Saturday, July 31, 2010

The collage box and Collage

This is the collage box project that has been ongoing for months, it has travelled all over
I am the third last person to receive it.  What you did was take out 12 items and replace the items you took with 12 more.  Below is what I took out.  Then you were to make a collage out of what you took.


This is what I put back in and its on its way to Australia

This was a card that folds up, I painted it , The classisco label I used as a sticker to keep the card together.
This is what the card looks like when folded up.

This is the collage that I made, I used every collage item that I took and nothing more.
I drew the ship and painted it black, and used pan pastels on the sky and water.
I hope you like it.  Click on it to see it better

I had a really great time making this collage , thanks to everyone who participated and put such awesome stuff in the box.


Friday, July 30, 2010

This and That.......

A Visual journal page, about things that happen in July. Just click on the picture it should get  bigger

What have I been doing since I last posted.  Laying low, not doing to
much thinking about my ATC.  If you have not signed up yet to take part in the swap
tomorrow is your last day.  All you have to do is drop me or Janet
a email and your in. 2 ATC's with the themes summer and fashion how easy is that.  We have amazing artists signed up.  If your a beginner don't worry ATC are easy....

I was lucky enough to take part in
collage box swap and I received the box Wednesday.  Its full of amazing stuff, you got to take 12 items out of the box and you put the same amount in.  The next stop for the box is Australia and then its back to where it started from I think it was almost  8 or 9 months before I got the box.  It has travelled all over.  She is having another swap if your interested, go over to her site and see.

Its been hot here, and the mosquitoes are driving me mad.  If you live in a part of the world where they don't have them you are so lucky.  At night when you might want to sit on the deck and enjoy the night they are out in full force.

Where I live  their summer motto is (Festival City) we have all kinds of things to do in the summer.  I think it must be because we have such bad winters and hibernate in our houses.  In July we have  the Street Performers festival, the Works (all kinds of art all over the streets with artists selling their work) we Art Walk, we have Capital Exhibition ( you know your regular rides, and stuff) the Folk Festival, great acts come here) Hertitage Days (Which is this weekend) this year all cultures come together and booths and cook their foods, we have taste of Edmonton (runs along with the Capital EX and you taste and of course pay to taste food from different restaurants in the city) I am sure lots of big cities have this one.  And I could go on and on.  I usually go to a few of these things. What do you have in your city in the Summer months.

Well I have dragged this on long enough, instead of reading this you should be out enjoying the weather, that is what I am going to do today. 


Sunday, July 25, 2010

ATC Swap Are you IN

I think this was my very first ATC. Since then I have never looked back.  I dont do alot of them, but I do like doing them.  They are like mini works of art.  That don't take up alot of your time.

So Janet are cooking up an ATC swap, are you in.  You only have to make 2.  Here is the details:

1.  Sign up by leaving me a comment here or at Janet's
2.  Sign up closes on July 31 Midnight
3.  You will be notified of your partner August 1/10
3.  Cards have to be in the hands of your partner by August 22/10
4.  2 ATC's
5.  The theme is 1 is about Summer/1 is about Fashion

Does it not sound like fun....don't think about it everyone is welcome, beginners to experts.
We have fun on the last swap the 6x6 collage, everyone got there's and no complaints


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its Saturday and Its Summer - what are you doing today

My art journal is a book about walls, I don't know if I told you that before, usually I just gesso over them, but sometimes they call to me and I know immediately what I want to say.  This one called to me (lol).  Well as I said its Saturday and its summer, and its hot what are you doing today.  Well today at my art store, its there usually July24 huge sale and bbg, so I am going there.  Then I might go to the bookstore pick up a book I have been wanting to get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, everyone says its good.  Then its home to sit on the deck and soak a little of sun up.  Tonight its about the BBQ, chicken burgers, corn, grilled vegetables and cole slaw, and maybe a ice cold beer.  I am not a big drinker but hot days call sometimes for a ice cold something.  Have a great summer Saturday. 

