Saturday, March 31, 2012

Body Beautiful

Been working in my sketch book again, this time trying to draw the body, and my hand.  My nails in person look much better than this.  Hey at least it is not flowers right.  Today I am off to staples, I have some copies that I have to pick up, coffee with a friend  and what ever else I can think up.  Its a beautiful day and I want to be out there, I might even take my camera.  What are you doing today? That's it for today, short and sweet, and I will talk to you soon.  Lee signing off.

(P.S that is not the colour of my skin, I did not want to go downstairs, to get the right colours for the skin, so I just used a light pink marker) that is called being lazy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sick of tulips

This is not my everyday book, this is one of my sketchbooks, idea books.  I know your thinking first it birds, she draws them till were sick of them, now flowers what's with that.  I draw them until I think I have the flower mastered, so I could draw at a moments notice, might not be a perfect tulip but its OK to me.  So this might be last tulip you will see for awhile.  Today went to Costco, I love Costco I wish I had 19 kids and counting to be able to buy all the foods that feed that many people.  But there is only two in my family, and we are both not suppose to eat that much.  So I can home with some Borsin cheese that I totally love, and some Paul Newman's Marinara Sauce.  The mother in law bought more than me, she is the one who wanted to go.  Its finally spring here the weather was great, took devil dog for an hours walk, more for my exercise than her's.  Well I better sign off I have to think about what's for dinner, I need a cook at my house, who thinks and cooks.  Talk to you  tomorrow.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Endurance needed

Another postcard, with vellum

Bet you thought I wasn't going to post today, well I almost didn't.  I have been watching art videos, courses I have signed up for and have not got to yet, ssh don't tell hubby, he wonders when I will be graduating, and if I am top of the class for all the courses I have been taking.

Today devil dog went to doggy daycare, and I spent the day shopping, took the other string bikini back and bought another one, not quite the pin up model but it will get by.  Why?  Because I signed up for swimming lessons, not the kiddy ones, but Adults.  I know how to swim, my father was a lifeguard in a former life and never forgot it, we learned to swim at age 4, and had all the lessons you could take.  No i need to pump up my endurance, because I plan to swim in the swim lane.  I looked at it today and it looked like it was as far away as Australia, so endurance is needed.  Plus I don't think I have swam a lap in 20 years.  I have been in a pool lounging around, but never really swimming.  Before you know it I will be in such great shape,I will be teaching the classes (lol).  After all I have graduated from pumping the soup cans, to using 1 litre milk containers filled halfway with water.  

Well enough about body beautiful, I did some art, some sketching as well, just stuff to keep my mind busy, and am now watching American Idol.  So I will sign off and talk to you soon..

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Trick Pony

This was a spread I did in my tessha Booklet, slowly but surely it is getting finished.  I hope you like it, the day I did this I was feeling like that is all I could do is make these things, hence the saying.  Then I pulled myself together and dusted myself off, did some self talk and moved on.  Do you ever get those days, when you think god why do I do art, what for.  Then you realize that you do it for you.  Doesn't matter if I never get in a magazine, or published, hey I am published right here, even if it is just 2 people who see my art, that's two more people that would have seen it , if it remained in my sketch book right. My scanner was not big enough to show his tail but he does have one.  Well I better go and get this place tided up the plumber is coming over, hey who knows I might get a thrill and see that plumber crack.....

Monday, March 26, 2012

A full bladder and a movie review

Well how was your weekend? I went to the movie Hunger Games on Friday night, and loved loved it.  Followed right along with the book, I can see it being another twilight franchise's, because they just got through the first book, 2 1/2 hours long, did not seem that long, that how much i liked the movie. Did a little bit of shopping, looked for that butt baring bathing suit, but they were all sold out so had to settle for a regular one that actually fit my butt.  I did not try it on there, the clerk assured me that I could bring it back if i did not
like it.  So last night I tried it on, lets hope the mirror lies because I would scare all the kids out of the pool, with that bathing suit, so back it goes.  I guess I am looking for the suit that makes you look like the super model I am in my dreams.
I did a little bit of art, worked in my everyday book while watching TV, jotted some ideas down, but that is it.  Right now I am drinking 6 cups of water for a test I am having today.  I have an old lady bladder so I don't know how I am going to hold it all in till 11:00 .  Well until we meet again tommorow, Lee signing off.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Translucent Art

