Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flower Tales

another picture that was painted by me on paper
I am going to frame this one and put it in my house
I loved doing this one, I painted, scrapped, used
old paper, painted over it, mixed colors, and
generally just had some fun,  not caring about the
outcome.  And since I didn't care, it took
a life of its own on and this is what showed up.
I have been having some problems with my knee
you know the knee goes first, and its all downhill from there (lol)
anyway went to the dr.  and she says its could be a baker cyst
pressing on the nerve, making the knee unstable.
So on Friday I am having a x-ray, and ultrasound on it
So until then I am suppose to take it easy
I guess that means no housework or at least that's what I told the hubby.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meet Ruby...,.

time to meet ruby, I have finally finished her or almost
and she's ready to go to a new home
I am really nervous about that
I am giving her as a gift and really what can they say
but oh thanks you shouldn't have
maybe they really are saying, what the hell was she thinking
we will have to bring it out when she visits
I had stamped on there
Stay Strong
and it looked crappy so I ended up repainting over it
ah the beauty of fixing mistakes and have
decided to use paper instead that still has to be done
I plan on giving it this weekend, if I don't chicken out

Sunday, October 27, 2013

a peek in my sketchbook

jus a small peek in my sketchbook
just something silly that evolved

the face of the rider is a map
today the snow came not to much just a skiff
went shopping with the shopper for a winter coat my birthday present to her
she will be 25 on November 7
she has not found one yet she likes
so the search goes on
were having breakfast for dinner
omelet and toast
the fireplace is on
and pjs are calling my name
until later

Saturday, October 26, 2013

a peek into my travel journal

click on picture to enlarge

This is my Ottawa art journal from July
I had fun making this one
today is a typical fall day
beautiful, leaves out in all there glory
everyone out rakeing them up
because tonight its suppose to SNOW
I know what's that about
but I hear its going to be nice next week
so the snow will probably be all gone
tonight its spinach salad,
homemade chicken soup
and French bread
the hubby is not feeling well
so you know the saying
chicken soup makes anyone feel better
ok maybe you don't know that saying
but its something like that

Thursday, October 24, 2013


today I got my flu shot, so bring it on
my crock pot gave up and bought a new one
spent hours trying to get a header on this blog, and as you can see it is not working for me
received my circle journal in the mail,
joined Ihanas 10 postcard challenge, you know how I like those challenges (lol)
working on a special project for a family member more on that later
now I need to walk devil dog
talk to you soon

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

birds of a feather


had a great weekend
 today bought a new collage book
I should have just made one
steak, sweet potato and salad for dinner
City Council election for my city is over
my candidate lost by 70,000 votes
I guess I better not pick the lottery numbers anymore
ordered a DVD of Walking you weight off by Leslie somebody
if only it was that easy
going to give it a try
ordered some pens that are suppose to write over anything
we will see
what's on your dinner menu
do you have go to favourites you eat all the time?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh Angel, Angel


another drawing from my angel booklet

when I went to phoenix, I made a firm decision to
just enjoy the time with my friends.
that meant no taking any art supplies, no journaling just
hanging out and enjoying myself.
I did have to break that rule, I bought myself a cheap
booklet, with lines, and I just sketched, it seems I
have to be doing something with my hands, who knew.
the urge to sketch got the best of me, that's probably
one of the reasons I am an artist. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

I will bloom again.....

I am back and blogging
I must have been blogged out from all of those faces
but I am well rested and ready to go again
had a great time in Phoenix
spent lots of money
bought lots of things
and some even for other people
the weather was amazing
hot, hot  hot while I was there
I think it sprinkled one night late
ate lots of amazing food and now
have to work it off
had a great time with my friends
so now I am back, stepped off the plane
and knew the holiday was over, the
weather was not remotely warm

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