Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plexi 202

This is the second piece of art that I made.  This was for Janet,.  It arrived yesterday to her house,
but it did not arrive quite perfect.  Two corners of the plexi were cracked.  So for this one all I did was on a 6x6 hard backed canvas, I used some molding paste, and a few different colours of acrylic  paint,
drew the bird, painted her, and used some old hardware and laying around.  Now to
attach the plexi, which I sprayed in blue and created a circle with it, I was going to drill it.  I went out and got the right type of nibs for the drill, but was nervous, and I didn't want Hubby to muck it up.  So I used some
heavy glue (3000) something, and put the hardware on the canvas and the glue on the hardware, and 
it was finished, glued some hardware on the outside and called it a day.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plexi 101

Yesterday I posted the picture of TJ's that I did .  So like it or not I am going to tell you how I did it,
and give you a link to a super artist, and how he works on his plexi glass.
    1. First make sure, you have all the clear plastic paper off the plexi glass, 
    2. The next think I did was use a stencil (the fish) and I used spray on ink Then you can paint around the fish in acrylics or spray inks, use different tools while the paint is wet, scrape into it, then paint anther color, keep making marks and using different colors,making different layers of color the sky's the limit.  And your done when you say your done 
I got my plexi at Home Depot really cheap, and i cut it myself with a ruler and a edge knife (not the right word, my old age is setting in and I cant remember the word) everybody has one.
So if it doesn't turn out, don't think of me, if it does you are allowed to think of me.  Now here is the link,
not only does he do plexi, but he is an amazing artist, take some time and watch his videos.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Anxiety Art

I was in a trade with TJ (she doesn't post on her blog anymore, and Janet from
There was no theme.  Well I love doing trades, and getting bits and pieces of other peoples art, but I get anxiety plagued making the art.  I wonder if its good enough, will they like it,   So this is the piece of TJ art that I made.   I knew for sure that I wanted to make something out of plexi glass.  So I started, I had three  ideas, and three ended up in the trash.  This is the fourth one

Its her birthday today, and she is going to open it up.  She is an amazing artist and person, so I hope she likes this one. Janet has not got her's yet, it is very different from this one.  Do you ever feel like I do when
making art for others, or are you confident?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tweet, Tweet

Awhile ago, quite awhile ago, I was watching Teehsa Moore's video
how she creates a journal out of a big page of paper.  I was going
to link the youtube, but it seems like Youtube is down.  Anyway
I made this journal, and it was just laying around the studio.
So yesterday I decided to start it, this is the front cover, I know
you must think a bird again.  I read somewhere on the blogs
lately that birds are so over, but I like them, so you are
going to see more in the years to come. Now onto  my
next page in this journal and stay tuned , here's a hint
bet you thought it was going to be a bird, you are 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

big head

As you can see I did this head on February 14, I drew
it big on purpose, I am going bigger.  Don't they
always say "bigger is better".  Now that I am
taking Pursing Portraits, my women should improve,
you can only hope.  Its Saturday, were snowed in,
hubby is out using the snow blower, and I am
warm and cozy in the PJ's where i AM
staying all day.  What are you doing today?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The sky is falling, the sky is falling

Isn't that what Chicken little said?
Today is a go day
Snowstorm warning is out for tonight and tomorrow
Dinner tonight at Red Lobster (yum) with friends
Library visit needed
Get this three pieces of mail sent out on Monday,
One to Germany, two to USA guess who
got here's today -Germany, does that make sense
Art is going to be made tomorrow, digging in
what's  on your plate  for the weekend?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walk like an egyptian

Well i almost gave up on this blog, I was having such issues, just
trying to post.  I guess Google owns the world now,
I had to update to Google Chrome, then I had
to buy more picture space (5.00), and on  and on.

Okay now back to real life, The little lady above
did not start off with hair like that, but that
is what it ended it up as, hence the 
title Walk Like an Egyptian, do you remember
that song.  But it all started out with stripes
because I don\t wear them, another fashion
rule of mine, do you?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Humpty Dumpty

This started out as me doodling lines, then a circle and before you know it
looked the Humpty Dumpty on crack.
Do you draw every day, or do some form of art everyday? 
Well I do (okay quieten down with that hand clapping), while watching
TV is when I practice my drawing.  That's right I can multi-task,
draw and watch Lockup RAW at the same time.
Well that's it for Saturday, and if you your reading this
tonight, then you and I have the same social life NONE.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another day in Paradise

A doodle in my everyday book

Another day in paradise, I might clean the bathrooms today.  That could
be the highlite of my day.  So if that doesnt tell you I have nothing, to say i
dont know what does
but have a nice weekend and I see you Monday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A call to arms

I do I hate my arms, I don't know what age that started, later
in life for sure.  You know they kinda look like a
wet noodle.  I want arms, like Jennifer Aniston, Madonna,
no just kidding I can not work that hard, because I
hate exercise.  But I have been lifting and pumping
iron with my soup cans, and am about ready
to graduate to the 280z can of tomatoes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be my valentine?

Happy Valentines Day
hubby and I dont really celebrate Valentines day, he wanted to take me out to
dinner tonight but really how busy is it going to be
so I said no, and i am making turkey meatballs, and if that
just doesnt scream happy valentines day I dont  know what want does.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pursing Heads

I am taking Pam |Carrikers class Pursing Portraits, because I would like to be able to draw people realistically, I mean not draw you, but a person who actually looks like a person, do that make sense to you.
I love Pam's people she draws, her style, not that I want to draw like , but I to be able to draw people.

