Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Another Dali inspired work, this is the style I like the most, kind of
really out there, exaggerated art. I think he did this style really well.
Today its off to the eye doctor, wont be able to see clearly for awhile
after those drops, then its home to do some housewifely duties, then
maybe some art.  Maybe a walk, because the weather is turning to
crap tomorrow. What are you up to today.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear Mr. Dali

Art was inspired by Salvatore Dali, I like his style, bold strokes, and plenty of color.
Its really been like spring here lately, all the snow is melting, and the temps have been high, its just tricking us for a short while, because cold weather is coming ...
I have been diligently working on my 29 faces, posting everyday in February is
going to be a challenge.....are you going to play along?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mish Mash Saturday

this is part of a page that I was trying to make a repeating pattern for.  In my other
life I want to come back as an Illustrator.  I am reading a great book called
7 letters from Paris, a true story.  Now an update:  Remember I said I was
going to approach the children's clothing store about putting my art up.  Well I went
over there the other day, and it was closed but I looked in the window.  Its a very
nice upscale clothing store, but no where do they display any art, and they
really don't have the walls for it, so that out.  I am going to have to
rethink now.  I was reading in the latest cloth paper scissor magazine, they
have a call for mixed media maps, you have to use some fabric in your
design, I might give it a try.  I have a few ideas we will have to see if
they work, I will keep you informed.
I just saw a great video on canvas take a look
I have finally finished the clean up in the studio and am going to take a few pictures of it, will post on Sunday.  Well I feel the need to go to the bookstore, so I am off to
browse the bookstore, and read all there magazines.  What are you up to today


Friday, January 23, 2015

family love

I think the older you get the more you appreciate your family, sisters, mothers, fathers.  Its like a lightbulb turns on and you think hey I have a family.  When your young
you don't need anybody especially parents.  I found the older I got
in my 20\s the more I appreciated all my mother had done for me, and
when I became a mother it just sealed the deal. I found that with my daughter,
lucky she doesn't read this blog, she had no time for me as a teen and young
adult, but now she settled in her house, and has a good guy, she is all
about family, and it makes me feel good.  If you read this blog you
will know I lost my sister when she was 55, two weeks after she turned 55.  As it happens, I spend 2 weeks with her after Christmas that year, and celebrated
her birthday and went home, and she dies two weeks later.  I was so glad that
I had got the time to spend with her. I must tell you it took me at least 5 years to recover from her death, was it the shock, yes for sure, my dad also died when
he was 55.  Was it wondering if I was going to die when I turned 55 yes.
I don't know how to explain it, but the sorrow is so strong it almost engulfed
me.  I had spent my whole life with this girl, and now she was gone.  Anyway
I just wanted to say I did this picture when she died, I cropped out the writing, and the poetry that I had done. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life is a beach far away in january

truth be told I wish I was on one.  Have you heard about the 29 faces challenge that starts in February.
I have decided to participate and hopefully all my faces won't look the same.  I feel that you have to start early because I don't think I could finish that many in one month. So far I have 7 done.
And they don't all look the same.  I hope by doing all the faces my faces will get better.  
Today I am off to the art store to buy some paint and a few other goodies I think I need.
Tomorrow the shopper goes on a little mid winter trip to Cali with the boyfriend, I think I need to go on a trip someone and get out of this rut.
Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a rut


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

If life gives you lemons -chew them

been having some computer problems
fixed them all today
made homemade vegetable soup
and salad for dinner
got a glorious pedicure today
almost needed a saw to get those toenails done
it rained
its icy
its Wednesday
whats up with you today

Monday, January 19, 2015

An eye to the ladies

This is my rendition of a picture that Henri Matisse completed.  Not really
his style, more mine that his.  I am really enjoying playing with the
Masters, and creating my own version of them.  While today is Blue Monday,
halfway thru January, still winter, and its blah out.  Not cold, not hot,
muky, icy and dirty.  We are having unusual weather for here, but usually
its so cold you car wont start.  Speaking of that the hubster is dealing with
the shoppers car problems, its my old car she is driving, and apparently
all the oil was on her garage floor last night.  They have already
been shopping around for a newer car, but thought they had a bit more time,
apparently not.
Okay I am going to go do my wifely duties, and do some housework.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Ideas

I would like to introduce you to Robert Rauschenburg and his art.
He was a prolific painter, sculptor, and collagist.  Used bright
colors, and shapes.  Love his body of work.  Check him out
Now your probably wondering what the city is doing in there, well when
I was drawing the hand I was just practicing and it was only in my sketchbook
and I had decided to use the rest of the page with city scapes for practice.
So you get the whole practice page.
I am linking to this months challenge over at

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