Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it Saturday already

A couple of pages from my visual journal, a little doodle a little writing, some colour

Well its Saturday, since I dont work you would think that everyday feels like Saturday.  Not true
everyday still feels like a work day, and the weekend is still the weekend.  Its hard to expalin, but I wonder if that feeling ever goes away.  Maybe because Hubby still works.
Well what am I do today.....I know you all want to know because I live such a exciting life (lol).  Who knows I am wide open today to explore all possibilities.  My glasses broke so they need to go back to repaired, I need new shoes which I have been looking for a year, as in the previous post I have bad feet. The newspaper is calling my name, the Games I am over already thank god they are nearly over and its back to regular programming.  I am reading a gread book called the Reliable Wife.
Well I am making myself fall asleep from all this dribble so I will say goodbye and talk to you all soon.  What good movie have you seen lately?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Role Reversal

Visual Journal Page donw with tape (the page ripped) water saoluable crayone, magazine image
bird (from somewhere) pen and white out of course

Spent the whole day yesterday with my Mom at the hospitall, I wont get into that whole thing, but she is fine for now.  But slowly but surely our role has reversed . I am the caregiver and in charge.  There comes a point in your life as you age that you need your family more than ever.  My mom lives in a building that is assisted living.  She gets her meals there and has her own apartment on the 8th floor, and a lady comes in and cleans weekly and does the laundry, not her personal laudry but sheets, towels etc.  So many people in that building has no one to help them and my heart breaks for them.  My mom so appreciates all that I do for her, but why would I not she is my mom.

Well today,  I have errands to run, a house to get ready for the weekend,  the newspaper to read and art to make.  The weather could not be nicer for February and it just makes you want to go out and play.
So what exciting things are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Not to Wear...

Shoe magazine ad, just redone with white correction pen, and legs done with colored sharpies

I wish I had legs like Tina Turner....mine or more in the catagory of Oprah.  Tina Turner looks amazing in high heels.  I have a love for shoes.  They do not love my feet, I have big feet, all my life I have had big feet size 10-11.  Now manufacturers make lots of 6-7-8 and only a few of the big sizes.  Do they not know people have big feet now.  Not only big feet, but I have no arches etc.  so I have never been able to wear really high heels and I want to.  I think they make the legs looks great.  Now that I am older I know that I would kill myself if I ever tried to walk in them.  I cant walk in flats without tripping, and I am way to old to try.  But the shopper wears them and I get to go with her shopping for them sof the dream lives on.

Well enough about stinky feet, how are you all doing. I still never got down to the art room, but I have been working in my visual journal as you go see.  Its something I can do well sitting in front of the TV.  Great mail day yesterday a postcard from Singapore, I have always wanted to go there.  Where have you always wanted dreamed of travelling to?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd post is a day-Postcard Collage

Wanted to show you all the postcards together that I made for the swap.
They were all hand drawn, painted etc by me, and coated with a medium a few thousand times, so
they could stand up to the mail system
I have got 4 back so far and all beautiful,
1 from vancouver
1 sweden
1 netherlands
1 norway

I will show them when I get them all

Now onto regular programming

I know why the Caged Bird Sings

One of my favourite poets is Maya Angelo.  Her poetry make you sit up and think about what she is saying.  I am a serious poetry buff .  I like all kinds of poetry.  I wanted my visual journal to include some of my favourites poets.  So if someone finds my books in 100 years , they will know me a little better. Today is my wifely duty day (not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter).  I mean the laundry, dusting, etc.  Going to get it done this morning and this afternoon going down to the studio and try to make some art.  The temperatures are warming up here and I am sure Spring is right away the corner.  If you have a journal , what kind is it, did you make it, did you buy it, Tommorow I will show you what I am using for my
visual journal.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hockey Night in Canada

Made this drawing in my visual journal the other night while watching hockey.  Now usually you would never catch me watching hockey.  Its not my favourite sport, but during Olympic times its everyone's sport and everyone has something to say, and who is going to win.  Well last night I watched figure skating, and made a page in my journal about that (which you will see tommorow).  If someone finds this journal in 50 years they would have said gosh this person likes sports.  And really that is who I am not, but I do like the Olympics.
Well enough about that, I am up early today and god its killing me, I have already taken
Devil Dog out for her walk and its only 7:35 and I am on my first Diet Coke of the day.  I am off at 8:00 to take my mum to the doctor and then I have to swing by the art store for some supplies, then to
Staples for some white out my favourite tool of the moment.  Whats on your schedule for the day?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mail from the California......the land of sun and Janet

