Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you like to Dance?

As you can see I kinda screwed this one up, I accidently put some kind of pen mark on her face, oh well, art is not perfect, and I have to let go of trying to be perfect, but man its hard.  Normally i would not have showed this one, and I probably would have thrown it in the trash.  But i am trying to embrace imperfection.  I think she needs a few sisters beside her what do you think?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is colour a bad thing?

Well one day I was fooling around with pattern, shapes, and colour, you know how much I like to use colour, well here is another bright colourful example of how much..  Maybe sometimes to much is to much.  What do you like to over use when doing art?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bad Clown Daze

It looks like a bad clown day , this clown looks like he got malaria, I didn't realize it when I made the eyes . Oh well  that's the  life of a clown.....and it looks like he mucked up one of his didn't start out as a clown , but it morphed into a life of its own, does that ever happen to you, do you start something with a certain subject in mind and it ends up completely different?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I had a good time creating this one, Though I should have painted her fingernails.

Have been working on my cards, about 40 done so far, and actually pd the money
so I am in the trade for sure.  If you are like me, I don't like signing up for stuff,
just in case I cant do it, I mean the art just does not  come, then you feel like an idiot.
Today was sunny and breezy, the leaves have just about all turned colour, so fall is here.
I am going to Phoenix this year, but not till the middle of November and just for a week.  I tried to talk
hubby into going away for the winter but it was a no go, maybe next year.  The winters are to cold here, to stay when you don't have to.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Geek Chic

This is a postcard I finished a couple of days ago, as you know I love making postcards.  When I saw these guys first I thought i would make them all look alike, white suits and moustaches and then it kinda took of from there.  I like the way it turned out.  I thought I would show you a couple of things I am going to be working on .

its the jar with the branches further down the page
 she is my favourite artist, and you know anyone could do this, I have been
collecting branches when I walk the dog, she painted some, she wrapped embroidery floss around some, doesn't it look fun, you know you could even do it Xmas y by using red and green, and tinsel.

the next thing was , she had one pdf for sale 7.50 and I bought it, I already had the ornaments. you know you can figure it out just by looking at it, make it your own, which I plan to do.  I will show you when I get them done, I am  making one for everyone in my family, its going to be kinda assembly line.

Also I wanted to be able to free motion stitch with my sewing machine, but the part here was 54.00, so I went on line and bought it for 21.00 including shipping, the exact part, because I have a really old Bernina sewing machine, but went i went to buy the part, they didn't have it in the store, and they told me what part it was, so I am sure I got the one that will fit.
So there is what I have been doing all weekend, long, so what have you been up to.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Garden Girl

I was playing around in my sketch book, with black pen, and here is what I came up with.  I know , I know she has the same expression of any other girl I draw.  Okay I am just going to lay it out all there, they are permanently depressed and wont be able to change, till I figure it out.  I like that i added the leaves on her head it looks like she kinda looking like a plant, and that's exactly why she  looks the same, that my story and I am sticking to it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

who wants to play cards

this is a piece of wallpaper that I gessoed and painted
this is the back of the wallpaper where I adhered the cards

This is the card after I cut them

Added some paint and stuff

A Closer look

Well I started on the cards, here what I have done so far

1.  prepped the cards, they all have painted backs and a label on them
2.  The fronts on all 52 cards have been gessoed
3.  26 cards have been painted and some embellishment on them

Still needed to do:
inspiration quotes for all of them
more paint
more embellishments
the edges to be sanded
and distressed

I have not fully committed to the swap, I have not sent my money yet (l0.00) I wanted to get them done and see if they are worthy of been sent, and 52 cards are alot of cards to do.  But it looks like I will get them done, but the quotes are the hard part, if you have a favourite inspirational quote, share it with me, so I can put it on the card.  Since they are all going to different people, I can use the same quote more than once.  But wont commit till the very last one is done.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

have your seen this before

I don't know if I posted this before or not, see what happens to you when you get older.
This is a postcard that I made for someone, and I don't remember who, that she got awhile ago.\
I do like making postcards, I call them my small works of art.  I collaged this one, and then used acrylic paint, the hills turned out the best on the picture I think.  Anyway what do you like best when you make art

Monday, September 17, 2012

Help Me, what have I done again

Another one of those crazy people I draw when I don't know what else to do and nothing is turning out.  Well I made some progress on my 52 cards, finished the back of them, and gessoed the front of them, and tonight I will see what happens to the front, I have no idea of what to do, and I still have to do 52 quotes, again I am wonder what did I get myself in to......?????

Saturday, September 15, 2012

warning sunglasses required

I know, I know could it be any brighter, I used tape as the background, a the bird kinda just appeared, and of course I wanted the bird to be the focal point, so hence the bright eye blinding color,  you know I love color, who doesnt it kinda just perks you right up or blinds you either one.
I joined the the52 card inspirational swap.  I know you think 52 cards, go to the post and she will explain it all.  I started last night sanded lightly all the playing cards,next I am going to use some of my painted papers for the back , and I have been thinking of inspirational quotes for the cards.  I know your thinking what has she got herself into, I will probably think that when I am doing the front of the cards.  Oh well I needed a project to work on, that was not to taxing on my brain.  Ok its Saturday I am going shopping, maybe lunch , maybe shoes, maybe art supplies, maybe the library, oh the day is full of possibilities what are you doing today?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tip of the week

