Thursday, May 30, 2013

The sisterhood

looking forward to June
road trip starts June 9
index challenge starts June 1
thinking of taking July and August off from the blog
made a little travel journal for the road trip
having an art date in Victoria with a facebook friend
loving the weather
plants are still alive
whats new with you

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So over grey

looks like she snorts cocaine with that white nose, I assure you she does not
the red is sharpie on the back of the paper
this is in my art journal so I am not to fussy about all of those things
have been busy helping the shopper at her house
pasta for dinner
god could my life get any more exciting

Monday, May 27, 2013

birds eye view

been working on making a journal
finished today
pictures tomorrow
getting my laptop fixed
left overs for dinner
how|s your day going

Thursday, May 23, 2013

horseing around

the above is my sketchbook
this one index card
was drawing in sketch book coming up with index card ideas, this horse came to me\
not a pretty pony thats for sure
used oil pastels, to get the colour to pop
today its chicken for the crockpot
and then down to the studio, I have been stewing over an idea
for two weeks, and decided to give its some paper thought now
what are you doing today?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Line Work....and deck work

dont look to closely this girl has wonky fingers
so many misquitoes here lately you should walk around with a net over your head
i bought some deck planters, and broke down and planted some flowers, now its time to wait and see what happens, my green thumb is really brown
the shopper gave me a topsy turvy tomotoe planter, so today hung it up on the deck, threw some tomotoe plants in it, the hubster is betting on no tomotoes, oh the faith that guy has in me
been making index cards for the month of June so far 18 made
i am not doing it for two months just the month of june
I like drawing with a black sharpie and seeing where it leads me
no erasing when you use one
what have you been up to

Monday, May 20, 2013

paper power

made these with 1 piece of paper the method I told you about yesterday
I sketched some flowers and birds and stuff
I was to lazy to use paint, as I was watching
tv. so just used markers because I like the bang they give you for your buck
and then just cut them up
two I am using for postcards
going on a road trip with two great friends
road princess number 1 and I are going via Calgary
and stopping for some therapy shopping
then on to Banff for some sight seeing and relaxation
and then on to pick up road princess #2 who lives in a beautiful
little town in BC called Sorrento and then it
Vancouver for some re-visiting of places I lived
then we are going to stay in
whister BC home of the Winter olympics
going to stay in
Salt Spring Island to be imersed in some art (thats for me) and there market
Victoria for some relaxation, swimming, tea drinking, spirit drinking
and meeting a facebook art friend
then back the way we came
sounds like fun

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post Modern or a wannabe

I was reading a great blog post by and decided to give it a try, I think I did my wrong.  But you know I kinda like the way it turned out.
So then I made another drawing with cirlces and squares and stuff
and then cut it up to make postcards, that i will show
you tommorow......
today its pedicure day
its raining so no tanning on the deck, I am trying to get a tan before the wedding
tans make you look thinner dont you think(lol) while at least in your mind it does
looking for that elusive white summer cardigan
plans for a trip I am taking for a week (more on that tommorow

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tut Friday is here again

Daisy Yellow is a great site, not only for great links in this mission but always spot on art

Robin Marie make a cute purse from a pillow cover

An artist I just found, love her style

who doesnt know this artist, but she gives you a reall good piece on art journalling

a multi talented artist, who quilts, who draws, who paints, who journals

My fav artist, painted with her daughter, and from that came this amazing art

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Tale of the Wicker Chair

I have always loved wicker.....last year we had some new neighbours move
in across the street.  A single mother and her teenage daughter, really
nice people.  On there new house they had a little porch, and they had
two wicker chairs, which she had painted lime green, and they had
lime green and white covers on them.  (no i did not steal them)
Any way the year goes by, and I tell the hubster, you know this year
we are going to get some wicker chairs.  And low and behold
that very night what is out on the curb ready for the garbage pickup those chairs
So in the dark of night I sneak across the street to look at the chairs
and one is in perfect condition.  So I bring it back to my house, 
and  the hubster puts in the studio, and says it cant go
outside because she would think we are just garbage pickers
So to make a long story short.....she had now moved the
wicker chair is outside on my little porch at the front
and I enjoy sitting in the sun reading a book in it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Style....

