Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is it a pretty sight when you wake up in the morning?

Sometimes when you wake up do you feel and look like this?  it"s not pretty when I wake up.  Not like at the movies where they jump out of bed and are ready to start there day.  When was the last time I jumped is the question, and out of bed impossible.  So to feel less like an alien I did go and get my hair done, and I now feel good.  See what a liuttle thing like going and getting a hair cut will do to you. 

Well as you all know its Saturday, and here where I live, on Sunday they have this huge football game called the Grey Cup, kinda like the Super Bowl but on a lower level.  So the city is full of people from different cities in Canada, our team is not in the game.  So I am not going near where all the yahoos are today.  I am off to do a few errands, then home to continue packing and repacking.  Taking things out that I think I will not need, and then putting them back in.  The shopper was suppose to come over and move some of her stuff out, but apparently that tomorrow.  She has half her stuff here and half her stuff at her new place. 
Well enough blather about my life and times, its Saturday its time to go out and spend some money I don't have, but hubby does and just enjoy the day.  What are your doing today, have turkey soup, leftover turkey sandwiches.....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday......

I hope your all full of Turkey and have done your 4 am shopping, and are just kicking back looking at all the great deals that you got.  Oh how I wish I was there.

The other day I was in my fav store Anthropology ( i don't buy the clothes way to expensive for me) but I love going in there. I love the design asthectic they have, the books, the nick knacks, the ideas. Well I saw this packet of tags, and loved it. Okay 12 dollars for tags a little excessive, but I bought them. When I got home and looked at them, I thought I could make these so here they are. The first one with the animal is Anthro and the girl is mine.

I used Photoshop Elements and just measured it created the size and brought in my art.  OK really these are not to labour intensive, if you already have the art done, you just size it and bring it on.  So I am
going to make a few as gifts, just use a heavy cardstock in your printer.  I have drawn on a few of them, and am going to paint them and see how they look, I will let you know.  Today its time to go and
get a pedicure, after all in just a few days, I will shed my boots for sandal wear. 

Hope your holidays are full of fun and family

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do You make lists?

I keep the book in my purse at all times and add stuff when I buy it.
The loose pages are some daily stuff that needs doing.

I am such a list maker...I make lists for everything.    You can find my lists on the fridge, beside the computer, beside the chair I sit in, beside the bed, just in case I want to jot something I think about down.
Here is what I make lists of,

1. Lists of groceries needed (everybody makes those)
2.  List of household chores that need to done
3.  List of things that need to be done or fixed by hubby
4.  List of all art supplies I buy so I dont buy the same thing 3 times....
4.  List of christmas card that need to go out and by what date
5.  A list of packing , what to pack , how many and everything else that goes with packing,
6.  A list of what goes on in my carryon
7.  A list of my favourite books and authors
8.  A list of the books I have read, and how I liked them
9.  A list of  DVD that I want to rent
10.  Movies I have seen and liked

I know I have forgotten some lists that I do.  Truthfully I like making lists and then checking them off as I do them, then transfer the undone ones to the list for tomorrow.  I know control issues I make lists and then do nothing with them, yep.  I will work really hard on a list and then completly blow it off.  It must be my way of doodling.

Well on todays list here is what was on it.

1.  hair cut   done
2.  Post office done
3.  Bank  done
4.  Library done
5.  Staples for copies done
6. Michaels for half of coupon   done ..I know I said a few posts ago I was not going to buy any else for awhile, but those coupons call to me.  So I bought a 21 dollar stamp, some weird language and got half off.

