Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Life put on long

I hope you all had a great Christmas.  Mine was good, my sister came for Christmas and is here until  January 2010.  We are not doing to  much for New years we are having a big lobster and steak dinner, with escargots as an appetizer.  Just hubby , me, sister and grandma.  The shopper has gone to Florida till January 5.  The weather has been just crappy, cold and snowy, so we have not been doing much.  We did go to a movie today we saw the movie Its Complicated with Meryl Streep it was a pretty good movie I got a few good laughs watching it.  Got a few great presents, Photoshop Elements 8, a huge book on birds, a coach purse from the shopper,books, art gift certificate, cash etc.  So it was pretty good all around.  I have been thinking of the new year, considering not making any resolutiions, never keep them for the whole year anyway, but do want to have goals to reach for.  Not to many going to keep them manageable so I can keep them and they are doable.  Do you make resolutions and do you keep them?  One of my journal pages which I have not shown yet, says LIFE I have put on hold....and that is so true.  I have been putting my life on hold, for so long it's time to get on with what I want .  So that is what my main focus of the year is going to be.  Kick starting my life and gettting off the hold list how about you, is your life on hold>

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree....

7;50 PM

In PJ's
doing laundry
cleaning the kitchen
making final list for food supply for christmas
checking it twice


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Sunday Sunday-How can it be...

A Page in Progess

Today was one of those days that you say to yourself, why do I want to make art, why do I do this to myself>  All the doubts and the i am no good, I cant draw, I cant paint..came over me.  All I was doing was doing was trying to sketch, now I sketch all the time, because i think the more you sketch the better you get.  Today nothing worked it looked like a 2 year old could sketch better...I was so frustrated and upset, I put everything away and informed the hubby I was done with it....and he said you know your not, you will have bad days and good days and today is not your day, do someething else and forget about it. So I did, who knew hubby could have such wise wisdom about art, but he does know me..He knows my love of art, colour, he might not always appreciate everything I like, but I dont always like everything he likes.  So I have been touring my fav blogs and finding new ones.  On one blog was the question, does everyone you know , know about your blog?  My answer to that is no, just a few close friends, and my family .  I dont tell everyone i you?

Today the shopper took me out to lunch for christmas, and we had a nice lunch and a nice chat with each other.  Times like this has to be appreciated as they don't happen that often.  I went to the bookstore and browsed around and looked at all the books.  I then went to the Library and picked up the book I had on hold, called French Milk.  Its like a graphic novel.  Its a true story about a 22 year old and her mother who go to Paris for 5 weeks..very interesting, a really fast read.

So with all the frustration I played in my visual journal, and the page in top is in progress, still lots to do, no judging till its done.....How is your sunday going?????

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A tour through the artist's studio

This is a few pictures of the studio, the studio is on the lower level of my house, or some call it the basement , because it is the basement.  Anway we finished it off a few years ago so the shopper could have a little privacy and the artist (me) could have a studio.  So down in basement is the shoppers bedroom, bathroom, this room for hanging around in, and a bar area, that I did not take a picture of, as well as the artist's studio.

This is a picture of upstairs where I got new hardword and a new area rug....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another tradition...Christmas Eve

lts another tradition    every Christmas Eve for dinner we always have appetizers, some i make, some made at Costcos, my favourite drink of all time is a tall frosty Cesar's  .  I will supply the recipe.  You dont have to have the liquor its just as good without it.  Lots of ice, and I rim the glass with cesar salt

4 oz. Clam Tomato Cocktail

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

1 1/2 oz. vodka

1 Dash TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce

celery salt to taste

Celery stalk

Lime wedge

pepper to taste

salt to taste

Mixing instructions:

Rim a highball glass with lime (or lemon) , celery salt, and salt. Add vodka and Clam Tomato Cocktail to ice and season with pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco. Stir, and then garnish with a celery stick. Option: Rim glass with Seasoning

Its eat when your hungry, its there help yourself..  We always watch some Christmas Movie, one we have rented.  Sometimes it's and old one, sometimes it's a new one.  I think this year it will be Four Christmases.

