Friday, March 30, 2007

Thelma and Louise the journey continues...

Hi from Phoenix day two and still cant find Brad Pitt.
If you don't know the story of the movie Thelma and Louise picked up Brad Pitt on the road and had their way with him. Sorry to say I cant find my Brad Pitt..

1. Today was a busy day 10:00 hit the freeway and did not get home until 10:00 tonight. Needless to say I am tired, Louise (Lyndsey) I am sure could go all night.
2. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory - (not to be confused with the Cheesecake Restaurant in my home town) it does not compare. This was a fabulous restaurant the portions were huge and the service was great. Plus the place was jam packed.
3. Tomorrow we are off to Se dona for the day. I am looking forward to this little side trip, it is suppose to be beautiful, serene and lots of ops to take pictures.
4. My navigator is doing a spectacular job, I wanted to get GPS at the airport, but she is just as good as GPS.
5. Well should go , stay tuned to day three the Sedona adventure, and maybe another Brad Pitt.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am a travelling gal.....

1. Made it to Phoneix, US Airways, no problems, no lost luggage, no delay on time
2. Rented the car no problems
3. Found the hotel with little difficulty, my little navigator (Lyndsey) did a great job and we were all over all day long.
4. Got to the hotel around 4:00 and were assigned our room. Problem, didnt like it, looks out on to a busy road, all the rest of the rooms look out onto the pool. Otherwise the hotel is really nice , clean, bright, modern. I talked to the guy at the desk said we are staying 6 nights and really would like a room with a view. He could not have been nicer and we are moving tommorow.
5. Lyndsey already found a deal at Last Chance (Neman Marcus outlet) a juicy bag that was a thousand a home (not kidding about this price) and 40 here of course we bought it. Almost saw a fight between two ladies fighting over the same purse they grabbed it out of each other hands. We will be back the deals are great, I did not buy anything but the week is young.
6. Keep checking back for the amazing adventures of Lee and Lyndsey...I will be blogging everyday...stay tuned....

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Tale of the Fair Maiden....

1. Just a little art I created last night in the studio along with a story.
2. Hubby did all the taxes tonight, mine, his, my mother and my daughter and I am
happy to report we all get money back. The only reason, hubby and I do, is because we overpay our taxes all year long just so we don't have pay. I just don't know what Iam going to do with mine. We need new furniture in our den, so that might be it.
3. Well all the details for the trip are now planned . We leave at 6:55 am on thursday morning, so we live a far distance from the airport, plus you need to be there 2 hours early, so we are leaving at 4:30 am on Thursday morning. Will i even be awake to see Phoneix.
4. Just finished watching dancing with the stars, I actually enjoyed it.
5. Well going to go to bed early I hate Monday's, talk to you tommorow.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Posts in one night...what's got into her...

1. Cleaned the studio when we got home from dinner, did not put the shelf up. But was able to do some fooling around and here is one of them.
2. I took artistic licesne and made my self skinny.
3. Thats all for tonight, hope you all had a great weekend.

Only 4 more sleeps till the trip....

1. The weather has been beautiful really spring like yesterday and today. I was out cleaning out the car, vacuming, washing the windows, and trying to take it to the carwash but the line up was about a mile long. Thats what happens when it is nice weather in Canada, the first place you want to go is the carwash, though I have washed it a few times over the winter.
2. We have had a problem with our sump pump but mr. fix it surpised me and fixed it. This is not exactly his area of expertise, ask him a labour problem and he is your guy. But once in a way we are surprised by him.
3. We are all going out for supper with my Mom tonight, so no cooking in this house, just put the oven to clean anyway..
4. I know this is riveting stuff how can you not keep on reading.
5. The picture is of Sedona Arizona, and I plan on visiting Sedona. It is a very artsy beautiful place in Arizonia that I have always wanted to visit.
6. Tonight I am going to put together my shelf, so I can get the studio back in working order. I have been sketcing in my sketch book so have been doing some art.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

See me....

1. Today I was thinking alot about how people perceive me, do they see me or just the outside shell. Do they want to really see me and that means just getting past the surface stuff.
2. Today was a bad day at the office as one of the workers was electrocuted last night in worked in the same building as me for about 4 years so everybody knows who he is. So today was a day spent remembering him.
3. Working on the trip, got the plane tickets, made the hotel reservations and renting the car, now just need to get some American money and we are all set. Everything but the suitcases now that is another story.
4. How do I explain the picture just a doddle in the sketchbook not even a great doddle but just some random thoughts on paper maybe to use in a peice maybe not.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Going on a Trip...

Yep next Thursday the 29 I am going on a trip for 5 days to Phoneix, kind of a spur of the moment thing. Just a mother daughter trip. Shopping, resting in the sun, and just seeing the sights. Can hardly wait. The weekend was great, had a great birthday. Not much art created in the studio this weekend so gotta get busy, but it is in turmoil down there, I have moved everything to set up the new cabinet that I got for my birthday. I just cant create in a mess, but I can make a

Friday, March 16, 2007

happy St. Patricks day to you and yours...

Well i woke up today didn't feel any different, not older that for sure. Yep you guessed it its my birthday, and I am not even irish. So I did this in honour of my birthday. Next year is the last year for celebrating birthdays, from then on I stay the same age 29 and not Today I plan on doing me things, I having lunch with my mom, going out hubby and friends for dinner. Hubby bought me a new cabinet that I wanted for the studio, all he has to do is put it together. Well I am off talk to all later and drink some green beer....