Are these not great?  I love them, they have all the right elements, colour, text, everything.  Thank you again Janet  We decided a couple of months ago before I hannas swap to do postcards.  Go to her site she is very interesting and does amazing art. 
I also got a postcard from the swap today and on Friday and have no idea who they are from.  I want to thank them for the beautiful postcards, which I will show on tommorows post.
I had a busy weekend doing who knows what, but it was busy.  Today I am taking it easy and finishing up a few arty things and then going to relax and watch some Olympics and work in my Visual Journal.  We have leftovers from last nights dinner so all is well in my world.  We are having leftover ribs, chinken legs, sald, and rice pilaf.  What are you having?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Vience with Love

Neo Color Crayons
and a partial Image Transfer

Tried to do an image transfer of this picture, but as usual only a little bit of it worked out and that little bit looked like crap.  I dont know why they never turn out for me, I try all the methods.  One time on canvas it turned out perfectly, for Noras faces (you will see this one soon).  Anyway this is a picture of little village we saw while on a day boat trip from Vience to a little isiand that is famous for its lace.  This picture is a fishing village that we passed on the way every house on it was a different pastel colour it was beautiful.  We stayed in Vience for 2 days our hotel was lright on the canal and you could see all the daily life that went on.  We saw a funeral pass by of course on the canal, a wedding on the canal.  It happens to be my favourite city.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visual art journal 2010

Magazine picture re done with markers and white out
Magazine text
and paper

Well how are you all.  I decided I am going to start showing you some of my visual art journal pages.  This is a book I do anything in.  Sometimes I paint the pages, or gesso them, sometimes I dont, sometimes I draw, sometimes I dont.  So its a mixed page .  This one is all about the Olympics, who knew I would be so into them.  Because sports equals excerise in my book, and sorry this body is not into that.  Maybe in my secret life I was an athelete.  If I was it would have been in snowboarding.

Last night took my friend Diane out for dinner for her birthday and we had a great dinner and a visit. Hubby is out of town so when I got home, worked in my journal , my house is in turnoil because of the floors, everything is in the kitchen, furniture everything.  Cant move it till hubby gets home on Thursday night, way to heavy for me and the shopper.

Well enough dribble from me, I am going to start my day and see what it holds for me.  What are you doing today?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wide Eyed wonder

Done in visual art journal
with neo crayons, and trusty correction fluid

1.  She wide eyed because she wondering who the hell painted her face like thatShe needs a major remodel.
 The eyes, the skintone, the nose, the lips.Who would ever date her.

2.  Got the computer back, had to redo everything again.  I am the tech of the houseso I do all the hookups. (lol)  Hubby not so good at those things.

3.  Floor done, in living room, with new hardwood.  Felt like I was in the
movie  Under the Tuscan Sun (great movie), the men that came 3 of
them could not speak english, smoked like fiends, sang and generally
had a great time, did a great job on my floor.  The foreman who
came in and out spoke a little.  Was happy for the work.

4.  Must go pick up devil dog, she went to the Doggy Daycare today,
she would have played with group and they would not have got any work done.

5.  Have been working in my visual journal, lots to share in the coming days.  I
also am working on my secret project, I might spill the beans.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day

1.  Having computer probelms, using the shoppers laptop
had to post an old picture.  Should have the computer
back tomorow.

2.  Went out with hubby last night for Valentines, dont
make a big fuss about this day, we got each
other lotto tickets.

4.  Watching the Olympics, am happy with the Silver medal,
commentator got it wrong, she lives in Spruce Grove
about 20 miles away from our city.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Swap

Crazy Swap Loot

1.  Got involved in a Crazy Swap thru
and my partner is from New Zealand and also a great artist
go to her site and check her out
as you can see I got some wonderful stuff.  Thanks again Debrina

2.  Today is all about the Olympics, if your watching and I
hope you are, Vancouver is a beautiful city, though weather
challenged at the moment.  Now if they had it where I live\
they would have had plenty of snow, we could  give the snow away.
Anyway I have lived in Vancouver many times, my Mother
was born there and lived most of her life there..  Anyway
I am sitting in front of the TV and watching with my
visual art journal stuff .  They say that those who can't just
watch TV or something to that effect.  Okay enough
go to your TV and support your favourites.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

A doodle from my visual journal...

Thats the way I feel today...enough said.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just doodling around...

Just a doodle page out of my sketch book, I make doodles
and then see how I can improve them and then get
ideas for real drawings

1.  The postcard project is in the mail . I like making them
so if any of you would like one, just email me
and I will make you one and send it.  Here is
my email

2.  The movie was 3 hankies, the movie I think was
4out of 4 popcorn kernals.  A real chick flick.

3.  Did not make any of Noras faces last night I
had to get my fix of Lost, and NCIS.  So I am going to
try today.

4.  I am off to do my Mother's Laundry and lunch
with the girls.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Try a little tenderness...

