Thursday, November 30, 2006

Studio Friday-Colour Combos

This is my colour combos, I like greens and yellows, oranges,blues and pinks, purples and blues they all work together in harmony. I have had this picture in my inspiration file for ever, when I look at it, it brings me joy, a sense of vibrancy, these are the colours that make you feel good. Its like
a bouquet of spring flowers in the middle of a dark gloomy winter.

On the First Day of Christmas

Posting this one day early as I am going shopping for xmas presents tommorow night and will be to tired to post. Day one of the Christmas Art Journal - I have been thinking about my studio friday (colour) all week, and I went through my inspiration folder and found my colour pallet, I have this picture out of a magazine (i dont know how old) and when I look at it it makes me happy, the colours draw me in. I know enough of that!!!! Well I get the car back tommorow, yeah, he said he was 95% sure that it would be ready, I hope it is or I will be renting one for the weekend. I need my own car, no sharing with hubby, we do different errands on SAturday I do my own thing, art store, etc, he is not interested. Well gotta to go and post my studio friday. Talk to you Saturday.....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Do I have a fixation on Snowpeople.....

No, I got these all a garage sale for about 5.00 what a deal. So I have a few but they really look nice and I like them. Well I am not going to report on the weather today as it seems that is all I do on this blog. Lets just say it is not spring yet. I have not spent to much time this week in the studio, but I need to get down there, I have been sketching ideas in my sketchbook.Now I need to incorporate the ideas on to the paper. I have decided my art pages are going into a art journal, and they will be all about christmas each and every one of them up to Christmas Day. I am excited about this project, as there are so many possibilites, some pictures of xmas when I was a girl, some painted peices, some collage, the possibilities are endless. I will post one each day of December (I hope). Well should go have to make lunches, hubby is now taking lunch to the new job, to cold to go out. Talk to you tommorow....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas

Brought up some things from the basement to start decorating for christmas no not the tree I think its a tad early for that. Some people in the neighbourhood have their tree up, but Hubby would have a fit. I think a couple of more weeks for that. Well I took my honda into the repair shop yesterday and I am carless, they said a week to fix it. For those of you who dont know I backed up into a power pole, needless to say the car got the most damage. Or maybe my ego, who can hit a pole while backing up,only me according to my husband. Well we are in a big deepfreeze here with the wind chill it is minus -40 that is really cold you can freeze something in 5 minutes or less. So its best just to stay in the house. The roads are really slippery and I am glad the car is in getting fixed. I made some comfort food for a night like this, homemade vegetable beef noodle soup. I am going to toot my own horn and say its delious. Well gotta go talk to you tommorow.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A slow news day...

It must be a slow day if I have to show a picture of LL Bean catalogue that I got today. I have been working in the studio I have three Art Christmas Journal Pages created, but are not showing them till December 1, 2005. I know the suspense will kill you but you just have to wait. I thoought of another one today so off to the studio to start it. I cant do them one a day, because I dont work that fast, hence why I have to start early. The roads and weather are terrible today, it took me an hour to get home, and the hubby still has not made it home. Blowing snow, really cold, its a night just to stay home and watch Heroes my favourite show on Monday nights. Well should go as I said it was a slow new day today. Talk to you tommorow.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Studio Friday: Comfort

My studio is all about comfort for me. I live in Canada and its cold here, cold today minus with wind chill -31, so when I am in the studio this is what I see from my chair, I have the fireplace roaring, the sterio playing soft guitar music and a cup of tea or hot chocolate beside, and big fluffy warm slippers on and there I find comfort from not only the elements outside but from a stressfilled life of any woman, mother, worker.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

sandal art....

Don't ask why I would ever do this picture...I was just in the studio and wanted to do something, my flip flop was on the floor and the rest is history. I have had a couple of bad computer days, my hubby was on the computer and decided to update windows internet explorer and then the internet would not work. So the computer guru he is not, called me to fix it, well with a little help from my internet provider we got it up and running. Well the past couple of days have not been eventful so will not bore you with the details. Hubby is at a meeting the daughter out and me home alone blogging. Tommorow night I am off with the girls for a fun filled night on the town at Olive Garden, it is my friends 55 birthday, so we need to celebrate that milestone. Other than that, talk to you Friday.....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Doodling instead of working...

This is what I do when I am in a creative rut, which I have been for a few days, I doodle, I have scrap cardboard piece on my studio desk and I doodle and watch TV and think, weird I know but that's what I do. I am thinking about a piece of art to create for Christmas for my mother, and how I am going to do it. Still thinking and sketching will let you in on it when i have thought it out. I am going to create an art journal for 24 days of Christmas, a piece each day done in a book, could be a drawing, or paper but all Christmas related, that is another project I have been thinking about. Well how was your weekend, mine was good, lots of good feed back on my Studio Friday update. Watched a couple of movies. In honour of Tom and Katies weding (thank god its over and the news can get back to normal) I watched Mission Impossible the latest one, really not to bad and the other one was the Divinci Code, I think I need to read the book and then rent the movie again. The weather here is great, but going to get cold by Thursday minus 20 which really is not that cold. Oh well enough said for tonight, talk to you tomorrow....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Studio Friday Challenge: This is me...

" How about photographing a collage of the things we work with? An arranged collection of papers and embellishments, or fabrics and trims, or paints and paintbrushes, or whatever it is we do that says "this is me." I know we did tools and supplies already, but I thought it would be fun to create a little collage of all the things we use - tools and supplies both, and even other things like a favorite cd, dvd, cup of coffee, nail polish etc that say "this is me and this is what I do".