Hope...Studio Friday

What gives you hope? How do you keep it up? What or who guides you through the rough patches and makes you keep on going no matter what
I believe one cannot live a full, rich ,happy life without hope. Sometime without hope there is only despair...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its raining men ..Its raining men..thats a song

1. Dont know who these men are but I found there picture in a goodwill store and thought I could use them in something.
2. Was in the studio creating tonight felt great. I created my Studio Friday entry about Hope which you will see on Friday and Special layout for Saturday.
3. Going out for dinner with my friends tommorow night for some drinks, some food and fun...
4. Everyone was home for dinner tonight we all sat at the table and just chatted,it
doesnt happen that often around here everyone has a different timetable.
5. Going to get the taxes done Sunday got all my t4's in

Monday, March 12, 2007

Today was a total bust.....

5 things I want to do tonight:

Work on my sketch exercise for today

Read the new issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors

Make muffins for breakfast

Vacuum the house

Try to go to bed early

How many of these do you think I will get done today........ This morning I got up bright and early and went to work. What a mess, I could not sit at my desk because of the dirt and the smell of musty carpet. They are suppose to be coming in tonight to re clean the carpet, sanitize my carpet and my desk. Even after all that water, my computer still worked, that is totally amazing to me.Basically today was just a wasted day, none of my computer programs that I used were on the other computer, so I did what I could not much....Well I was hoping Heroes was on tonight but don't see it in the paper so I guess maybe I should start on one of those items that I want to accomplish tonight. I leave you with a picture of my grandfather who was a chauffeur in Vancouver for a wealthy family for many years......

Sunday, March 11, 2007

pretty woman...sketch

still doing that sketch a day, trying to get better each day, the eyes need some work. Well not much has happened this weekend. On Friday all was fine at my desk, still a little wet but managed. Went out for the lunch with all the women who work with me. Back after lunch we walk into a diaster zone. Our whole area is marked off with tape. A pipe in my office had exploded and water up over your ankle. Plus it had come out of the pipe so hard it blew the cement cap off which would have hit me if I had been there, They would not let us in to see the mess so Monday we will see it. We all got the afternoon off.... Other than that not much is new.....I finally got enough nerve to apply to the University to enter there fine arts program, and I have to supply my marks (high school) 35 years ago, different province. I emailed my old high school in Vancouver, and they emailed me back how to get them. So gotto do that now to get them.
Well talk to you tommorow we are all going in at 6:30 am to see what we can do at work....

Friday, March 09, 2007

Studio Friday-Most precious item in my studio,..

This is the most precious thing in my studio. This clock means a lot to me. It was my sisters and sat in her office. My sister passed away suddenly and one of the items from her office was this clock, which my brother inlaw gave to me as a keepsake. I keep it on my studio desk and look at and remember my sister. But really I like to think that she has given me the gift of time, which is so precious. Time to live my life, time to discover who I am, time to be with my family. The time to work on my art, she knew how much I loved art and always was so supportive. So I take good care of this gift and will pass it on to my daughter when the time is right.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am in the gallery....

Tonight I went to the Art Gallery and saw the free for all show. It was totally amazing, 2000 pieces of art from ordianry people or should I say artisits. My daughter took this picture of me and my art peice for me to remember after all how many times in your life can one say I had a peice of art in the art gallery. Haha Well today was one of those crazy days at work, a flood at my desk (walked in this morning and water all over the floor from the roof that is melting, and they cant find the hole, so lots of garbage cans all over trying to catch the drips. Hopefully I dont have to swim in there tommorow. Well enough for now gotta run everybody have a great Friday and hopefully I will talk to you tommorow.

Inspriations Thursday..Art and Architecture

I love triangles, the pyramids were trangles, our city hall is traiangle, our gardens are triangles. These structures are all glass and steel and I felt they should be all about colour, stanined glass colour, bright colours, life colours.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

African Art

Hi, been working in my studio tonight, I had this postcard I saved from the mail from ages ago, and i decided to try to use it in a different way. I painted it, made a border,words and here it is. I actually think it turned out pretty good. I have been busy at work, and at home, and trying to squeeze in time in the studio. It is hard to juggle a job, a house, family and an art interest. But I quess until I win the Lotto that's what I will be doing. Now if I won the lotto, i would get my own studio out of the house and have no distractions around. Well its a short post tonight as I have to go watch my favourite shfow HOUSE and its on. So talk to you all soon./

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sketch a day...still at it

This is a sketch that I am thinking of doing in my women series. I think thatall women of the world have the same wants and desires . Whats important to us, family, home, safety is important to everyone.
My next sketch I dont know, i was just fooling around and here it is pretty scary. I didnt have any white paper at my fingertips so both these sketches are on green paper. Well gotta go talk to you soon...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Inspiration Thursday. Home

I thought long and hard about Inspriation Thursday theme Home. I came up with this, I bought this at junk sale, it in its former life was a grain house, I painted it, sanded and came up with this. I love my home, because to me it is a safe haven full of love and warmth. A place to come home to and just be me....Plus its looks much better in real life. The scanner just doesnt cut it..

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