Now i am on the outlook for new appetizers, if you have one you like tell me....I would love to try it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

-46 coldest place on the contient

Why in gods name would someone actually live is freezing out.  But we are a hardy bucnh of people and we just get on with it, and bitch about the weather every now and then.  Usually it is not this cold, and it does not usually get this cold until January.  The weather seems bad all over the world, ....greenhouse gases...climate control.  Well here is a little tale that invovled me and the weather.  Saturday night the shopper came home late, now hubby and I park in the garage, and she has to park outside on the driveway.  She has to plug her car in or it wont start, its really cold have I mentioned that.  Well she forgets and in the morning of course the car wont start.  So I say take my car, as that is the only one we can get out of the garage, as she has blocked hubby car in.  She goes out and comes home a few hours later, and instead of parking in the garage, she parks in the driveway.  A few more hours pass and she has to go to work, goes out to start my car, the battery is dead as she has left the lights on.  Did I mention it was really cold.  So we have three cars, one in the garage that cant get out, because the two cars in the driveway are dead as doornails and need a boost.  Now normally the car in the garage could boost the two other cars but it cant get out.  So I phone AMA (CAA) to come and boost the car, wait on hold for an hour,. and then the lady proceeds to tell me it can be up to 13 hours before they get here.  Did I mention its getting even colder.....So needless to say nobody did anything yesterday.  Today as 12:30 (lunch) the guy comes and boosts the cars.  Hubby did not go to work today as he works 30 miles out of town and had no car.  This little problem with the cars, did not endear the shopper to him..  Well anyway everything is back to normal in the household, and it is warming up to -30 so lets get the swim suits on.  And thats the weather...

EDMONTON — Edmonton's weather boasted two dubious distinctions Sunday: it was colder here than anywhere else in North America and it marked the coldest Dec. 13 in the city's history.

Environment Canada recorded a frigid minus 46.1 C, or minus 58.4 C with the wind chill, at the Edmonton International Airport at 5 a.m.,

Friday, December 11, 2009

What is your stress level....

1.  tree up
2.  tree decorated
3.  presents bought
4.  presents wrapped
5.  holiday grocery shopping list made

Stress level 7 and climbing

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ornamental Traditions...

Do you have holiday traditions.  I have many  that I started when I got married.  Some carried over from when I was living with my parents.  I think family traditions are important .  So here is one that I am sharing with you.  When my daughter was born, I decided that every year from then on I would make 1 holiday oranment, so by the time she left home she would have some oranments of her own .  At that time as well I decided each year I would buy one special oranment to put in her stocking....This is one of the oranments that I have made.  You will see a few more before christmas....

Monday, December 07, 2009

Just quaking along...

  Alright I know what a hokey title, that is the first thing that came to my mind, now you know how my mind works, its definetly not the mind of Einstein. And I would not win the National spelling bee either.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a snowstorm, heavy snow and high winds.  Made for a hard to get around weekend.  Lots of using the snowblower and the shovel.  Getting stuck a few hundred times, and trying not to swear my head off.  Other than that a typical weekend of running errands and watching movies.
I have not got the tree up , I have it in the living room in a box but not up.  No decorations up and I am secretly hoping for a decorating fairy to visit while I am asleep and do it all.  I did  do some baking yesterday , ginger cookies and after we all ate them not much left to freeze.  We watched a movie with Queen Latifa in it, about the holidays wont win an Academy Award for that movie. .  Today I bought some Christmas Wrapping paper in preparation for  the big wrap to begin.  Hubby is out of town starting Wednesday till Friday so I am going to start wrapping them.

I want to give a shout out to my hard core readers, thank you for sticking with me.  I appreciate it so much. 


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Do you Like Christmas Carols.....

Ok I know it is not the 3 of december....but when I did this one a couple of years ago I liked it and I like it now.  A couple of years ago I did a book of christams drawings and such for 24 days, I think it was a challenge.  Boy was that a mistake, never do something like this if you
a.  are not organized for christmas already So needless to say I will not be doing anymore like this in the month of December.  I think was even working then. So every now and then you will see a few christmas drawings might not be on the correct day,

Now back to my title, do you like Christmas Carols.  I do in small small does, like Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and thats it.  Back to requalr programming after that.  We have a radio station here, that I usually listen to in the car, starts December 1, and ends December 31 playing nothing but Carols.

Ok today is a go day, I am getting my Christmas things up from the lower level (basement) sorting and putting things out.  Maybe the Christmas Tree, I also have a thing about the Christmas Tree I take it down on Boxing day (26) and christmas is gone from the house.  I do love Christmas, it sounds like  I dont.  But I dont want it to linger on to long.  How about you?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger,Courage and Other Misc items

Well today class (lol) I want to talk about courage. Are you brave? Now I could quote a famous line from that Movie Dirty dancing, no its not "Nobody puts Baby in the Corner. It’s about being afraid. Who knows that line? To tell you truth I am afraid of many things, the older I get. I don’t like snakes, mice, or chipmunks. My family constantly reminds me of a story which I will tell you now. A few years ago we were in Yellowstone, and we stopped at this little pit stop, where you could hike , picnic etc. A bunch of people were milling around, feeding this tame little chipmunk. Not me, because I don’t like chipmunks, and somebody threw a piece of food and it landed on my foot, I bent over to pick it off my shoe and throw it toward the chipmunk, I guess he thought I was going to eat it and he came at me. I see him running toward me and I start running the other way screaming for help. Finally somebody throws the little guy some more food and he stopped and forgot about me. Meanwhile everybody there is laughing at me. Of course my husband got this on video, so every year it pops out and they all have a good laugh. They don't know that I have been chipmunk scarred for the rest of my life.

