Wednesday, April 30, 2014


week 18 already in the Daily Planner
this weeks challenge was your favourite quote
now I have thousands of favourite quotes
but this one always get`s me, its by Henri Matisse
and so true
you have to have courage to put your ART  out
there for everyone to see and criticize and you
have to be thick skinned and able to take
whatever comes your way...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

there someone looking over my shoulder....

today is the start of spring cleaning
the hubster and I washed down inside and out all the kitchen cupboards
all the counters and tile
the stove
all the appliances
and I am tired that's it for today for cleaning
today its stry fry
and Chicago fire

Saturday, April 26, 2014


went out for pizza with good friends
got my chin threaded
 made some healthy food
went for some long walks with devil dog
put all the winter wear away
and brought up all the spring and summer
that means no socks for me
bought a new stencil
cleaned some cupboards
cleaned the studio trying to get inspiration
went to the library
listened to a great book cd
and it was such an exciting week (lol) that was it.
Did you do anything exciting last week?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hold that pose....

Last Saturday the shopper and I went to the mall.
Now I don't quite have the stamina that the shopper does, so
I was lagging a little behind.  She wanted to go into
this one store, I had no interest in, so I said, I
will just sit down right here and wait for you
it was a little sitting area, with couches and chairs,
there were a couple of older men waiting for
there wives and me.  So I sat down and that
I should sketch one of these men, so
I brought out this little pad I keep
in my purse and a black pen, and sketched
him, he didn't have a clue what I was
doing.  I  had to sketch  very quickly
before he upped and moved.  The sketch
is not perfect, it was done all in about
4 minutes, but this is how I improve my
drawing skills.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's been going on.......

been catching up on  season one of the Vikings (love love it)
been making low fat muffins and banana bread
been savouring last of my turkey and enjoying some delicious homemade turkey soup
been making little booklets for my  Midori Travellers Journal
Been thinking about what needs to be done for my outfit for the wedding out of town in May
been watching under protest Hockey Playoffs
been drawing in my sketch book
been reading an e book on my Ipad
been loving my IPAD didn't think I needed one, boy was I wrong
been watching hubby do yard work in between snow drops
been walking the dog
been back to swimming, bruises are almost healed
that's about it lately, what have you been doing?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

practice collage

Life started out as a little drawing
that of course over time morphed
into a collage.  A little element here
and little element there and they it be.
But really only was meant to be a fast
sketch for an idea for a painting.

Monday, April 21, 2014

pages from the planner

some pages from my planner you haven't seen yet.
Some of the challenges were, used a food packing box, hence
the Stove Top Stuffing box, draw a favourite pair of shoes, these
were new shoes, to lazy to draw them, so took a picture, put it onto
photoshop elements, used the filters, sketch, came out sketched
and I did the rest.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

not peter cotton tail

Happy Easter, hope you have a great one.
Tom the rabbit is not your average
fuzzy bunny, but I like a bunny
who knows where he is going.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Meet Elle, she just happened, she far from perfect
I had stuck a napkin with elephants in my
sketch book awhile ago, and had this circus looking
half frame, and stuck it in awhile ago, and then
last night I thought I needs a funky elephant,
so this is my version of funky (lol) the feet
are not right everything about her is just about
wrong, but she is my creation, so I think she
is funkalisous( is that even a word)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Abstract me

well are you ready for Easter,
its decided we are having turkey on Sunday,
today its out to lunch with the neighbour
I have been working in my DLPlanner
and will show some pages on the weekend.
Its snowing here today, will spring ever come to my part
of the world?
Ok gotta go talk to you all soon
I have linked this to Paint Party Friday

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Glamour Shot

The drawings are getting better
but the mouth needs work

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A little of this and that.

this is a picture I actually took when I was in Europe years ago
I think this was somewhere in Germany
so I saw somewhere you could draw on some of your old
pictures, so here is one.  I did this awhile ago, its an oldie.
Today I was out to lunch with my friend Gail who
I met on this blog, we went out for lunch then
to the art store, we both spent money and had
a good time I always enjoy going out with her.
Tonight the shopper is coming for dinner so
its Chicken Breast stuffed with crème cheese and broccoli
baked potatoes, and vegetables.  First time making
this new recipe so its either hit or miss.  I will
let you know the verdict tomorrow

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just a peek

as you can see above, I am working on a smallish canvas,
this is a gift for someone.  Well its really not a gift
until I see the finished product, if I don't like it
its not going anywhere.  I first started with gesso, then did
some underpainting with bright bold colours, toned it down with
  some white paint, then did some stencilling
with Modeling paste.  So that's as far as I got so far. Today
I will be drawing in the central focus of the piece.  I haven't
decided exactly what that is, I have a couple of ideas and will
have to see what comes out.

