Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am not a Halloween person, never liked it, still dont.  But I do the halloween thing, hand out the candy, comment nicely on all the costumes
So when its over I close the door and be thankful that all the hallabaloo is over for another year.

But I truly do wish you all who love Halloween a Happpy one.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My life is like a Circus

weather:  cold, hazy
clothing:  getting out winter clothes, finding socks, getting boots out, getting winter coats cleaned
visiting:  mom in the hospital, picking up dog food from the vet, picking up passport renewal forms, dropping books off at library
tv:  waiting for greys anatomy, and private practice
dinner: 2 small Halloween chocolate bars, a few diet cokes and a piece of raisin bread toasted (not healthy I know but sometimes you just gotta eat like that)
art:  finished above page this morning early  Lots of ideas swirling around, writing them down so I dont forget.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monet Inspired

I have this old Monet calender that is about dance, and I was inspired by a picture of a ballet dancer, in his picture there were other dancers.  I did a few things wrong, the feet, no face because I would not get it right, but overall it was good practice.  I used pastels

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flying South

The birds are flying south for the winter, and I wish I was going with them.  It's calling for snow tomorrow for heavens sake, (I cleaned up the first word I wrote.) 
So here is a question for you, if you could go anywhere you wanted for a month in the middle of winter where would you go, my pick is

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bookmark It

these are some of my fav links, go over and take a look

Made this little bookmark for a contest over at who does not love Janet and her art my fav aussie from downunder her art is amazing
If you don't see you name, don't despair, you are still my favourite, and promise will get to you next time, plan on doing this every Saturday

Yes I had fun yesterday here is what I did
2 hour coffee stop and coffee shop and journal ling, reading the paper
new Seal cd, played on high while going to the hospital
I know I said no more shopping, but I broke my rule, and bought some journal ling stuff I don't need
met hubby for dinner out
said bye to hubby and went to fav bookstore and browsed and of course time got away from me
home to relax and play a little in studio
not a touch of housework touched these hands

Friday, October 22, 2010

Warning could cause you to have dancing feet

Its Friday and I am going with my plan and having me some fun today
Don't know what I am going to do, might dance, might sing, might tell some dirty jokes
who knows the day is young, everyone needs to have some fun
I need to feel young again, I am feeling old and tired and I refuse to be old
I want to have a young attitude when I am 90

So tell me what do you do when you want to have some fun?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We all wear masks

magazine images used, painted over, pastels used on background

We all wear masks, or different hats, at different times in our lives.
How many do you wear?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

do you need more fun in your life?

I have been busy looking after my mother, who had to go to the hospital emergency.We have been 3 times and finally they decided to keep her.  She had unusual symptons, a hard time breathing, very weak , droppy eye, seeing double.  And some you think well the droppy eye she had a stroke, not so.  Seeing double she had a stroke, not so, weak same thing.  She had all this unusual symptons that nobody could figure out, really quite serious.  And then all of the sudden it comes back and she has a bladder infection.  When you are older and get a bladder infection, it effects you differently you can become confused, forget how to write, etc.  Good thing to know, keep that in mind.,  So hopefully this will resolve some of the problems.  When you get older it is like you are invisible.  If you dont have someone by your side, you can fall through the healthcare cracks very easily.  Because your old, your just a complainer, you dont know what you are talking about and then the senior just shuts down.   Remember most everyone gets old and sick and what goes around comes around. In this day and age, your caregivers are your family, and thats what the healthcare wants, they dont want them in the hospital costing them money. 
Sometimes it is impossible to give the care that is required at home, and they need to be in the hospital, or the family work, or there house is not right, there is stairs etc.  That is the case here, our house is a two story with lots of stairs that she could not walk up.  So now what is the next step, if her symptoms don't resolve themselves.  Right now she lives in a lodge, where they look after themselves and have all meals downstairs in a dining room.  It is very nice, and she likes it alot there.  When you cant look after yourself anymore the next step is a nursing home. Do i want to make this decision to put my mother in a nursing home no.  Does she want to go into a nursing home, no.  Its a dilemma that has been  keeping me up night,  Because I know she will have to go to a nursing home soon.

Well enough about me and my problems, I have signed up for two courses, one is a Christmas journal with dblogger and a free course with Willowing, check them out.

Well I will talk to you all tomorrow, and I promise no more health stuff.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Free to be me

Hand drawn flower, words cut from magazine, coloured with coloured pastel, white pen, pastel background

Today: driving people who need a ride to vote for city elections
eye appointment
party tonight at headquarters if my candidate wins
dinner: left over pork tenderloin, baby potatoes, peas and salad
what are you having for dinner tonight is it leftovers

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What are you doing today?

