Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Journey

Well can you believe its the end of August, and its my anniversary I have been married 37 years and to the same husband.  Some days and we all have those days I wonder how I ever made it.  Well this layout is about a journey I took when I graduated from high school.  The journey was from Vancouver where I lived at the time, to Edmonton where I live now.  It was about a girl moving to where her boyfriend lived and went to University.  She boarded that train, with stars in her eyes and as an independent woman. That train took her on a journey  to a new place to live, her first job, her first apartment, her first paycheque.  And it landed her where she is today.  Happy


Monday, August 30, 2010

The unexpected Path

Well today is rainy, so I am cleaning up and watching season two of True Blood.  I love True Blood, so really its more watching than cleaning.
I saw a picture of stairs with arrows in this months vogue and loved the idea, so I drew in my own stairs and arrows.  I often find ideas I want to use in my art from magazine.  I write them down.  Did I tell you am making a zine for myself.  I wanted to challenge myself to make something and finish it.  As how many journal making classes have I taken and never finished one yet.  They are all sitting half made.  So this zine will be about techniques with pictures how I do it what works and doesn't.  I have already started by making an index and adding to it as I think of ideas.  Then I think the index will need editing or I will never finish the zine.  Next I am thinking of a name.  I have already decided on the format.  What do you do to challenge and motivate yourself?


Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little of this and that

Sunday , this was a little something I created last night well watching the movie
The Backup Plan, which I really enjoyed.  I did not think that I would enjoy
it because I am not to keen on Jen Lopez, but she did a great job and I got
a few laughs from it.  So this is just a little ATC which started out as a
little doodle and morphed from there.

I was not going to sign up for any more classes but I did.  I signed up for a
class by a Canadian Gal, I love her style check out her bloghttp://lovelife.typepad.com/my_weblog/
the class was pricey $75.00, but you get a print, and some of her postcards.  I have always
followed her blog since I started.  She has a cool way of doing her art, kinda of like
Alisha Burkehttp://www.alisaburke.blogspot.com/  who's style I also like, but Kal does not sew.  But both have big bold colours.  That is what I would like to do. I wish I was not so controlled and could just let loose.
Do you go to Kellys blog http://kellykilmer.blogspot.com/ I go daily, she posts about blogs she likes and I go and have a look, I have found some really cool things.
Okay I have shared some cool blogs your turn.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rue du English-The street of the English

I loved making this page, hopefully  someday before I am to old to enjoy them, my grandchildren will look back on this book and say to my daughter, I didn't  know granny lived in France.

Well today is all about baking.  I am going to make c

chocolate chip muffins
banana chip loaf
millionaire squares
I am just in the baking mood, that does not happen to much around here as I like to also eat the baking and it does the hips some damage.  But the weather is crappy, windy and cold, imagine cold in August, I have a sweater on.  The shopper is out of town this weekend, hubby is out doing who knows what, devil dog is laying on the floor sleeping.  And I don't feel like going out, so I am going to bake and freeze it.  Still can eat it straight out of the freezer, put up your hand if you can do this.

Well enjoy what is left of Saturday and talk to you tomorrow.  I think I am back on my regular posting schedule.
And if anyone knows how to make a header smaller let me know


Friday, August 27, 2010

On the Bus

I loved making this journal page, had a blast trying the bus and stuff. 
I thought I would post some stuff about me you have always wanted to know (lol)
Married 37 years
1 child 21 years old
1 devil dog -corgi-pug
57 years old but much younger in spirit
retired from a job I had for 35 years
live in Canada
Born in Ottawa, capital of Canada
a family of 3 girls including me
1 sister died at age 55
1 sister lives in another province
mother lives in same city as me
father died at age 55
always made crafts but never found my true vision till I retired
husband and daughter do not read blog
friends do not read blog much
love to read, go to movies and do art of course
favour media of art, mixed media
want to learn to paint better
daughter moving out of house in November
dont know how I will cope with that, we are very close
when I first started my quest to find my artful self I thought I was a scrapbook
made 1 scrapbook page and decided I was not
went back to first love drawing and the rest followed

