Thursday, January 27, 2011

art day

yesterday was a red letter day all around. 
1.  the streets in my community were plowed to the cement, no more
getting stuck

2.  I had a an art date at my house today with my blog friend Gayle.
who I met on this blog, and we became friends
3.  Both Gayle and I created a journal page, mine is above. I
forgot to get a picture of Gayle's, but it was fabulous

4.  It was my first real piece of art created by me in so long, and it felt great

4. We had vegetarian pizza, not made by me
a green salad and balsamic vinegar
fruit salad and a delicious chocolate cookie brought by Gayle

5. I met the new neighbour across the street

And I feel almost like my old self, which I haven't felt like in so long, so it was a perfect day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It takes two to tango

This is an old one again, still no art to show, lots of sketches but no art.  Well I am just on my way out the door to do some Saturday morning roaming.  I am off to get some citrasolve I finally got a lead on where I could get it, on the hunt for the new art journal ling magazine, maybe stop and have a diet coke and a muffin at my favourite coffee place.  I am loving my e reader, just fits in my purse and I can take it anywhere.  I still like books, I like the feel of them in my hand, I still go to the library, but its handy if you are going on holidays and don't want to take alot of books etc.  Well I better go and get spending some money I feel it burning a hole in my pocket.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The case of the 2 headed chicken

Here I was last night watching TV (Flipping out) with Jeff Lewis and making stamps, doodling ideas and decided that I would try to make some kind of bird, doodled the bird with one head and it just called to me that this chicken needed two heads.  So now I need to make the stamp.

Tonight is EAT OUT OF THE FRIDGE night.  Whatever is in the fridge in terms of leftovers has to be eaten up,  Luckily I am not home tonight so don't have to suffer through that, but hubby does.  Oh the things that man has to do, to make me happy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy and hard

more practise needed

Easy:  To think and daydream about what i am going to create
Hard:  to actually go down and create something

Easy:  to spend money online on books I want to order
Hard:  to spend money online

Easy:  To sleep in and not do anything all day long
Hard;  To actually do this without feeling guilt ridden all day long

Easy:  To carve stamps at night while watching TV
Hard:  To carve stamps without cutting the crap out of my fingers

Easy:  To think of great meals to cook for the family
Hard:  To actually cook great meals

Easy:  To clean out the closets and let go of things that you have not used in over a year
Hard:  To actually let them go, without thinking that you will eventually fit into them

Easy:  To think up great blog posts in your mind
Hard:  Hard to actually do one

Sunday, January 16, 2011

front and back

 I wont be setting outside and barbecuing  for awhile.  It still is snowing out and the roads are bad

Saturday, January 15, 2011

keeping my options open

even though I say I don't make art everyday, I do something art wise daily.  For example, just finished reading a book by Nick Bantock.  I loved it and got plenty of great information on collage.  I ordered some art books from the library.  I have ordered online Pam Carrikers new book which should be out this month.  The new cloth paper scissors magazine has a great project which I am making, the little book made from a file folder.  I watch the art videos at Millandes, might not make any art, but still am engaged and thinking what could I make, how could I do that.  I have been doing the Strathmore classes, not ready to show anything yet, but still doing it.  I have been tidying up the studio trying to make it easier for me, mo oving stuff, getting organizational stuff.  But what or how does everyone store there stuff they cut out or find, empheria, I spelled that wrong I know.  I have them in bins, sorted, images, backgrounds, words, but there must be another way.  I have been purging stuff that I have not used in over a year. Good stuff the good will, or a school. So I might say I don't make art everyday, but I do something artful every day, right now I am making some stamps.  What do you do every day to stay artful.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

comfort foods

sketching bad attempts at charlie Chaplin new art
cooking corned beef in crockpot\
fresh rye bread and harvita cheese on deck
homemade mushroom soup
a cold windy snowy day is is always a good day for comfort foods
what's on your menu

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seeing spots

cold and windy
fireplace on watching jay Leno
pjs and sketch book
realized I was doing spots before millande just call me style setter
out for dinner with hubby
reading my ereader yes I have one
house bound ends on Wednesday
talking to income tax people about death benefits
trying to get to bed earlier and get to sleep before  3.00
still no new art therapy needed
what did you do today