Okay now that your completely wondering how could see make a whole blog post about lists, she must be off her rocker.  You are right, as I look back at this post, I must be since I wrote it, I am posting it and that's just the way it rolls around here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mish Mish Tuesday

This is an old collage that I did when I got the collage papers from
a swap with .  You were
suppose to use the papers that you picked.  The next receipt's of
the collage box was a person from Australia, so hence the
ship and the fish.  As a matter of fact it seemed like the collage
box I sent from here was lost, but it got there about a month
later, I could have swam there faster.

so here is a recap of what I have been up to be prepared to be enthralled because I
live a mighty exciting life.

catching up on things around this house that have been left since my Mom has been sick
that means the floors, laundry, etc, all the things you just love to do

been baking banna bread I feel that is my comfort food

shovelling the walk, because we have so much SNOW AND COLD WEATHER
and I am home during the day, I have wrestled with this one, just because I am
home does that mean I should be the designated person who does the shovelling???
My husband and I have gone back and forth on this one, but really I am home and
he is out working.  Not to say I am not working

We have been invited to the shoppers new home for dinner on Wednesday night, what is
on the menu is a surprise, and it will be because she really never cooked to much here.

I am still going to Phonenix, but I am going this Monday coming for a week.  So be preparedfor posts from a sunny place that has no snow/.  I will update you on shopping, eating, and fun.

Well the oven timer just went off the bread is ready, a hot steaming cup of cocoa and the fireplace is calling, so is the sidewalk but I vote for the chair and the fireplace and after all I
am chairman of the board at my job.  I can do what I want

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Back to Everyday Life

I used an old school book I found at a thrift store that is the back
This is inside the book, a art journalling pages I did

Well I am back on the blog posting trail, from now on back to regular programming, whatever that is.  So this is last you will hear about my Mum from me, okay maybe a few things here and there, but this blog is about Defining me, not about grief and stuff that brings you down.  A fine therapist once said to me, get on with you life, its short and you need to start living it . So thats what I am going to try to do.

So the funeral (whatever you would call it) as mum did not want a funeral is over.  She was cremated and placed in a Niche that faced a busy road.  That is what she wanted, she said she wanted to see me drive by (I drive on that road alot) and she could wave and I could wave and say to her "how are you doing Mum".  So it's done as of Thursday, friends of ours came, my brother inlaw came and said a
few words, and said my mums favourite prayer (The lords prayer).  I was going to say to a few words,
but couldn't in the end.  To many tears, to much grief, my husband said them for me and that was it.  The weather was terrible, snow, cold, windy.  But now its over, the other stuff that needs to be done is completed, the emptying of her apartment thank god, my sister was here for that and my daughter helped.
The going to the government and cancelling the pensions, letting people know about her passing. Making
sure the ladies in her building who she loved got a little something special.  I gave them all brooches from my mums collection she wore a brooch everyday and loved them.  They were all thrilled and we all cried and remembered.  Now its back to the living and art.

Last night went to the studio and worked on a new journal book, as I have finally finished the one I have been working on seems like forever.  I am using a children's textbook.  The spread you see is a page about my mother and death.  I got it down , its done now I am moving on to hopefully happy pages.  I am working on a Christmas art journal.  Some Christmas pages, some art cards.  I am branching out and working on more than one thing at a time, that's new to me, but it keeps you always creating.  Well that is it for a Saturday post.  I am off with the shopper, to Ikea, Homesense, Winners, taking stuff back.  Then its home to dinner out with hubby.

                                                    This is the front cover, I covered it up with paper,\ I dont thinkthe paper will be staying, I dont know yet what I am going to do on the front.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have gone green recycle

I would like to thank you all very much for such heartfelt  messages
that you left me, I was truly touched.  It was all very quick with
my mother though she had been in the hospital 3 weeks.  I had
notified my sister that I thought she should come and see Mum. 
She got to see my mother, and that night we all laughed and
joked and kissed her and both told her we loved her and
we would see you tomorrow.  I think my mother was waiting
to see my sister and then she could let go.  So at least
she did not suffer and she knew that she was very much loved.

So I have not been sleeping to much, my mind is whirling  and
trying to keep the grief at bay.  She has been my whole life
the last while, as she has been ill for quite a long time.  So
now my life will get back to normal, but now I have
to find out what a normal is.