Monday stay tuned for an announcement from here and from Janet we are cooking up some fun.


Friday, July 23, 2010

A drum roll....the winner is.....

I had a fun time doing this, and I am going to do it again for sure.  I made sure that I checked all the names off the blogs, so I got everyone, put every name on a scrap of paper, checked again to ensure I did not forget anyone, but them in a bowl and had hubby draw the name.



I wish you could have all won.  So Bev I will be in touch to get your address.  Thanks to all you who participated, I will do it again for sure.....


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Day to enter your name for the giveaway on Friday

As I mentioned before I saw the movie Eclipse the other day  This was not my favourite movie so far.  I truly think they miscast Jane, Dakota Fanning does not do it justice, she is much to young.  You know when you read the book you imagine the person in your head (while I do call me crazy) and she just does not fit the bill

Well on to bigger and better things, last day for the draw, so if you don't see you name down here, leave a comment with your name to be entered.  I am giving away two Somerset studio magazines, plus whatever else I can find.  They are not old ones either I think they were last two that were published.  Pretty good reading.

So here is who is entered so far:

Terri Terri Boog
Miss Kool Aid
Phoneix Peacock
Arty Heart
So its a pretty good group, not a zillion people so you have a good chance.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Don't forget to enter the Friday Giveaway here
all you have to do is leave a comment

Weather:  sunny and nice
Activities today:  Lunch and a movie with a friend.  Since we are retired both of us we go to the afternoon movie.  The movie was eclipse, 6 people in the movie, it was great.  Pretty well found the  book and movie stayed true.

Art:  Finished a journal page see above, and started a couple of others.
Dinner:  Crockpot Chili, Caesar salad, and multi grain buns
tv.  2 1/2 men

What did you do today

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working big is it for you and would you like to win something from me.

It;s not for me, so I cut it down and put it in my visual journal.  I like large canvases when I have something to paint, but I just couldn't make the whole thing come together.  I like it better as  a journal page.  Yesterday I met up with fellow artist and collage exchanger Gayle.  We went to our city's Art Walk, we had a really good time, saw some amazing art, found out about some classes.  Gayle told me about some amazing artists, and some classes she has taken. And her  garden is amazing, she has such a green thumb, I was in awe, as a non gardner type.  We will be getting together soon for some more art bonding and getting  to know each other.  Would it not be great if you could meet everyone that you blog with.

Well this is the give away part, the other day, I went and bought

this and found out I had already bought it.  So I am going to give it away, plus another one, an older one and I throw in some other stuff.  So if you want to win, just leave me a comment and I will draw for it on Friday.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A surprise in the mail, and a favourite tool

I received a suprise in the mail today from Sofie she made me a beautiful collage and sent a booklet, that I amd going to use in Phoneix when I go as a travel journal.  and some bits and bobs, and I appreciate everything, it was such a surprise thank you so much Sophie I love everything.

There's the book, and some french elementary textbooks pages

Here is my favourite tool of the week.  Not  really a tool, but it is a napkin, there usually is 4 layers in a napkin, this was from the dollar store, I could only find two.  I tore what  I wanted and used golden matte medium, you could use gesso.  I painted the page where I was going to lay, layed it down and painted it with the same medium, it actually looks like a transfer and not a napkin.

I did not forget about the giveaway, to much to say today so It will be tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doodles, and some chit chat

Just a doodle with to do things from awhile ago, that's what happens when you get me near a piece of paper.  The hubby goes grocery shopping from my list, and you should see it, one day as a joke, I am
going to draw every item I want and see if he can get it.  Today is all about spray painting the big mixed media piece, trying to get a book made, some organization in some paper from the art room.  I just made dinner for tonight, so I did not have to waste any time.  We are having chicken solivaki pita wrap, with vegetable and taziki sauce and salad and corn on the cob.  Its hot, that how we roll here when it's hot, just the bare necessities to keep you fueled.  Hubby has been talking about retiring in September, ok now I need to go out and get a job (lol) we have been married got 38 years this year I think, but we have never stayed home together longer the holidays 2 or 3 weeks. Should be interesting, what will he do with himself, he had no hobbies to speak off, we talked about that last night.  He said he was going to join the YMCA and work out etc.  I informed him, retirement does not mean cleaning the house every day because you are bored, I do not do that.  Because when he does a job guess who his partner is.