1.  today is a go day for me, first I am off to the postoffice
to mail all my postcards to there designated owners.

2.  Then its off to the movies for a good cry with
a friend, we are going to see
Dear John, a 2 kleenix movie I am sure.  We are
going to the afternoon movie because we
dont work anymore.  I feel like an old lady when I do that.

3.  Then its home to work on my faces, expect to see
a face tommorow.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Have a Little Faith......

1.  That's right someone who has continually disappointed me time and time again
is trying hard to make up for lost time.  Should I have a little faith, yes
as George Michael say gotta have a little faith. 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Making buns, football, and home cooking

Portfolio oil pastels
and black pitt pen

1.  At our house on Sunday's when I was growing up
it was all about being together as a family.  We always
had to be home on a Sunday night for dinner.  My
mom always made a roast, or a chicken and went
all out.  After dinner we all would clean up the
kitchen and then settle down for some Sunday
night TV watching as a Family.  My mom
always cooked all day long, making dinner,
baking dessert, making bread or buns.  So
when I got married I tried to carry out the
same tradition, and it sorta worked.  I always
make a good dinner on Sundays.  So at least
I carry out one tradtiion, and when the
shopper was growing up we all sat in the
dining room and had supper.  I made
sure we were all together.  Now we still all
eat at the table on Sundays that is a must.
What do you do?

2.  Tonight is Superbowl, I know it's in the USA but its
also really big in Canada.  It starts at 4:00.  I am
making BBQ ribs- and little red potates, lightly fried with
parm cheese on them, and caluiflower with cheese Sauce.

3.  I am making buns right now, they are rising.  My
mother is over so we are making them.  She
likes to make them, but cant anymore, so she
reads me the recipe and I make them.

4.  I also put on a pot of chili, and in another crockpot I am making
spaggetti sauce, both of these will be divided up and put in the freezer.

What are you doing today?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

PJ's, cookes and Hot Chocolate

1.  Foggy and cold here today, like the rest of North America
it seems, storms are brewing

2.  Started the face class and loving it, stay
tuned for sketches

3.  Today is all about staying warm and cozy, cookies to be made,
hot chocolate to be drunk, and some faces to be completed

4.  YEP its a PJ day for sure

Friday, February 05, 2010

Out of Africa

postcard size, done with
neocolor crayons, watersoluble
black inks
and red marker

I love elephants gentle giants - I know they are not always gentle
but they rumble around and take there time, and it takes a lot
to really get them riled up and when they do all the other animals take off. 
Sometimes wouldn't you just love to be one, now the weight
is another story (lol)

I am trying out typing this post in this font to see how it looks.
I am changing it up here in Lee Land, take bold moves,
just like the font (lol) thats how bold I am.  Went through
my favourites and took out the ones who dont post anymore.
Found some more favourites.  I check these daily, god
I think I have this laptop glued to my ass (lol).

Today the Face's class begins, I am dancing in the
aisles.  My faces are bad, I think that is why
I draw animals, I always try to draw women, men, kids
they all turn out like crap.  So after this class
it will be portraits all around (lol)

Well I will talk to you all soon, and have a great
weekend .  We are going out to dinner
with friends tonight.  So I will let you
know how it was.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

I have the eget blues

Done in watercolour crayons and black ink and of course correcetion fluid

Are you sick of these postcards?  I am thinking I am gonna do something else for awhile.  I have joined Nora's online Face's class.  So be prepared to be sick of my faces.  Today is a go day.  Hubby is out of town,devil dog is going to play  atdoggy daycare, and the shopper is going to work..  So I am off to become a new woman, hair cut, hair dyed.  Shopping, lunch out with friends,  We have a new art gallery that just opened, it might call for a visit.  I also wanted to thank everybody who visited my technique Tuesday, and now I guess I can take off my sunglasses and put away my autograph book, and just be me again..

So talk to you all soon,

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Makeover issue

If you want to see how I did this postcard take a gander over to

Monday, February 01, 2010

A good Idea gone bad

Spray Painted Background
and Crap Art

1. Sometimes a good idea goes terribly wrong, as in the
above picture.  Was a good idea at the time, but
turned into a peice of crap art. Enough said about that.

2.  Today going to the Hospital to take my Mom for
a special test

3.  Coming home and trying to make art.

Whats on your agenda today?

Dont forget tommorow I am guest artist on
for Technique Tuesday....spent the weekend trying to get it right for you.

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