awarding you the Brilliant Weblog Award. If you would like to accept it just pop over to my blog.

    ~Gina :)

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    hey Lee if it makes you happy to blog once in a while tha is great and if you don't feel like it that is ok too but i really enjoy your blogs not because of the art (i enjoy that too) but just to keep in touch with my family and if you don't blog every day tha is ok i jut keep checking back to see what is up
    keep it up and i will keep reading
    pictures, art and stories all work good but it is what you want that matters
    so you do what feels right for you
    love always your cousin
    Kathy in Vancouvre who misses the part of her family in Edmonton

  6. Hi Lee,

    I think it's good that you have stopped putting pressure on yourself about your blog. I am just happy to read it when I can. I also think you should remind yourself that blogging is creative too! You don't have to put art on the blog in order for it to be creative.
    Although it is a treat to see what other people are doing with paint and such, it is not the only reason I stop by.


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