Well its Friday, the week just seems to fly by, and it seems that I get nothing accomplished art wise.  I always thought geez when I retire, I am going to have so much time on hands I wont know what to do with myself....while I am here to tell you that's not true, you or your husband can think of many things to do, that you would not have thought here is a hint retire before your partner, so that you have a few years to do what you want to.  (lol) I did that.
The weather is holding up, so I have been taking devil dog on long walks, she has a weight problem, just like her Mama and she is on a dog diet, so she is none to happy.  The above postcard I did a while ago, just used what ever I had around.  Here is a tip I am sure you know already, I have given up using white pens, I now just use white out markers from Staples, or the dollar store, they last longer and will work over anything.  Arent I just the tip master, before you know I will be teaching a class (lol).  Well I better get out and enjoy this weather while it lasts.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little of this and that

Yesterday was   busy for me, so no time for me to post.  I got my haircut, went to the doctor, had a funeral to attend, went out for dinner, came home and helped the shopper clean up her car, and get it ready to sell, and the night was shot.  I gave the shopper my old Honda civic because I got a new Honda, so we have her car in the driveway and she needs to sell it.  So we cleaned it up and she is going to take some pictures of it and put an ad up somewhere.  So hopefully it will sell she will make a few bucks and it will be off my driveway.  Today is a really nice day, I am looking after the dog next door while they are away for a few days, there dog and my dog are not good neighbours so I have to walk  them separately. I am going to get my exercise that is for sure.  The other day went to Michaels they had  paint on sale Liquitex heavy body 3 for 12 dollars, the paint  not bad so I bought some, so I might go back and get three more, my paint stock is getting low.  Okay now you know what I have been doing for the past couple of days what have you been doing

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hope Springs

A page from my journal, as you can see I still not have changed the expression on my girls, they look like there in a permanent depression. Last night went out with friends to my favourite restaurant.  Then it was off to the movies, we saw the movie  Hope Springs.  If you have been married a few years, this is a got to see movie, a lot of laughs, alot of truths.  Today I am off in search of a new winter jacket, comes early here and you need to be ready.  Today feels like it could snow (lol) the wind is howling but the sky is blue.  The sandals will remain on until the snow fly s, or my toes freeze off which ever comes first.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Are we really alone out there....

This collage postcard  made for the exchange, there was no theme.  It started with the words and went from there.  Well today is Saturday, I am off to look for a winter coat, yes I said winter coat, before you know it , winter has come, and also I  have a 50 percent coupon to Michaels to spend, only trouble, when I go there I don't see anything I want to buy could it be I have to much, god I hope not, I enjoy spending money on things on don't need (that's what hubby says) sometimes I like to do it just to piss him off) Oh the joys of being married 39 years.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Black and White

I created three postcards for a swap by
there are always ongoing swaps there, one of them was black and white, so when I sat down all I knew was that I had some black and white paper, and this turned up.  I sort of like it,  The other two I will show on Saturday and Sunday.  I like practising my collage, and trying to tell a story.  Do you like collage?
Today is hot and sunny, hubby is taking the dryer apart and getting all the fluff and stuff from the back, apparently you should do this once a year to prevent fire.  I told him he should rent himself out , not only is he doing the dryer, he washed the floor by hand, cleaned out the laundry cupboard and sink.  I tell he needs a job, I am starting to feel guility, (remember i said starting to)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A she/ he

I made this one out of tissue paper and book paper, and drew her and used markers.  Only one thing she looks like she has a small penis.  I think I need to fix that.  I had fun doing this one, was just playing around on lined paper and this came out of it.  

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My House is a very very fine house

I made this postcard for my Nephew he just moved into a new house, I then put the other houses of his siblings and his mother.  I hope he likes it, it looks way better in person.

Tonight the shopper (aka the daughter) is coming over for dinner, so we are having stir fry.
She is watching her weight like I am, so I try to cook healthy when she comes over.  I received the coolest postcard yesterday and once I get my camera back from the shopper I will take a photo of it and show you.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

bird attack

this is an ATC that I made over my break, I just used whatever was on hand, you know me and my birds and flowers, I must broaden my horizons and draw other things.  Well today is the first day of school, even though I don't have any kids going to school, I still get that first day of school feeling, I wonder if that ever goes away.

Monday, September 03, 2012

The many faces of Lee

Well on my blog break, I saw a painter I think on you tube who painted all kinds of women on a wall.  Now i don't think hubby would appreciate me painting women all over the family room, so instead I did it on paper. My women do not resemble the women of the painter, he was wonderful painter and his women were amazing, I wish I had bookmarked it to show you.  Anyway here is my version, of Lees many faces

Sunday, September 02, 2012

She was missing but now she's back

the above was created on watercolour paper that I had painted before hand
drew the bird with black pen and white-out pen
white eggs white-out pen
and a piece of old material I had laying around

I am back.  I enjoyed my time off from the blog.  I dithered about coming back at all, depending on how I was feel that day, i was coming and then I wasn't.  But I am back, and glad to see you all.  Didn't do what I set out to do, work big, something is holding me back from doing that.  But I did do:

lots of postcards
got a brand new car
had some health scares but am all clear now
read a ton of books
went swimming just about every day
lost some more weight
signed up for some online classes
cooked light
read light cooking light cookbooks till I knew them backwards
ate some fattening food (after all it is the holidays)
bought a few new art supplies

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