I call this translucent art, I got the idea from the link I shared
So if you didn't go to the ink, this is a brief description of what I did.
Blank card
draw design, watercolour or markers
get a piece of vellum, draw your design
Now I didn't want overdo the design because I wanted you see still see the card stock page
then I used markers, I tried watercolour ,but it makes the page curl.  So I used markers, and
white out paint.  And then put the tape around it to keep it all together.  This one I am sending to my friend
Today I am staying put, we had a huge snowstorm yesterday , but tonight I am going out with
friends to the opening of the Hunger Games, best three books I have read in awhile, stay tuned
for a movie review

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fishbowl

This was done in my everyday book, I saw an ad in the paper, and put my own spin on it.  Don't you feel sometimes you are going round and round  and getting nothing accomplished.  Or am I only the only one who spins her wheels. Hubby got home late last night 1 day early, so now back to reality.   
Today I am off to the airport, to pick up friends.  

Do you watch Dr. Oz, or is it just us old hypercondriacts (i cant spell even)  old ladies, who have everything he talks about. But the other day he had the Hungry Girl on, I get her email updates.  I love the way she cooks, low fat but tasty, and you don't have to give up everything.  Anyway I am trying to lose a few pounds so I can fit into that string bikini for the summer, you know the one that goes up your butt when you walk.  Anyway I am off today to get two of her cookbooks.  Well we are on the subject on bathing suits, do you believe that any woman is happy with her body that is not 16, or the way she looks in a bathing suit.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Mail and a great Link

Happy mail today three postcards from Ontario Canada, and two from  Sweden.  I am participating in the Postcard swap from Ihanna, and mailed mine off a week ago.  I am so happy when I receive mail from other people.  They are all so beautiful

This one comes from  Sweden, No envelope and in perfect condition which is amazing, it has lace and flowers on it.  I cant link her no address, but her name i think is Charlotta
Another beautiful card from Sweden  from Elin Lund from
This one comes from my home country Canada, from an artist by the name of Gail,she lives in Ontario
no blog address

Since mailing my postcards, and reading this post and seeing it done, I am now making some of these.  Go over and have a look it looks like a great project.  Whoever is interested in getting one from me, let me know.  I love sending mail

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tales from party central

Ok not quite party central.  But good times have been rolling in.  Yesterday, I decided to go buy some new clothes, which I did and totally scored on.  They were already reduced and then 50 percent more off.  I really don't need any new clothes but I cant resist a deal.  The shopper came over and we had a fast dinner, which we made from what was in the fridge.  I watched all my favourite shows, the Voice, Project Runway All stars.  Today I don't know what I am going to do, I will have to see what blows my way.  I do know it
is out to dinner with the shopper and the mother in law (let the good times roll)lol.  This little card I created last night, and its going to someone far way today.
Okay I am off to score some adventures.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Alone Part 1

Your probably saying to yourself god is she drawing those buildings again, and the answer would be yes, I am perfecting my style.  This is how i do it, I draw something and keep drawing it until I am happy
with the way it turns out.  As you can see I draw with a black pen, i challenge myself not to use a pencil because I want to be able to draw without erasing.  OK I admit using an eraser would be beneficial to me, but I like the messy oh my god , I made a mistake and totally tried to cover it up look.

I had a great birthday and thank you for all the great wishes.  Also I did not get the BMW, but I did get a new chair.  Doesn't match up well against the Beemer does it.  But the new chair for the studio
delights me, the arms go up if I want to get closer to the art table, I feel kinda of new agey.   See at ,my age the little things delight me (ha ha).  Well hubby is out of town for 4 days and nights, oh what shall I do.\
Let me name a few nothing, no cleaning around here, there will be pj's most of the day, I shall go on
a wild   shopping trips (ok maybe just little shopping trips) no cooking except out of a can.   I shall rent one or two movies a night . Ah the sweet joys of alone time.
Well I better go and start on my new adventure, I will let you know how it is going tomorrow.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Revisiting an old card of mine
  •  Today its all hands on deck, I am off to
  • get a pedicure, the shopper is taking me for my birthday

  • Yes today is my birthday, and after the pedicure, the
  • family is going out for a big lunch

  • Then I am off to spend some birthday cash ,might come up with a new BMW (lol)
  • and give my hubby a heart attack at the same time
  • Then who knows what the wind blows in, I am up for anything
  • So have a great day, I plan to

