Sunday, June 29, 2014

the Blondie tour...

I went medium blonde, yep, my hair wasn't really very dark to start with, but lots of grey were coming thru, first I debated about just going with it, let the grey come
thru and be done with it.  Its not that nice grey that white grey its that dull lifeless
grey that drags you down.  So instead of dyeing my hair my usual natural light brown, I went medium blonde, and you know I like it, hides the grey really well, and I decided it was me.  So now know I dye my hair, by the time I am 80 you will know all
my secrets.
Since blondes have more fun I told the hubster if two 18 year old hunks ring the doorbell just let them in, they are for me

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday .....whats new

There are a couple of advantages to posting into my 9th year
is that I have a lot of art you probably have never seen.  Because
as bloggers we easily tire of a blog and maybe only come back
to it once and awhile.  So there is more fodder for the blogger
to post that is old.  This is an example of one
, its not that old, it was a booklet I made of angels.  I am
not into the whole angel thing so don't ask me why
I did a whole book on it. But I liked the little booklet
so here is one of the drawings.  Now this one was simple to do,
I did the background in the book first, and then on this
one, I cut out a shape of woman, and did a little spray
paint which blended in with the background, had
an wing stamp , and used a word stamp, and here
she is in all her glory.
Its gloomy today and a little rainy a perfect day to go to the library
and browse there art books, what do you do on gloomy days?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How often do you do it.......

ah ha caught you , I mean how often do you post, or how often do you think you should post.  I have read various articles on you should post every second day,
3 times a week.  Since I have taken the attitude that I am going to post
only when I feel like it, it has taken this invisible  weight off my shoulders.
This weight is only put on by me, and to top it all off I have not
slowed down to much in posting on my blog Ha ha.  Though the summer
for sure everyone slows down in blog land, you gotta enjoy the
weather well its here right.  Today its beautiful out the sun is shining, cloudless sky
I am taking my camera out with me to find some inspiration to reflect in
my journal.  So what are you doing today

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A little rant

you all know how I love colour, well here is an example of how much, you need your
sunglasses for this one
I like to take online courses, but I have taken a lot of them, but I have never made
one thing from them.  So I took a bit of a step back and decided that I am going to make one piece of art from each class that I have taken, so stay tuned for that.  But alas I could not resist taking a class from my girl crush Alisha Burke, and one from
Robin Marie Smith.  They are both reasonably priced and lots information that
is new and refreshing.  I see the latest on online classes is to let you have
the class for only so long and charge you a year at a time.  I will not be taking
these classes.  I realize the artist who puts on these classes puts a lot of time
and effort into creating the class, but I want something back for my money. Anways enough of my rant, its back to business talking about trivial day to day things.


Monday, June 23, 2014

I should have known.....

after a busy weekend, I have settled back into my routine
do you have a routine?  I found that since I retired
if I don't have routine of some sort I find the day
passes in a blur, my routine is not set in stone
its very flexible, allowing for a lot of down time.
I swim everyday, I do some sort of cleaning,
I walk the dog, I cook, and make art, with
other variables thrown in. 
Like for instance my IPAD not working, and its
not very old, April.  So I am off to
Apple to find out what the _____is the
problem.  Lucky the hubster who is
very organized had the bill safely tucked
away, because I worried all night where
I had put the bill.  He knows me to well.
That's it for today.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Its all about the days and nights...

been a busy couple of days and nights
took the hubster to emergency spent 13 hours there
left the hubster and picked him up this morning
finally got an answer to the pain that has been plaguing him since
he came home from the hospital in February
now we can get on making him feel better
out for lunch and a little shopping with the shopper
home to walk the dog
out to my favourite pen store to purchase 2 new pens
home to make homemade chicken burgers on the BBQ for
and maybe the hubster and I will watch a movie if we
are not asleep in our chairs
whats on your weekend

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A little big of this and that

a little sketch from my sketchbook, colored with only markers
you can get such pure deep colour from markers.
We have been talking about summer holidays,
but hubster still is not that well, so I don't think
we are going to go to far.  I am going on my
usual trip to Phoenix in October with girls. But
I am in the mood for something more....what are you
doing this summer?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Dita

Meet Dita Von Teese , and
yes she is a real person.  I saw this
picture in a magazine and had to draw it.
She actually looked better in the magazine,
and her swimsuit was black,but in the interest of my art
I thought yellow looked much nicer,  and her
boobs did not look deformed.  I need more
practice, on drawing some parts of the anatomy.
But don't you just love that name, now that's
a stripper name, like no other.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chasing my tail

Just to let you know I am afraid of mice, rats,
but I like to draw them.  So I had this drawing in
my sketch book , so I scanned it, and I had the
word today scanned in as well, and all my
backgrounds are scanned in as I do them, and
I put them all together in Photoshop elements, and
this is what came out.  Plenty of space for writing a list
or whatever. 
today we are celebrating Fathers day a day early.
We are going out for lunch , then the
shopper and I are going shopping to needs to
get him a gift. Then its home for a barbeque.
So I better get going, what are you doing today?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

jungle love

I am entering this into  go check it out she has amazing art
I really like this one, and I don't say that very often
about my art.  I think because of the colors in it.
Sent out all the mini zines yesterday and today
finished the one image for Carol and sent it off
finished a sketch book completely that my
daughter bought me in Thailand last year
and wish she had bought two.  The paper
takes any kind of medium and doesn't leak through.
Got to finish one circle journal of my friend
Gayle who lives in the same city as me
and then all my obligations are caught up.
I have been writing them down lately as I
forget what I have to do.   Cant be
my age  can it (lol).