I have been drawing them in my sketch book and critiquing my work.  What I like and what I don't like.
So then I can try and improve on things I don't like, for example the mouth needs major work, and I like
one of her eyes, the right one.

On another note here is a link to a fantastic video that Janet sent me , this person draws and paints a women's head and uses tissue paper , she has four videos watch all four I really learned alot once you get there scroll down a bit and you will see the video, its really
Well today I am painting some tissue paper, finishing up things, and cooking Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, getting ready for the Grammy's.  Isn't it a shame about Whitney.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday and I feel good

today sun is shining
finishing off the trade pictures
making chicken quesadilla and salad for dinner
going to watch a movie
what are you up to this Saturday

Friday, February 10, 2012

Book of Me

this book started out as the Book of Days,
and it has morphed into the book of me
I am going my own way, not really
following along, so here it is.  The art
you have seen before .
The cover is glued and varnished.
The spine is covered with a brown paper bag
and the music notes are tim holtz tissue paper

The clock on the eye, the shopper got from Anthropoligie for her birthday

The inside cover was just paint, and dots

 This is a favourite print of mine that I bought from
another artist that I love and bonus she is Canadian and from Winnipeg.
And I like to have bands around my books, and this is one
I bought from Michaels, its for smash journals, and it
comes two to a pack and it just about 3.00 so cheap

Thats it for today, if you are making a book show it on your blog
so we can all see it.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Name Game

First off I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I truly appreciate all your caring words.
Now when I was younger I wanted to be Heidi, it was a book I read over and over again.
Don't ask me why I was thinking about Heidi when I was watching the Cops show, but
it just popped up in my every day book.  And yes I know I spelled her name two
ways, but I decided if I was a Heidi, I would spell my name the other way (lol).
Did you ever have a favourite character in a book you read when you were younger?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Still crazy after all these years

Today i am going to tell you one thing about me, that you don't know,
otherwise I am an open book.  I rewrote this sentence at least
50 times, because I feel i am better now, but there is
no sugar coating this, i suffer from depression.  Yep
thats right me, i went to that dark place about
3 years ago.  Just a few months before i retired.  I
was overwhelmed, with my sisters death, my
mothers grief, her moving here, my family
problems, i couldn't cope.  I started
falling asleep at work (not a good thing to do),
i was so tired i could not get out of the
car, sometimes, i would just sit
in the driveway and sleep.  And
worst of all i was closing my eyes while driving.
That's when I reached out for help, first
to my doctor, who got me started
on a regiment of pills, and then
to a therapist to talk it out.  I can tell you
she helped me the most.  I was trying to be
everything to everybody, and nothing to me.  I went
on sick leave from work, until i retired.  And finally
months and months later i started to feel like
my old self again.  Why am I spilling my guts out on
the Internet you might ask yourself, that's so
private.  But its not , today in Canada it is
Mental Health week, and if this touches someone
anyone, who thinks god I am like that, see
someone, it can make a world of difference.
Okay that's the end of my touch feely story, and now its back to reqular business.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

its all about the house

today is all about cleaning the house
doing some art
trying to finish off my trade I am in, its due the 14th and since
Canada mail is by pony express i don't think its going
to make it on time
reading Traci Bautista new book and loving it
having leftovers
tomorrow something you did not know about me
stay tuned

Sunday, February 05, 2012

cracked two

This was February cracked, and this is what I saw

  1. getting ready to watch the Superbowl
  2. have steak, potatoes, mushrooms and quiona salad
  3. gave in and went and got the tape, i love it
  4. was out shopping with the shopper, bought some new Nike Runners so that when I run the New York marathon next year, i will be ready, ok i wont be running the marathon but I still needed new extremely stylish runners, so people will think I am so athletic.
  5. listening to Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl
so that's it for today, what are you doing

Saturday, February 04, 2012


  1. this months crack drawing this is what i saw
  2. did not get the paper box yet, but there's still tomorrow
  3. got a refill for my copic black marker, will refill the marker 12 times, no need to ever buy another copic marker, just buy refills
  4. working on my two trades, worrying about if its good enough
  5. going out to the mother in laws for turkey dinner
  6. beautiful day out today
  7. went for a 2 mile walk with devil dog
And that is it for my Saturday, here's hoping yours was more exciting

Friday, February 03, 2012

Good Stuff for Friday

just wanted to show you a few things I found on the Internet lately
that you might be interested in.

1  Julie Balzer has on her online classes
a free online course, did i mention free,
here is the link, all her have to
do is scroll down to stencil 101,
i signed up, but we might
not hear for a few days
as she is away teaching

is it not beautiful, she found it aprothogie, i phoned my store
they have 6 in, i have one boot on and one stuck in my door.  I vowed
I wasn't going to buy stuff i really don't need, but i think i need this,
the other boot is going on, keep you informed.  By the way
if you want it, 22.00 bucks in Canada, and way cheaper in the U.S.A.

i have blog love for this woman, she draws and paints
the way i wish I could, but every month, i
can have a little piece of her art
on my computer,  you can download
a monthly calender for your background
go have a look, I love February

that's it for now Kids I have a deeply personal blog post coming up
on the 8th.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 02, 2012



i wish i was Mark  Zuckerberg's  (the creator of facebook) mother

                                 i wish my body could eat anything and not gain a pound

                                i wish there was more hours in the day to create art

                                i wish  i hadnt posted this drawing, if you cant quess what it is,
                               it started as an angel, the face turned out not angel like at all,
                               so i slapped a bird on it, and called it a day

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