Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Some news for you....

I have decided that I need to take a break from the blog.  So I am going to start that break starting today.  I wont be back till September.  I am taking a long break, some of things that I am going to do, is try to change up my art.  I feel the need to do something different, than , this art that I am creating, is this  who I really am.  Who am I as an artist I don't  know, but I intend to find out,
I am going to work bigger than an ICAD, I want to work big, I want my art to flow, to tell a story.  I don't know if I can do this but I am going to try.  Another thing is I keep taking courses, but you know something I never have made anything from a course I have taken.  So I am going to revisit all the courses I have taken, and try and make something from each one.  And as you know hubby has retired, so we have to figure out things around here, to make our lives work.  Its hard on him, and harder on me, I have had 4 years of retirement and figured out a schedule, now he is in the mix, and I have to remix the schedule to include him.  So I have my hand fulls, for awhile.  I wont be away from the computer, I will still be visiting you but I just wont be blogging.  So watch for me in September.   


Come get happy....

I made this using hand painted paper
a peice of corrugated cardboard I had laying around
a quick sketch and marker gal
the word "happy"  and the |numbers on the side
 Shelly Massey who is an amazing artist you should check out

Were you one of those people in high school who was always happy, you never saw them in a bad mood, always had a good word for everyone?  I was not , I was quiet, had a good group of friends who were the same as me, you know what and I hate to say this "we stayed clear of those happy people"  Now that i am older and wiser, it's nice to see people who have a great attitude towards everything.  So I guess the lesson I learned was don't judge people....

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The dark ages.....

Just in case you wanted to know what I used here is the breakdown:
I had a faux piece of paper that had this typewriter on it
I then had some scrapbook scraps (the circles)
the cardboard, I had on my worktable I had paint splatters on it
and the hi sign came from a pair of Hurley jeans my daughter had
and I cut it down to fit
then I aged the paper with some Tim Holtz distress ink

Do you know I learned how to type in high school.  When I was in high school back in the dark ages, if you could type you could be assured of a job.  Another item that has gone the way of the not made any more.  But let me tell you learning how to type was one of the best things I ever did.  I can't imagine typing with two fingers.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Starry Eyed

I read that quote somewhere and wrote it down, and now can't remember
where it came from?  First day of hubby's retirement, I think I need a stiff drink.....

Sunday, June 03, 2012

smile your on candid camera

This is a picture of my old camera that I drew and used sharpie markers to color, I had some old film by Tim Holtz,and this old picture, dont know where it came from.  I save words in a folder just in case I ever want to use them, and I thought this one fit perfectly.  Have a great Sunday.

Friday, June 01, 2012

He's at the post

This happens to be my favorite so far.  I happen to love the horse races, (see something new you now know about me).  I don't go very often, but I do watch all the big races on TV.  We have the horse racing here everyday of the week and on the weekend.  So I will go once in awhile, I dont  bet big but I always bet to to win.  I must have got the horse race bug from my MOM she loved the races.

Hello June and ICAD Challenge

This is number 1 in the ICAD challenge.  So far I am moving right along creating these cards, but I know its going to come, when I dont have any ideas left.  So I am going to try to make it for the month of June, and we will see after that.   I will tell you a bit about this one, I used painted paper by me.  The words tiles are from Tim Holtz has this word booklet, the clock that says me, is from Athnropoligie that I got in the mail for my birthday.  And the June calender is from Selvage Stickers.

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