Now about Tiger Woods, here is my theory. His wife got pissed at him for his alleged affair. They were having a tiff in the house, he decides to leave and gets in his car, and she comes at him with one of his golf clubs, a fitting symbol don’t you think, he trying to get away , after she has broken the back window and the front window and he hits the fire hydrant. Now according to him she was a big help to him If I was her I would have gone in the house......

Well enough stories for today. how is your day going. And what are you afraid of

Monday, November 30, 2009

Is the holiday over yet...

Well I took a little thanksgiving break, even though we had our Canadian Thanksgiving weeks ago.  When a holiday comes up I like to celebrate it, no matter if its mine or not.  What have I been doing, not much.  A little art and lots of bad sketching.  As you can see from the clown above.  I was not in a happy clown mood the day I sketched this.   Alert: Keep your children away from the screen so they will not be scarred for life from see this clown.  Just had another look at this guy and he looks like a bad 60 's rock star.

Other than that, I need to get my butt in gear and finish my Christmas Shopping.  This week.  The shopper returned home late last night from a whirlwind trip to Vegas her first as she just turned 21.  Was very impressed, did not gamble much as we have casinos here she can gamble at.  All you have to be is 18.  But shop she did, that how she earned her name.  Had to pay you know she shopped.  Well  tonight I am going out with the girls to see New Moon.....I got them hooked on the books,  And we are suppose to have heavy snow, I believe it.  Its all gray and looks and feels like a big snowfall. 
Well I am back to blogging so I will talk to you all tommorow and give you a review of the movie.  If I can dig myself out of the parkfing lot tonight.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Postman Postman you did your duty

The postwoman brought a surprise today.  This  unexpected parcel, sent to me by Roseanne of an excellent artist, art teacher, principal and all round nice person and I am not just saying that because I got a parcel from her.  The wrapping is fabric, she had pink ribbon and a dried rose on it .  Really almost to beautiful to open, but I managed (lol).
Opened the box which was covered with tissue paper. and lo and behold a bevy of art goodies should appear.

The box was stuffed with stuff, stamps, envelopes,portfolio oil pastels, cards, images from magazines, the most beautiful paper (I have a thing for paper I love it) you name it, I have it in the box. 

I am one lucky girl....go to her site, she has beautiful art journals that she keeps.   Do you like the bigger pictures or smaller ones, I am trying this out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection

November 24,2009 
I have been a lax picture taker, here is my tree for

August 24/09

Now I live in Canada and we have extreme  seasons, fall usually there is snow by Halloween, and by your Thanksgiving in the States, we usually are under foot with a ton of snow and cold weather.  This weather, we just had snow that stayed a couple of days ago.  We did have snow for Halloween, but it went away.  The weather is unseasonally good.  So here is to good weather for the winter season./

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Friday

This is a journal page I recently did.  Today yeah is Friday , tonight on the dinner menu is Lasagna, and Salad, not made by me, but by Francos Italian Restaurant to go.  It is great and not cooked by me.  That is what happens around here on Friday night, no cooking, watching Stargate Universe, yes I am a space geek.  Maybe a little book reading and just chilling, me the hubby and devil dog.  What do you have planned for tonight

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new post and old art

I do have some new stuff but none I can post yet.  So here is an old journal page...I have been busy, going here and there and really not getting to much accomplished.  Do you ever have those days when you seem like your going constantly and then you look back to see what you have accomplished and its really not much.  Today is really a bleak looking day, its a day to stay in , have a hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace and watch a good movie.  Now if only I could do that, dont you hate when real life intrudes ..I mean really who else is going to clean the house, and make the dinner, and do the laundry, and take my mother for blood tests, walk the dog and on on on...(lol).  Well i took some pictures of my tree for Julies blog and when I just looked at them, I realized I took a picture of the wrong tree.  So now I must go and take a picture of the tree and get in  the car and go do some errands.  I might post more tonight . 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Humming Along....