In trying to find my own style, I try many things
I have been trying to sketch flowers, that are all
mine.  My design, my style.  Now the problem
with this is, I always think, did I see this somewhere,
did someone else do this, or is this really my very own.
You see so much on the Internet that it all becomes
intertwined and you forget what you actually see.
 So hopefully this is all mine,and I havent
seen it somewhere else, and someone emails
me and tells me I have knocked off there art.....

Monday, May 13, 2013

I love spring......

had a great mothers day, hope you did
beautiful weather
spring cleaning washing windows, egh
trying a small garden on deck
just lettuce and green onions
bbq salmon tonight
whats up with you?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tut Friday

Daisy yellow links some fab art bloggers

love the freedom she has when creating this art journal page

creating a distress ink background, very cool

Love this guy,

another favourite blogger and artist, a short vid of her finishing process, very interesting

shows you a cool process how she creates a collage on a wood frame

Thursday, May 09, 2013

forever young.....

 one of the assignments of the course was to draw and paint 2 self portrait postcards.
one for your pen pal, and one for Rhonda
ok I looked sorta of like this when younger
you also had to make some altered enevelopes
I dont know about this one but its going
I made a third self portrait one and put it in my art journal thats for
another time.
Do you think its cheating by me drawing one of me when
I was younger?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


today library day
joined a pen pal online course at
today writing the letter
created the two postcards, will show you tommorow
have you ever had a pen pal
I have when I was 11 for 3 years
her name was Jane and she was from Surrey England
we lost touch
my new pen pal is from Austin Texas
now thats a place I always wanted to go
I have been to Texas
its alot like where I live

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

whiteout hair

Not only does she need arms, I think a bust of  some sort is required
hair done with whiteout
just came back from the dentist, teeth cleaned and checkup all good
hubby cleaning out the garage
devil dog is walked
have been working on some art
chicken something for dinner
what are you up for?

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Collage sheet by Shellymassey
I know I spelled Karaoke wrong but its to late to fix it, I like not
perfect, but I know it will bug me and I will have to fix it.
I like to karaoke by myself
I do not subject others to my singing
I admire people who can go to Karoke places and get up and sing and not care
 getting the lawn done Monday
cold weather plays havoc on lawns, spring you get your lawn power raked and stuff
hanging plants are out, bought by the hubster
warm weather is here
and I am going to let loose and belt out a summer song,
and oldie by Goody
Under the Boardwalk, put up your hand if you know it

Friday, May 03, 2013

tuts friday....

this was done in 2010 I like to think I have improved alot since then
daisy yellow everyfriday has link love go check it out

using rubber cement in art, various ways

a really cool video on making an altered book

I was intriqued by this faux technique

another one of my favourite artists, who has a ton of how to videos, here is a great one on splashing

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Here a Radish there a radisih....

My version of a radish
I have been thinking of a garden lately, I am no flower person, or gardener.  But I have been having thoughts of a small container garden ,
 running through my mind.  I think I could handle that
maybe some carrotts, lettuce and herbs .  Are you all gardeners, out there, any hints?

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Do you really want to know........

A page in my new art journal, which is an old desk calender....
You know I had a comment yesterday from  Cyndee Starr of
saying I wonder what it is like to take an online class. 
I have taken so many online classes, I feel I can tell you what I have found

1.  First the cost can be anywhere between 5:00-alot of money
2.  Make sure its something you want to spend your money on, I have taken many classes that
I thought would be great, and I was disapointed, it was mostly just thrown together and hardly any videos, no interaction.
3.  If you are new to art journaling, then go to Youtube first, see all the videos for free
on Techniques, and how to's there free, and most of them are covered in the
workshop you paid money for. 
4.  Make sure that the classes are yours forever, some are not, I wont
sign up for the class no matter how much I want it, if its not there for me anytime I want it.
5.  Ask your blog friends, about the online classes they have taken , and what
they have learnt from it, plus how good was the instructor ,that makes a big difference 
how you are going to do in the class
6.  Do you know how to do this already, then why are you taking the class,
interaaction with others, new ideas, what will you learn,
are you going to get your money;s worth

To be honest, I have taken some really bad classes, and just say to
myself, ok lesson learned, dont take another class from her.  Make sure you ask around
have you taken the class, and get an honest opinion.  Its your hard earned money
were taking about.

lets hear from you my readers, courses or not what have you learned

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