Stenciled background on card with hand drawn owl
with white pen

Got the flu shot today
pre voted for city council today
grocery shopping
homemade soup and left over pizza for dinner
working on my studio, clean up in progress
blogger was not uploading my pictures but now works
going to take pictures outside on beautiful fall day, leaves all colours
cleaning up car
whats on your Saturday schedule

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

This is not a turkey, but just a little picture of a bird.

today is all about family,
peeling potatoes
cleaning the turkey
mashed potatoes
turnip and carrots
pumpkin pie
watching football
catching up with your family
laughing, telling jokes, playing games
everybody brings something so the cook is not overwhelmed
cleaning up the big mess
hugs, and kisses
undoing your pants so you can eat a little more if needed

So that's is what is going on today


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Favourite song of the 60's

This is what I was working on at the Quirky art Cafe on Wednesday night.  All I have left is some journal ling which is just going to be my fav songs of 1966.  Now I know some of you were  not even a glimmer in your mothers eye then.    But most of these  artists  are still performing.  Here are my favourites of that era:

the Beach Boys:   good vibrations
Beatles:   Eleanor Rig by
Tina Turner River Deep Mountain High
The loving spoonful  Summer in the City
Percy Sledge  My all time favourite to this day   When a Man Loves a Woman  Oh the stories I could tell about this song
Do you have a favourite song, that brings back memories to you?

Oh I know I have broken my pledge to post every day in October...I will try again next year


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dumpster diving

Just a quick sketch with black pen, no erasing allowed, hence the pen.  I like drawing animals.  So be prepared to see more.  Last night at the Quirky Art Cafe, Gayle and I had fun.  Wine, cheese, crackers, dips, chip, and art what more could a girl want ?  I made a page, which I will show you tomorrow, I just have to put some journal ling on it, and worked on a couple more.  I found it very stimulating to work with other like minded people and talk about art, and techniques.
Today I am off to the Reuse Center, someplace I have always wanted to go, but never have.  The girls last night had all been there, so it sounds like my kind of place.  I will show you all my treasures tomorrow.  I am getting my Tarot cards read by Joyce over at I hope its good news I could use some now.
Okay I am off, so I leave you with this compelling question for the day

What is the best thing you have every found at a thrift store, dumpster diving, whatever?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Art is Subjective

What is beautiful art? What is bad art?  Its your opinion, like I don't get abstracts, I like them but don't understand them.  But there is always some story attached to it.  This one was done all in pastels, I set out to make a quirky face, with full lips.  I know I cant make faces that actually look like people so why not make them quirky (that is a nice name for the face).  Personally I like the way it turned out and that's my story and I am sticking to it.
Today was all about going to the Dentist and having a tooth filled I hate the dentist so It was a big deal for me. Running errands, banking, getting the turkey and fix ins for Thanksgiving on Sunday night, 13 people are coming over for dinner.  What did I get myself into? And tonight is all about me, I am picking up my blogging friend Gayle and we are off to make art at the quirky art cafe.  So adios and talk to you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How many do you work on?

Alright I used to be pretty anal, about a lot of things I still am.  But I am trying to get better and loosen up the reins.  I used to only work on one art book at a time, I had to finish all the pages and then I could move on to another book, but only if the book was completed.  SO now I have a few books, I have this book above, I call this my practice book, where I give myself time to play dream up things, paint etc.  Sometimes things work out and sometimes not.  Like I really like the big blue bird, which I am sure will work its way out of the book and somewhere else.  Now the red dogasorius, that's what I am calling it, showed up when I painted some red watercolour on the page and I just saw it.  That's how my mind rolls.  Back to the journals, I keep one in my purse, one visual journal I try to work on and that's it.  Just three, but from 1 to 3 is huge for me, a big step in my controlled little world.  Now reading books is another matter, I cannot read more than one at a time...   Now the plants, need a little more work before they make their way out of the practice journal.

Now I would really like to know how many do your work on?

Monday, October 04, 2010

I look good in Red do you?

I used watersolable pencil, markers, and oil pastels, plus the work fly and the birdcage were rubons from Michaels in the dollar bin....I have a small strathmore mixed media journal, that I carry in my purse, and work on it when I can.  I started this in the coffee shop having a diet coke and a fat free muffin.  Hope your having a happy Monday.  I love the colour red, thus the red coat, I dont own a red coat, but I am thinking of getting one.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nudge 1

This is my Nudge 1 from Diana Trouts
I really enjoyed it, really no thinking, its using up your scraps which I have alot of.  Its kinda like fitting pieces into a puzzle.  Anyway I had a great time, and now I am on to nudge two.  Why not go on over and have a look and join up and get those creative juices flowing .

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Courage required.....

I am trying out my new mixed media visual journal by strathmore.  Its holding up very good, I used marker, pastel, white pen and nothing shows thru.  Well this is a picture about my experience at the art cafe, how I was nervous to go in.  It could be better, I could have used a ruler to make the words straight, and the buildings.  But I am trying to be more open and loose and not as controlling in my art, so I left it.  But you gotta know its really bugging me, I was going to put gesso all over and start again about 5 times.
Well I am going to try and post everyday in October, might not be a huge post, sometimes maybe a picture but its a challenge.

Friday, October 01, 2010

King of the Jungle

Still working on crazy animals in Carla's book, so easy just watch TV and create crazy things.

Friday went to Ikea and shopper found some side table for the new place
weather:  windy and leaves blowing everywhere a fall day
Food:  supper of homemade veg soup and ham and cheese panni's for supper and fruit salad for dessert
Library:  going to pick up a collage book I have on hold
Good deed for the day:  Hubby and I went out to the road and picked up broken glass, swept it all up
                go over and take a look at her video, it will get your motor running

What's on Friday agenda?

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