Friday, March 16, 2012

happy mail

I got some sweet mail yesterday.  I dont know if you remember but I was in a swap with two fellow friend bloggers, Janet from and TJ from  They are such great artists, I am proud to receive these beautiful pieces of art.  I just love them.
Today is a short post, because I am off to explore the city and spend some money,
I am off to an art store I have never been to before.  The money has been burning a hole
in my pocket.  Before I leave here is a great site, with a great project that i might try,
looks like fun and would be a great gift

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

proceed with caution

This is one of the pages that i am working on in my Teesha Booklet.  I don't think it is finished yet, but we will see.  There is still room for my journalling, a maybe a few more homemade embellishments.
The face i had fun doing, it is made from an old perfume box the shopper left when she moved out.  Its actually feels like suede, but I cut it into the face and beak.  Well what do you say, it needs more right?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Colour along with me

remember awhile back I showed you a sketch without colour of flowers,
while here is the finished one.  I am not to happy with it, the colour is
not what I envisioned, but live and learn.  Today I am off to a meeting
at 1:30 but other than that the day is free and clear.  I am going to take
my camera on a little date and see what I come up with.  Other than
that I am still working on my Teesha Booklet, I will show you a
page tomorrow.  I am having a hard time with it, because i
keep seeing Teesha Book in my head, and I dont want
to make it like that. I want to make it my own.  Lucky
I dont do this for a living I would be broke .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

zombie land

Well, I am back, and glad to be back, I missed you all.  I did get quite a few things done.  I am in group called Art Geeks , and the this was the prompt, a girl, a bird, a song, a key, and your mothers favourite color.  Hence the title zombie, that's what my girl looks like, I need to put some life into these women that I draw.  I am also working on my Teesha Booklet, adding things, and making elements for the booklet,
which I am having fun with.  Just got my list of postcards who to send them off to, am excited about that. I am taking an online sketching class part two with Alisha, and signed up for another one over at Christy's . I will have a link to all these at the end of this post. 
Spring is just around the corner here, the days are warmer, and the snow is melting, and now since its
daylight savings time, it stays light later.  So i tried to stay off the computer well on my little hiatus, because I can spend my whole day checking on sites and not get anything accomplished. So what have you been up to
this weekend? 

gulfsprite is the art geeks creator, check out her site, and ask to join art geeks, its free and you learn alot

alisa burke, an idol of mine, she has a free class called finding your muse

and  finally christy tolimison and this gal are hosting a online course, it looks like fine and cheap
at 35.00

well thats it for today talk to you on monday, 

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Living the Life

Sometimes I need a break, from life , from my blog, and so
I am on break till Monday.  Its a short break, I cant be away from
you that long, I have got some stuff to deal with.  Plus a tooth is acting up and I am off to the Dentist.
So don't forget to come on back and see me on Monday, all revived and ready to go.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Blinded by the Light

I guess you could say I like bright colors, well you would be right.
The color pallet that I seem to reach for are aquas, yellows
pinks, reds, and Orange.  Do you have a favourite
color pallet?

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Practice, Practice

Here is a piece of watercolor that I did quite awhile ago for practice,
what do you do with your practice pieces.  I keep them in a file
folder and look back and see if I have improved.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

sketchbook challenge

Last night while watching The Real housewives of Beverly Hills (yes, I do watch it, but that's only
one I like), I was sketching this for Sketchbook Challenge, this month is about plants.  So now i am going to paint it with watercolours, I will show you when its done, it will be much nicer when painted.  Yesterday, if you read my post, I got all my duties done, and even went to the mall to look around, and sketched a window that I loved, you should see it soon, its going in my art journal. Do you ever get inspiration from store windows another place I love to go for inspiration is Anthropology (I don't know if its spelled correctly) my favourite store, and you know what I might even go there today.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Another day in the life of me

well its Friday and that means it's Friday, when you don't work
everyday feels like Friday.  Today the Shopper is off to the mountains with friends to ski.  Usually Hubby has Friday off but he had to go into a meeting.  Devil dog is barking at everything that moves on the street and I am sitting on the computer enjoying a Diet Coke.  Today i am off to pick up a letter that
is needed for income tax, (its that dreaded time again), then to the grocery store, to mull over what
to cook for dinner and then decide we should go out for dinner.  And then I am going to do some house cleaning, and art.  Another riveting day in my life, I know its hard pounding exciting.  So I am off to get at it, 
what are you doing today?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Quack Quack

today devil dog went to daycare
took friends to the airport
had lunch with a friend 
went to the reuse store and got some good junk
now going to do some art
what does your day look like?

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