So my late nights I have spent in the studio, either just
sitting there and creating nothing worth showing, or just sitting there
thinking about something to create.  I feel a creative slump coming on.
I had an old  Anthropology bag and cut it up, and had this picture
from a magazine of a really older lady, with lots of wrinkles and
really weathered looking, so I started playing around with that.
Trying to take it to a different level trying to make it look
like it was just painted.  I don't think it quite hit the mark, but
I must say it looks nothing like it did before.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Good Mother

Ive got money in my pocket
I like the color of my hair.

I've got a friend who loves me,
Got a house, I've got a car.

I've got a good mother,
and her voice is what keeps me here.

Feet on ground,
Heart in hand,

Facing forward,
Be yourself.

  Lyrics by Jan Arden

been away from the blog for awhile, my mother passed away on november 12/2010
Back soon

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Phoenix Travel Journal

Last night decided to get busy and make my travel journal for my trip to Phoenix.  The book I used I
got in the mail as an advertisement for TOMMY it was perfect not to may pages, exactly what I
wanted.  I painted and gessoed all the pages, added bits and pieces here and there.  The main
part I am going to do on the trip, but wanted it ready.  So here is front cover, inside front cover and page
1. I stayed up and got it all finished one more thing off my list of to do's.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Youv'e come a long way baby

 I like drawing faces , I like to try to make them different.  I like to try to skin tones just right.  That means I am always learning. But I am  always envious of people who have that great talent.  The first one, is the very first drawing of a person I ever did on the blog.  I went back it was July 2002, and this the second is a little one I did the other day.  I have improved, but still see things, bad lips, eyes not quite right, nose.  But I am learning and that is what art is all about right?  I am enjyoing the class, and I know I will never be able to draw a face that actually looks like somebody, but I like drawing these random faces.  I am just saying she had botox.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Mish Mash Friday

weather:  perfect
dinner:  pizza at home watching tv with hubby
 Birthday:  Shoppers on Sunday 22 years old

shopper moves on November 12 to her new place
Mother will be inconsolable and will need to have drinks to bear departure

money:  US currency almost on par with us, good news for us bad for them
Phoenix trip coming up fast counting the days down
US money bought when money was on par (score one for Me)
going to miss Kelly Kilmer class in Scottsdale by one day (dry my tears)

New blog found art teacher:

Christmas Art Journal:  In process but having fun
New Magazine:  Somerset Studio (okay) I have read better months
Book:  Reading Oprah Book Club Pick called Freedom
dont like it halfway thru, quit reading it

Well thats it for mish mash friday...what did you do today

Thursday, November 04, 2010

An Oldie but a Goody

Save the Last dance for me:  Sung by Ben E King and the Drifters

How's it going for you today so far? Well here at the old homestead
it's a beautiful fall day and I am going out to take Devil Dog for a walk,
to torment the roofers across the street.  Then its off to parts unknown, might
stop to work in my sketch book at a park, its just nice enough today to
do that.  Might stop and have a hot chocolate at Second Cup. Might
meet hubby for lunch, so many possibilities and so little time.
So off I go to get something done.

So what are you possibly doing today?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I am taking a course from creating
a Christmas art journal.  First assignment was to make the front and
back covers.  Here is my 15 version of my covers front and back.  It has
gone through many versions.   I finally
decided to go with this one, still not to happy with it. My original
version that I was going for the grunge, this is as far from
grunge as you can get . The more you get frustrated the more your
vision changes.

Monday, November 01, 2010

channeling my inner Marilyn

This was for practice
things I like
I like the layers that show thru
I like the transfer (because it turned out)
I like the colours I painted

Things I don't Like
I don't like the lettering (its crooked)
I don't like the hair I painted
I don't like the placement of the transfer

So this was a good practice assignment for me. 
Things I learned
When using stamps, I have this stamp thingamajig that makes you go straight I need to use it
I need to think more of placement
and colour balance

Do you practice and critique your work

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