Monday, January 10, 2011


are you on facebook
do you know how it works

well I am on facebook my sister talked me into she said its a good way to share pictures, find people etc.  So i joined swhile ago, did not do to much on it, because in my opinion it like a blog.  But anyway I thought to myself maybe i could find people I knew when I was younger and lived in Vancouver.  But unfortunately it took me months to remember there names, don't get old people, your memory isn't as sharp as a tack anymore.  Anyway, one night I had a dream I kid you not and remember one of my friends name, his whole name. I know I should be on believe it or not..  Anyway went to face book, looked under his name and the Vancouver area, found one, and emailed him and asked him a  question, because you don't want some random person, pretending to be him.  He emailed me back and it was him.  He was I would call him a best friend, always there for me I was 16 and we hung out with the same people.  So we have been emailing each other, talking about our family and old times. He was the nicest guy, and still is.  He remembered a name of a gal we hung out with , get this he had a dream and remembered her name and a phone number.  Of course when he\
phoned her it was the wrong number.  He looked her up in the phone book and she was using her maiden name still and that's how he found her.  Small world right.  The trouble with find women, is they go by there married name, so if you don't know who they married you cant find them. When I joined facebook, I joined up in my maiden name, just in case some long lost friend who was a millionaire was looking for me and leaving me money, it could happen.  I only wish I still had my high school yearbook, my mother was not a keeper of those things, so I could try and connect with more people.  Okay are you on face book, have you found anyone that you used to know. Oh and the picture I did not post a new picture of me, I used an old one, because that long lost millionaire, doesnt know what I look like now haha

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Its a PJ day today

I have been shopping on Amazon and bought two amazing books, okay I only have received one so far.  The pioneer woman cooks. she has a great site, i have been reading her blog for ever it seems.  She is funny,  a great cook, I love her family she is one of those women who it seems does everything so effortlessly.  I am not one of those women, everything i try usually turns out badly.  I bake cookies short bread cookies for Christmas, they turn to goop, etc that is the way my life swings, it usually takes two or three trys before it is perfected. The other book is masters collage, I heard the word from the grura I love her site, she shows links to other great sites, and she is the best read person I know, and I dont know her.  I took out my mixed media collage book to work on and found this in it, I don't know if i posted it before or not but her it is, I used cheap watercolours on it.

Well its still snowing, and I am going to be house bound till the plows come thru I have decided, so I am in my PJs and cleaning up and blogging and drinking diet coke, and take breaks and listen ting to satellite radio, and dancing around.  The fireplace is on, and its cozy and it makes you want to do some art, so I think I might just do some today.  So you just might see some tomorrow,  so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am calling a snow day

Well all its done for the past 2 days   is snow, and all its suppose to do for the next 3 days is snow.  I got stuck in the snow backing out of my house, and so did half the neighbourhood  hubby got the snow blower going and cleaned off the driveway and did the neighbourhood walks, the snow was so heavy you could not use the shovel.

Well after being unstuck I went off to the mall, nothing stops me, just like the mail.  I went with the shopper, and i bought myself a new daily planner, and some stuff from the body shop.  Then it was home because the weather was getting worse.  I have not been creating much art, but I am taking the Strathmore Art free courses and am doing the one with Pam, where you remake a new page using your old art.  I am enjoying doing it.  I also signed up for Alisha's sketch class, I like to sketch and Id think she is a great artist and has a great style of her own.

Well this is enough exciting information for one night.  Stay tuned I might have some new art soon, keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A paintover

This is a paintover of a favourite old picture of mine, (another oldie but goodie I promise new art soon) my mom is in the middle
today was at staples making copies of my journal pages
took the bottles back to the bottle depot
hair cut
dog walk
pork chops in oven with golden mushroom soup and onions
mashed potatoes
mixed vegetable
weather above zero
muck and slush everywhere the down side of a above zero day
watched Millandes video day 5
going down to the studio to create
what are you doing today?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Get your motor running

Well I am a wee bit late, but hope 2011 is going to be a great year for everybody.  Working on some new art but nothing to show yet, so you will have to make do with some old art for now.  I have spaghetti sauce cooking in the slow cooker, just made some banana bread, and some taco salad for lunch.  I have been following along with the art journal ling tips daily on Traci's blog,
the yearlong sketchbook challenge over at and the weekly challenge over at if your having a hard time getting your mojo  going this year, this is the place even if you just look, its wonderful.

I have also entered at LaWendas for a paper swap, I had such fun doing the last one, that I am in for this one, this time it magazine, paper pages.  Going on over and sign up the more the merry and a better choice.

So now I have given you 4 options to go over and get that art spirit going again, work off that turkey and gravy and left over Nani mo bars (oh that's me I ate the last one today and no more in this house until next Christmas).  I am thinking of joining weight watchers online, because you know just because I don't work and have all day to go the meetings, I am just to busy (ha ha).  Well lets hear from you today back to my daily question that I need answers for.  Oh by the way just in case you are wondering what the hell is that blue thing on her head, i always wanted to work as an airline stewardess, and that is my version of a hat that I would have been wearing okay maybe in 1973 but my version, old is the new black

have you made any art this year and what has it been

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