Well tomorrow, I am going to show some of my favourite products, I saw that on someone website and I liked it, so Fridays it will be.  What is your favourite product of the moment.  Also a give away on tomorrow blog no matter where you live.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giraffes look like prehistoric animals

I did about 50 of these bling contour drawings
of a giraffe, and these were the best.

Now I must admit I did the bottom  blind contour , and the top I did looking a little, so I cheated.  So that is why it looks only semi giraffe like. am having a good time working thru her book, it is so easy and entertaining to read. 
Last night the shoppers car was broken into (a long story) anyway they took her purse, yes her purse was in there,  according to her she was not staying long.  How many times your mother said always take your purse.  Oh well an expense lesson to learn, but she has learned it now. 
 Window broken 250.00
Wallet taken with over 200.00 in cash
Pay cheque not cashed yet
Louis Vitton purse and wallet
Enough said

So I did not do to much today but drive her to get her new license $20.00, it was a costly mistake for her.So what did your mother teach you that you never paid attention to and regretted it?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday collage

This is a WIP (work in progress), its just a little project that I am doing, a little sample peice of a collage on brown paper.  I wanted to see if I could work big, I am thinking not.  I am having a hard time with it.  I always think there has to be a reason or a story for the collage.  It is rainy here for two days now, and the winds are crazy.  Have been working in Carla's book, you will see crazy giraffes tommorow. A few days of not posting gives you renewed energy.

And by the way have I thanked you for reading this blog, I have 75 people who follow this blog.  When I first started I had none , then I think I had one, and I think it was my nephew, then I took that off for a while, because it makes you crazy.  The reason I started this blog was for me, and then it morphed into more, it became an art blog, and since then I have met many nice blog friends, it's a connection.  So if you are one of those 75 people who follow me, leave me a comment say hello, I try to check the blogs of those people that have them.....I do appreciate you all.

And on another note I have been getting spammed by some idiots..and that's a nice name for them.  I don't want to have to put that thing on (see i don't even know what is called)so we don't have to deal with them, I don't want to but we will see....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its a Cats Life

Just got new book called Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun (Lab Series)  I love it.  Of course I have been following her for ages, I love her style, and her animals are so amazing.  In the book first exercise is of course to draw cats, draw 100 cats, one or two are going to turn out.  So I think I drew 50 and these two were the ones I like the best.  Of course they are my version of cats.  I don't have cats, don't want any cats.  I am so sorry cat lovers of the world, I am a dog kinda girl.  Other than that, today I bought some Vine Charcoal, and some Micron ..03 black pens, looking for those Strathmore Mixed Media Sketch books still not out for the general public.  Looked at furniture for the shoppers new place, checked on my Mom and now am going to BBQ steak, and corn on the cob, mushrooms and baked potatoes, and might even break out the wine, or beer.  Well I better go, be prepared to see more sketches , I plan on going thru the exercises one by one.  I joined a group called  Artists of the Round Table, who are doing the book chapter by Chapter, I tried this before on another book, and did not do so good, about keeping up, I am hoping this one will take.  Well what did you do today?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I wonder.....

visual journal page, done with magazine cutouts, some watercolour,gesso,window compliments of freebies, song lyrics K West

I love music, I listen to it all day long at home .  When in the studio I have music on, its not blasting in the studio but its in the background, in the car.  I think the reason is my love of the  lyrics, poetry the way the words flow and make sense.  And isn't there always one song that fits your life at that exact moment, or that song you remember from your teenage angst ridden  years.  The one song for me was
The House of the Rising Sun, my favourite even today. I remember that song was playing when I broke up with a boy and he was taking it well, I think I was 14, can remember the song, but not the boy's name.  This song I Wonder by K West really is about following your dreams, and don't we as artists all follow our dreams.
Okay whats the one song that means something to you?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tips from Mama