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Image

As you all know I belong to facebook group that does trades
I really like it, but sometimes they don't allow International Trades
they consider Canada International which is really
laughable, we are there neighbour.  Anyway one of the women
wanted to trade and she was from Germany, so I said I would.
Now the challenge was one image, you send a postcard
and have one image on it.  So I sent mine off and Sandra
sent me her's which was the girl.  I have been having
a terrible time with this one and wishing as I usually
do, I had not said I would do this.  So she has
sent hers back to me, so I have to get something in the mail.
And this is about the 20 th redo of this card.  You cant
see but I put a piece of heavy plastic (I forget what its called)
over the window, I hope you get that its a window.  Now
I am totally rethinking this whole card.  Back to the

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


the skin on this girl of mine looks like crap
its truly looks better in person
but when it scans, it does some kind of number on it.
But I must say I do have a hard time with skin tones,
I wish there was a perfect combination that you could follow

Monday, June 09, 2014


today was all about hanging out with old friends
gabbing, laughing, eating and
reminiscing.  Remembering when, when
we were young and we all worked together.
Had a great time 

Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Score.

I did this a long time ago, I saw an ad in some magazine
and decided to give it a try, I like the way it
turned out.
Every June our neighbour hood of about 500 home has a giant grage sale,
usually out of those 500, about 100 or more homes decides to participate.
I have one garage sale person, who I go to every year, she must work or
own a store, or retails to stores.  Her Stuff is amazing, that's the only
garage sale, I go to.  Now all this stuff is brand new, so heres what  I got
an beautiful apron
Lug purse
pasta maker
straw purse
Over the shoulder pink purse
Lug Wallet
tea towels, not the cheap ones either
and other misc. items
all for 30.00 which would easily be over 100.00
now the hubster would say did you really need that
pasta maker, because you have never ever made homemade pasta,
and my answer will be , but now I can if I want to.

Friday, June 06, 2014

golden oldie friday

today was all about lunch with a friend
taking the car in for an oil change
walking devil dog
making a bound book
having tuna casserole for dinner
(now that's an oldie but goodie) my
daughter asked me what was tuna casserole
I am sure I made it for her
did you know I got a Fuji instamatic camera for mothers day
I thought I would really like it,
don't rush out and buy one
its just okay the picture quality is not that great
I use it to put stuff into my documented planner
I am joining the Summer of Fun
its free and it looks like fun, check it out
okay I need a couple of emails from
Wendy, Peggylynn Cjsrq go to my
profile page and email me your addresses so
I can get you mini zines in the mail
ok that's it for today

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A Contest for you

I promise everytime you come to this blog, you will not see flowers.
But truthfully I  draw them all the time.  Because the more you
draw something, the better you get.  Anyway since you all have
been showing me the love, I thought to myself Lee what can
you do.  So here it is, the first 10 people who leave a comment

   you all win my mini zine of my camping
trip, or my Paris Mini zine which I did last year, or who
knows you might just get both.  I want you know I appreciate
each and every one of you who reads this blog, comments or
no comments.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The power of the Flower

Wow, thanks for all those lovely comments, I appreciate them all.  I have decided I am going to go for at least another year,,,,with a little summer break, don't know when
yet.  I didn't join the index card a day for june challenge, because
last year I did every single day, and was wiped clean by the
end of the month,  This month I joined two classes the
first class is sketching and doodling flowers by Alisha
here is the link
if I was going to have a girl crush it would be for her, I love her
art, her style.  The second course is with Robin Marie and the course is called
the Bound Book, looks like a fun class here is the link
they were both reasonably priced Alisha had a sale for her's 20.00 and Robins is on sale still for $20.00 both of these gals put a lot of effort and time in these
videos and you get more than your moneys worth, and  this is not a paid announcement....

You said you didn't mind knowing what I do every day, so here we go
returning some great shoes that I thought I could make fit me
but still to big
cleaning the house because Mr. Clean aka the husband has been
out of town and I of course have been sitting around drinking
fine wine, and not much elee (lol)
having Taco Salad on the deck with the shopper for
and in-between time I am going to sit on my deck and
make some art
what are you doing today?


Monday, June 02, 2014

Help I need somebody

lately I have been noticing a trend away
from the blog and just facebook, twitter or
whatever the new flavour of the month is.
I have been thinking a lot about finally
letting go of this blog, over the years
I have been saying that every now and then,
but kept on going.  But I have less
and less to say on this blog.  I have
read many blogs that have interesting,
thought provoking ideas on them, and
it makes you want to come back to them.
Its not that I don't have interesting or thought
provoking ideas, its just that is not
the kind of blog I wanted this to be when
I first started out. I at first was happy
with two readers (family lol), now I have
grown to 40 readers a day, and that's great.
But really why do you come here, my art,
my thoughts what? I want to make this
blog worthwhile to visit but I am stumped

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