Welll its Sunday night, and I am watching Hugh Grant in About A boy.  Now  Hugh Grant really is not my fvourite actor of all time, I do think he is cute..But he plays the same part in all his movies a bumbling nice cute guy. m  But I must admit I do like this movie.  Well  what did I do this weekend.  Well this the above picture is something I was just fooling around with.  I was trying to make a humming bird,now I dont really think hummingbirds are this colour, but I got carried away.
Made dinner for  my mother and mother inlaw tonight . Last night I made a couple of ATC's for the trades and I will show them to you tommorow.  I actually sat down last night to work on Teesha Moores journal, I was going to sew the signatures, but could not find the needle.  Now I have bought the same needle three times and dont know where I put them  So I bought another needle today and wouldn't you know it I found all three hidden needles  So tommorow is the day I will sew the signatures in Teeshas journal, and finish Rhomany's journal...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Well I know this Remberance ATC is late, but it is for a swap.  And I am not late for the swap, as they have not picked partners yet.  So I feel very safe posting this here.  I had quite a few ideas for the theme which was I am in the process of making another one along the lines of have to swap 2 cards, one for the theme the other not.  I like making ATC it is making small art and does not take up to much of your time.  Well I must report that I have cut and folded the 16 page booklet (Teeshas) and today I will be sewing the signatures in. (Rhomany) coptic stich art journal I have folded the pages to signatures made the front and back cover and just going to make the template for the I am making progress on some things.
Today I am not doing to much, taking Devil Dog to the dog park for a run and me a walk.  I need the excerise.  Coming home and going to the studio to work on the books.  Make some more ATC and just chill with my favourite drink Diet Coke out of the can.  Weird I know, I dont like the bottle, I dont like a glass, I like it straight out of the can with a straw.  Has to been in the fridge at least 24 hours.  I  am a diet coke acholic......I dont drink coffee, or tea, or milk I drink Diet Coke, so far my brain is still functioning.
Well enough about my addictions, what are your plans for the weekend.  Oh I still have to take pictures of my tree outside and my new floor and furniture and rug, stay tuned for those on the weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am a list maker are you

 Do you make lists? If my friends know one thing about me it is I never jump into anything without over analyzing it. I always make a list....I makes list for groceries, things to do in the house, things to buy, things for the hubby and shopper to do....lists..sometimes it feels like my life is ruled by lists. Now its just one list and everything goes on it from art-to grocery shopping. I tick things off as i accomplish them. If I don’t get them done today they go on tomorrow’s list...weird I know.  I keep it in a book and just add as I think of things. Today I am making a list of all the art projects that I need to get finished by the end of the month. I cant move ahead with my art life when these things are hanging over my head. Today I am making a start on them. Here are some of the  new things on list for today.

1. ATC cards for:

Willowing - 2
Mixed Media -2

2. Art Ornaments to make-Milliande  1

3. Teesha Moore booklet to finish =

4. Coptic stitch art journal to complete=

5. Books back to the Library (3)

6.Vacumn upstairs

7.Dinner – go to Superstore

Okay some of these things are really not a must....but I want to finish on the list they go. Are you a list maker? How do you do your lists? I really want to know.

Monday, November 09, 2009

New day,,,new tradition, news and other boring stuff

Today is just going to be an update of sorts to let you know what going on in my life. (Not much)

Well I did not go out and get a job, what the hell was I long did I work and work and wait for retirement.  I must have been having a off day...or an out of my mind day.  I love my life (today) and dont want to have a job....

The birthday girl had a great lots of great is a run down, we got her a beautiful bracelett with diamonds, (were talking small small ) but something she can look back at and remember when she got it.  A beautiful silver ring, money, another bracelett all from family and friends.  Now the boyfriend went way to crazy,,not one but two purses from Coach, american money (the shopper is off to vegas at the end of the month with friends) 2 dvds and 1 dinner at the expensive (I have never been there) Ruth Chris....the boyfriend must be happy to know that you can only turn 21 once....broke the bank

On my bookshelf I have been reading:
a year in provence
Natural Fashion (
How to paint portraits
How to create a zine

In the art department, I have not been creating.  Thinking over things, yes, but no actual pencil to paper.  I have signed up for a few Artist Trading Cards trades on some of my ning sites.  I have signed up for an xmas ornament trade.  I am thinking of creating a few collages ...lots of thinking but no creating.  I am going to start creating tonight.  I have been watching Teesha Moores videos hasnt) and created one of her booklets.  Okay not finished yet....I have been watching Romanys on creating a art journal...not finished yet.  All these things I need to get finished by the end of the month. Also need to take another picture of my tree outside for Julies 

I am a bit worried I had signed up for 3 atc trade.I finished  them and sent them all off at the same time.  Made sure that they were all taken to the post office and the right postage was but on.  Now  Janet lives in California got hers last week.  But not a word from the other two.  Now one was going to Florida, the other was going to Philly...they must have been there by now, no word on them yet.

I am starting at new tradition here monday's I will post a blog that I think is great....and think everybody should check out......there are so many great blogs out there that nobody reads or looks first one for today is...drum roll please I really like this blog, she also has a site where she has free images to use in your art.  If you read down a little you will see she crocheted a scarf and fingerless mitts....if only I crocheted......I love it.  Did you know those gloves are all the rage this year...

Well you must be sick of  me by I am done for today....leave me a comment and let me know what you think...I would like to know someone reads this blog.

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