Now you know most of everything about me now its your turn


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The ARt of the Wash

A blue acrylic wash on page
found image outlined with black
favourite Picasso quotes
hand drawn bird painted with markers

Been away a few days but I have been working in my visual journal. Have you been enjoying your summer.  School does not start here until September 1.  Have been dealing with mad dog, she was running and blew out her ligament in her knee. She was operated on Tuesday and is home now, hobbling around.  Just like having another baby in the house, I thought I was done with that 21 years ago.  Well I leave you now, will be posting on a more regular basis, soon.  Have you been making much art this summer?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paint Over Technique

If you don't recognize her its Marlyn, it was an ad for something, but I used the paint over technique and changed her up as It fit right into my visual journal for things I wanted to say.  I love Lisa
her blog is amazing and she is the queen of the paint over  , she shows you a little of how its down at that link I just showed you.  I love doing it, so much fun.  Go on give it a try I dare you

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ATCs have arrived from my Partner

These two arrived yesterday from  my partner
not only a great artist, but a really good writer.  Her blog is really interesting.  So go over and have a look.  She should be getting  mine pretty soon, our mail system leaves something to be desired.  These are so beautiful.  Now you know what you missed you should have joined the swap.  But we will be having another swap I am sure sometime in the fall.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snips of a day

start of day at 7:00 am working on this page
8:00 Lab appointment
home after long day at hospital with Mom
4:00 working and finishing this page
6:00 hubby brings home Lasagna from fav Pizza joint
hanging around watching TV, computer
wearing PJ's
now are you not glad that you did not have this day, how much more excitement can one person have.
What did you do today


Monday, August 16, 2010

fishy doodles

well I am back for today at least, the rest of the month I will be in and out.  I am trying to enjoy August and all it has to offer.  That just maybe laundry, or going to see Eat Pray Love.  Which by the way tomorrow I am going to with a friend of me, the afternoon movie.  I have not been doing much, as you can see I have been doodling.  I love to doodle and see what I can come up with, this is in my visual journal, but nothing else at the moment.  What have you all been up to this month.  I went out with my blog friend Gayle for dessert, and we went to her amazing home and studio.  I had a great time, I wish you all lived closer we would have quite the time.
I am going to tell you something, I am loving the Housewives of New York, OC and Atlanta.  I watch before bed I am catching up as I never watched it before.  How stupid are these women, and how stupid am I for loving every minute of it.  None of the housewives I know are anything like that.

Well better go and get dinner ready...so I will see you when I see you.  Soon


Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Challenge of the words - Street Team Challenge

So I love words, so this challenge was right up my alley.  But usually I am so rigid with myself I have to make a story or I have to make sense of something.  So of course this is somewhat like the way I usually roll, I did put some upside down and on a curve.  I hope you enjoy it, I had fun making it.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The body electric

A page from my visual journal, two free images, and the big image hand drawn by me.  The curves need work, this is not my body. I only had one page to work on (lol)

I have been on holiday mode for a week or more now, I know I dont work, its kind of like always a holiday, but the hubby is on holidays, so the schedule is messed up.  So I have not been posting as much as usual.  I have been working on my two ATC the fashion one is just about finished and the summer one, is half finished.  I wish I could show you and get your opinion on a few things, but I cant show them until Sharon gets them.  Other than that, I have been looking for a used dresser with the shopper, she wants to redo one for her new home.  We looked all over pawn shops (which I have never been in, quite the experience, the expected the cops to bust in and shoot up the place lol), but we found a really nice wood one at a thrift store, so she is going to sand, prime and paint, new fancy dancy knobs etc.  Its her project so I am going to be project manager.  Right at this moment it is pouring rain, it has been a funny weather day here, hot and humid and now thunder and rain.  So what have you been up to this week.....

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