I wanted to show you a brilliant idea I had
I had this wire contrapitation and was going to
throw it out and decided to use it to hang some of
my small art on it, I have way more to put on, and a
couple more of those wires things, so I can hang
my art around my studio.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Its been a bad bad day...

somedays are just bad
today while walking devil dog I fell on the cement
face first, thought I was going to break my nose and teeth
so I turned my head just as my whole body toppled over,
landed on my side and my side of my face.  And then
proceeded to roll into a huge puddle of water, soaked
from head to toe.  To add to my humiliation a bus
full of people, had just rolled in, and they
all ran over to help me.  The bus driver
wanted to call an ambulance.  I managed
to gather my dignity (not a tear came to my eye)
and told them I was fine, and I could make
it home, as it was just around the corner.
So me and devil dog, soaking wet, managed to get home,
and of course this is the day the hubster is not home.
So I made into the house, stripped out of my wet
clothes, and had a good cry.  Got over it, and the injuries
are a sore hand and fingers, not painting hand.  A sore
bruised rib, and I am going to have a huge bruise on
the side of my face.  I could have been worse, so
all is well that ends well.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Where's Waldo

This is a cover page for the dlp project
the task for same colour pallet
the green really is a teal color
but doesn't show up on here very good
I made the birds to blend in, and try
and find them, hence the title.
If you don't know Where's Waldo ,
there usually is page full of people and
you have to find Waldo. I had
fun making this page.
Today I went out with my friend, who
is on her way home in B.C.  They
left there winter home in Phoenix,
so we did lunch with our other friend,
did a little shopping, and little visiting,
and some errands, all and all I had a great day

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The boyfriend

Meet the boyfriend, the shoppers boyfriend
they have been together about 5 years
and I am waiting patiently for the wedding.
He is a hard worker and he sings on the side and
he is very good.  I must say he much better
looking in person.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Mind Highway

I joined a group called Mix it up monthly
          where every month there is a new challenge, this month it was about
           a map, and along with that there is a color pallet to follow.  And so
          far every month I have forgotten to use the color pallet.  By the time I
           remembered it was to late.  I see a few things I should have done better, like
          the yellow should have been another color so there is contrast and you don't have
          to wear sunglasses to look at it.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

weekly wrapup

found a lost dog and reunited her with her owner
bought new shoes for a wedding in May
been playing with a new app called
amazing will turn your pictures into watercolour
2.99 a deal for sure
walking devil dog in such springy weather
talked to my friend who is coming back from Phoenix
for the summer go glad missed her
bbq steak
tried a new recipe for low fat banner bread delicious
drew in my sketch book
watched a terrible movie
and that's it, hope you had a nice weekend

Friday, April 04, 2014

the name game

The documented life project  challenge this
week was to draw your name, and this
is what I came up with.

I received in the mail the other day a
ticket for 289.00 for going thru a red light (red light camera)
I just about had a fit, I probably was going thru on an\
orange and it turned red.  Yesterday I went down to the
courthouse and asked for it to be reduced and they
reduced it by half.  At least that's better than almost
300.00.  The hubster didn't even blink an eye,
I told him I needed to take his temperature, because
I am sure he has been inhabited by another body

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Meet Stephen

meet Stephen he was the mayor of our fair city
he looks way better in person
I saw a picture taken of him with
this bow tie and knew I had to draw him
Stephen if your reading my blog (and why wouldn't you)
I take commissions (lol)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

She wore a flower in her hair

to celebrate warmer weather I put a flower in her hair
I myself do not wear flowers in my hair
or hairbands or hats and if you have read
this blog for awhile, you know its because
I don't look good in any of those items.
I am off for some work on me today
previous post
and then to the art store
and I have been invited to dinner with friends
 so I must go hope you have a great day

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

looking good

do you have those days where you look and feel like crap
when you know you need your haircut and maybe a dye job
when you need you eyebrows waxed
your feet done
and maybe a new shirt
that's what I feel like lately
it seems like I don't take care of myself the way
I used to when I worked, but that's all
changing, because whats the difference if I work or not
I still need to feel good, and so do you, so
I am going out to get these things done tomorrow

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