~ Jill

Well this is me, this is who I am, an artist (at least I think i am) a diet coke fanatic, I love to listen to Music and/or watch tv when working in the studio. And one other thing I like to collect paper, I love paper all colours all designs and I like to use it in my art....Thanks Jill for the great challenge this week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Botox or not

No i am not getting Botox, but was watching Entertainment tonight the other night and Lisa Remi (I think that's how you spell it ) was on, and those lips are not natural, and I wondered to myself why people do that to there lips. I realize once you start to get old you lips shrink into your face and eventually it looks like your lipless, but could I get that done the answer is no. So I decided to create a peice about it.... Well today was beautiful sunny and the snow was melting which is great. I spent last night working on Photoshop trying to get my Studio Friday challenge peice ready. I am learning photoshop slowly, really slowly. I wish I knew blogger better I would change up my banner and make it look much better, but haven't discovered how to do it, but am not giving up. Well should hit the road, talk to you tommorow.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Long do you want to be loved..

This song is by the Dixie Chicks and I love it, hence the layout, I heard it and immediately thought of this....crazy I know. Well just got home from work, to an empty house, hubby still at the new job, the daughter at her job and just me. Snow, have we had snow, tons of it and I am sick of it, give me a hot place anyday. Last year at this time we had no snow and it was 16 celcius out crazy, so I quess this year we are paying for it. Well not much to tell you that will really get you exicted, went to work as usual came home, shovelled the driveway and going to make supper. That is the extent of my excitement. So I just wanted to post my layout. So will talk to you tommorow.

Monday, November 13, 2006

How do you spell Relief....

I had a great night last night in the studio created 3 new pieces, here is one of them, I had this thought in my sketch book for ages and there it is. I am very happy with it....Today is awful is snowing hard, the roads are icy and the wind is blowing, not making for a nice day. But I am not at work today so makes it ok, though I did venture out to have coffee (diet coke) with my mom, then went and did a little christmas shopping, not to early to start, I had rushing at the last minute. I am done for my Mom, I have got a number of things for the hardest person to buy for my daughter, it will probably end up being all taken back, but oh well I try. Well I am off to the studio to do some clean up and work on a christmas project. Talk to you tommmorow.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am in the Christmas Spirit.......

I was feeling like Christmas last night and made this layout. I totatly scraplifted from Ali Edwards, who got her idea from a catalogue, it turned out pretty good and I went to Michaels and bought the frame. I was happy with it. Today the daughter and I went to the Christmas Craft Fair, bought a few things, did a few more errands and came home. The weather looks like snow, and the forecast is for snow. Just me and hubby for dinner tonight, the daughter is out and about. We are barbequing steak. We barbeque in all weather. Well tommorow is a holiday from work as it is a day in lieu of November 11 which fell on Saturday. No set plans, coffee with my mother, some art in the studio and thats it...... The long weekend has flown by. The hubby starts his new job on Tuesday, his retirement is over dont you think 1 week of retirement is enough. Well I should go and get the supper ready, hubby does the barbequing which is good as I hate freezing my butt off... I just looked at the picture and really dont like the way it looks on the blog, it looks much nicer in person.Talk to you tommorow.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Studio Friday: Studio Indulgences

Color, I have to have color, I use it alot in my art, I love bold bright colors. I use art markers, art pencil crayons, paint, paper, anything that can make a bold statement. If there was no color in the world, it would be a few drab place to live.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Official she's Eighteen

Lyndsey was born in 1988
November 7th was the exact date
She was 8lbs, 7 ounces in weight

Time passed and the baby grew into a beautiful little girl
Who had natural brown hair and a natural curl
Her eyes turned the color of a rare blue pearl

Next came high school where she made us proud
She was true to herself and stood out in the crowd
She stayed out of trouble, but could voice her opinions out loud

Now transformed before our eyes
Stands the beautiful woman who is kind, thoughtful and wise
Who never gives up and always tries

Lyndsey take a step back and remember this
You have two parents who love you and will be there for a kiss
And that when your ready to fly you will always be missed

So Happy Birthday, beautiful baby girl
Take on life and give it a whirl


Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday/Retirement

Well did not post much this weekend as was busy I had a birthday party and retirement party for the daughter and the hubby has you can see from the cake, First they spelled her name wrong, and got the wrong number of years for the hubby. Oh well, had a blast had about 18 people here, for food and fun. Actually the daughters birthday is Tuesdy, so we are going out for a big dinner celebration tommorow, with just the hubby , the daughter the boyfriend and me. We are giving her presents then. I had a bracellet made for her, it turned out beautiful, I will post a picture of it. She has another beautiful bracellet given to her by my brother inlaw and sister. So she now has 2 really nice pieces to grow with her. She is off for lunch with her pals, dinner with us so she is going to have a nice day. She is going to the bank to apply for her own visa, she has one now, but her dad is on it, so he can see what goes on, but she is pretty responsible and pays it and does not use it unwisely. But now she wants her own. Oh to be 18 again, I dont think I can remember that far back. I had her later in my life after we had been married many years and what a joy she has brought to us and continues to. Now the hubby is retired from his job of 32 years for exactly one week of doing nothing, he then goes to a new job which is exciting and fresh for him, he is looking forward to it. Well I quess I have rattled on about nothing for long enough. Talk to you all tommorow.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I want these....

Well Halloween is over and maybe we had 20 kids, loads of candy left, and I need it out of the house, or I will be eating it. Hubby will take it to work tommorw. These are the markers I am lusting after, now really there not that expensive 100.00 but I have to talk myself into them, can I use them, I do have another art markers, but I love to use them, just like paint. Could I wait till xmas to get them. Big decisions...keep you posted. Well yesterday I have my yearly checkup and today was my mamogram or should I say tourture a gram. But I am all healthy and ready for another year. I am going down to the studio to create a peice of art I have been thinking about all week, sometimes it does not always turn out the way you envision it. Tonight is Jerhico...looking forward to it. Talk to you tommorw.

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