Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ode to Bernie

as you can I am at it again, Bernard Buffet copying the masters.  I don't know if you could call the people I like the masters, there not all Picasso, or Mattisse kind of people.  I love the pictures of   Bernie's he seems like a real painter to me, people, flowers, buildings, vivid color all the things I like.  I also like Lucien Freud, his
pictures are very much like Bernie's. Well this weekend I had done some Christmas shopping, buying Christmas wrap and stuff like that.  I usually have all my
Christmas stuff done by now, but this year, I decided or we decided that we
are cutting down, we just had the big kitchen reno, which cost an arm and a leg,
and still have a few things left to buy, new lights, new chairs for the island.  So
we decided one present each, I want a fitbit, and he needs a new shaver, so
that's whats going to be under the tree, as well as shoppers presents, and grandmas presents, and my sisters presents.  My sister is coming for Christmas and staying
until new years day, so I am really excited about that.  So I said I wasn't going
to post today but I am in the mood, so have a great rest of Sunday and talk to you all on Monday.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Improving my art.

Now this painter Lucian Freud is an amazing painter.  He painted many of
his painting in impasto, and he did tons of nudes.  I chose not to do a
nude today (lol).  I am so enjoying playing with the masters that
I might just keep it up, it improving so many aspects of my art.
Anyway I hope you have a good weekend, and will be back
on Monday to see what I have on deck.
Today I am off to a art fair, and lunch with a friend, and
maybe some new art supplies. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Pouty girl....

I wanted you to meet a favourite painter of mine.  His name is Bernard Buffet
a French painter.  He lived from 1928-1999.  He painted or illustrated over
a 1000 paintings, and even had a stamp.  His style I love very broad stroke
and In your face.  So I hope you will look him up and see his paintings, here is a link on pinterest to him

and I am linking to
with some great artists take on some masters.

the italian letter

since project runway is over for now, I knew you would be missing fashion
so here is some really bad fashion for you.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Inquiring minds want to know

today is a mish mash of things.  Tried to go to that movie Interstellar yesterday, but we
got the time wrong, so instead we went to the new movie with Brad Pitt, Fury, a world war II movie, I thought the acting was great, but the violence was way to much for me and my friend, body parts flying everywhere. I had a couple of questions on my blog that I thought I would answer here, instead of emailing you the answers. 
One of the questions was when I do Throwback Wednesday does it mean Its an older picture that I have used on my blog before.  And the answer is yes, because as you all know your readership changes and the art you showed before they haven't seen.  And its a good way to show old art, if you have nothing new to show.
One of the ladies on the blog said in Europe the shops close on the 24 of December and don't open until the 27.  I can tell you not here.  They usually close about 5.00 on Christmas eve, some open on Christmas day, and the 26th they open extra early
and we have our boxing day sales, kind of like black Friday in the U.S.
In Canada we make a big fuss about Christmas, and not so much thanksgiving.  In the US its the opposite.  We always have the 25 off and everybody used to have the 26 off as well, but not anymore, the retail market has to make money.
Christmas dinner is Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and dessert.  Christmas eve at our house is all about finger foods,
Boxing day is left overs after you have come home exhausted from shopping....
News Years day is a little better, most shops are closed, we have a ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetables and anything else that happens to be laying around.  And of course the house is full of desserts, candies and chocolates.  At my house we open presents on the morning of the 25th before breakfast, have a big breakfast, and then clean up the mess from opening the presents, and get the food ready for Christmas Dinner.  We are a small family 3 of us and my mother in-law.  So really its not to much work.  Our neighbour who is Romanian cooks pork, that there traditional Christmas dinner, and they have different customs as well.  I would love to hear yours how you celebrate, what you cook, do you buy lots of presents, do you just buy a few, do you do stockings, etc.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

throwback wednesday

I decided to implement throwback Wednesday, this is an
old piece of art from February .  Today its movie
day with a friend we are going to the movie
Interstellar with Matthew McCaughey (spelled wrong), so
in the crockpot cooking is Vegetable Beef Soup,
and I made some banana bread to go with it, so
dinner is ready when I get home. I know you all
probably think why is she telling us what she eats,
its because there is not much else to say today, plus
I like it when people tell there dinners, gives me ideas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The cupcake files

Yes I do have a sweet tooth, and the body to prove it.
I have been obsessing lately over cupcakes, debating
whether I should make some, or buy just one.
I decided to draw one, and maybe that would satisfy me.  Alas
it does not, so I decided not make any, to many in the house,
and guess who would have to eat them, so I am off to
buy just one, and indulge myself with a cupcake and a diet coke.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Mr.....

Dear Mr. Modigliani,
I am writing to you to apply for the job of apprentice.  As you can see I have
sketched one of your pictures, I made the neck a little longer, as I am sure
you were thinking more of a swans graceful neck.  See already I am
being a help to you, giving you pointers.  I apprenticed for Mr. Matisse,
but he did not appreciate my ideas and suggested that I apply to you.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just a drive by......

Just a short post today, another flower drawing that I did last
night.  Still trying to get that one picture that I want
to enter into the contest.  Today is PJ day, football (for the hubster)
crockpot roast for dinner, and some time in the studio,\
I am in the clean mode lately and am purging old crap
that I have collected and never used.  What's on your Sunday"

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