ATC card done with Pitt artist brush pens and white out

Well its a beautiful day in the neighbourhood (lol).  Well today's topic is the Shopper.  The shopper who does not read this blog, does not know I talk about her thank god is moving on up.  No  not to the east side but about 10 miles away as the crow files in November.  The shopper and the boyfriend have bought a condo together (brand new) which is being built as we speak and wont be ready till
November.  So lots of time to get used to her being gone.  But now I wonder did I teach her enough about cooking, cleaning, etc.  Because her cleaning and my cleaning don't blend well together.  She says once she has her own place it will be neat as pin.  (I cant wait to see that).  So since I have heard the news I have been giving her cooking tips which she finally is interested in.  I know they wont starve I think the boyfriend can cook, and the mother (me) can always pack up meals on wheels for them.  My mother didn't really teach me to much, I learned it on my own so I guess its sink or swim.
Did any of you learn much from your mothers?

Monday, July 05, 2010

strip ease crusade no 42

I tried to make this one cohesive- with blues and summer colours

this one was my sister and her friends, and about how when you were a kid how much you looked forward to summer.  I used the ripped paper a different way in this one, but truthfully it would have looked better if I had written the words instead of using the computer.  I had fun doing it.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Sunday

This actually is two postcards I made for a fellow blogger.  She left me a message saying she really liked my art and did I sell it, which I dont,  but I offered to make her postcards.  So I sent a postcard not these but another one, which she didnt get.  So I made these two  they go together.  I have never heard if she got it or not.  I made them and sent them about 3 months ago.  I am afraid to email her
just in case she did not get these and then she thinks that I am only saying I made them.  See a good deed can turn on you. 
Well today I had my mother over for dinner.  She has not been here in months (hospital) I made her favourite dinner which she requested (liver and onions) I do not eat liver neither does my husband.  As soon as it touches my tongue my head is over the toilet, also happens with crest toothpaste.  She loved it, ate every bit of it, so I was happy. 

Yesterday I bought myself a new laptop, so now  I can go and have coffee (diet coke) at second cup and be like the rest of the yuppies who sit there with their laptops ,   Then went to the art store, bought some more pitt artist pens, some soft pastels.  Then on to the scrapbook store, and bought some paper with arrows, some journal cards, and a stamp.  So all and all with the laptop I think I blew my wad for awhile.  I will have to keep my future purchases on the down low for awhile.

Well off to try and do some art.  So what exciting things did you do this holiday weekend?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Birds of a feather

I know stupid title, but do you have a hard time as I do coming up with these titles that make people want to tune in.  Well this page was inspired by a class I am taking from the lovely Dawn
at author of two books, one just about to be published.  She called the online class the Art Stimulus , I am enjoying it, no pressure, twice a week she send us prompts, and we create from that. Today I am out and about, going to the art store, going to the scrapbook store, going to second cup with my journal, going to staples, its a day for I will report back with what I have bought.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Are you lonely tonight...

I was always a quiet child, the middle child.  I never was showy, or splashy, never loud.  I was always the nice one, the one you could relay on and always had a kind word.  And I am still that way today, now I think I am like that, but maybe my friends have a different opinion of that.  Funny how you see yourself and how others see you.  But I am a good friend I know that. What kind of person are you, were the same when you were younger?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 1, hit the beach -if you can

July 1, 2010, Summertime.  I love summer, the beach, fish and chips, cold lemonade, or diet coke.  Sand in toes, getting a tan, sitting on the deck with an icy cold beer and watching the sunset.  This is the summer I am going to do all of those things.  I am ready for summer.  My mom is home, no more hospital.  I am getting the cleaning lady in next week. and then its fun in the sun.  Okay I don't live anywhere close to a beach, but I plan on going for a few days with the girls to one in BC.  but I am going to do all the rest, starting now, I am going to the deck and having a cool one.  What are your doing?

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