Wednesday, August 31, 2011

whats on my desk wednesday and the last index card

I moved my desk outside to the deck to work on some things.  I wanted to enjoy the summer weather while it was still here.lclick on the picture to make it bigger
Painting of my junk journal
working on some postcards

The last of my index cards

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haircut day

As you can see this index card is timely, I am off today to get a haircut, meet a friend for coffee (diet coke), and then home to clean up.  It seems after I watch Hoarders which was on last night
I am always in the mood to clean up the house and throw things out (lol).

Monday, August 29, 2011

goodmail, index card and a little talk

The two postcards above came a few days ago from two talented artists.  One big one with the birds and all the color are from Janet the smaller one is also beautiful is a stiched collage done by Andria from I love both of these, and I love getting
mail so if anyone ever wants to trade just let me know.
special mail, so if anyone ever wants to trade just let me know\

Well only two more days left of index cards,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ideas Percolating

This is a page from my idea book, or its the general all things book I keep by my side and everything goes in it.  Anyway it started with the leaves, then the color, then I decided to hide the birds in it.  Now remember this is just an idea, something I will keep in the book and think about, and when i decide what it should be maybe a collage maybe a painting.  This helps me when I don't have any ideas (art wise) .

How do you get your ideas when you are stumped?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

fridge art, doodles, and index card (three for the price of 1)

The above doodle is what I call fridge art, I had a paper bag, that I was going to recyle, and I thought I would just doodle on it, and then I used water color and pan pastel, and here is my version of fridge art, it will stay on the fridge till I get sick of it and go into the recycle.

Now this lined book I always have by where I sit and use my laptop, I write good websites, or tips I want to rememeber, I am always trying out ideas, and colors, and making lists.

And this is my index card for the day, only three more to go, we dont have to post on Sunday
.  So that is it for Saturday, today we are waiting for family to come, they are taking our freezer off our hands, we dont need it anymore, just for the two of us, we wanted someone who needed one to have it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oil Country

The first index card, is a bit of map where I live.  It looks like we live in the boonies, not true
we live in a really cool city, where we have all 4 seasons and lots to do.  But we do have lots of
farming and I main revenue sorce is Oil, we have lots of it, almost or more than the
rich oil companies in arabian countries, we also have the oil sands.  Which has
been untapped.

One thing we dont have where I live is great lakes, and great fish.  We do have fish but no
lobster, shrimp etc, thats more down east and more west.  There a little lesson
on where I live.  Whats great about where you live?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 day challenge

well only 5 days left of the index challenge, mixed feelings.  I liked doing them, but I am tired of posting every day, as you can tell i have missed a few days.  my life is not exciting, so what do I talk about, the mudane that is my life.  I dont think so, but today I am going to talk about a little challenge that I am going to do for me.  I just read a blog (see sidebar) 100 days of no junk food, she went a little further and ate no processed foods, organics etc.  But I am going to start small, 30 days of no junk food (except diet coke I cannot give that up) and I am going to try not to eat processed foods, hubby is going to do it to, because if he doesnt he fends for himself.  I talk tough but really I am not.  So starting today, no pita chips, no hotdogs, no popcorn at the movies unless I make it myself, on the stove, not in the microwave etc.  So I will let you know how it goes

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well yes today is tuesday and whats on my agenda

1.  went for long walk at dog park
2.  husband out of town
3.  no to much going on here
4.  Watching movies, making art, eating what I want,
no housework being done, some deck sitting, a little napping
whats doing on your Tuesday

Sunday, August 21, 2011


YEP thats what 3months of index cards look like.
I am loving the look, I have them in an index card
holder and have them in the family room, so
everyone can thumb through them and have a look.

And todays index card is below.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 more days

only 10 more days of the 3month index challenge
I loved it, and I am so proud of myself, I did not miss one day of creating
it was really good for me, to hunker down and create, little miniature art pieces, that
is the way I looked at the challenge.  All I created was not gold, but I did it.  So now I am
up for another challenge for me to take on, I am thinking.


Friday, August 19, 2011


neck feeling better
tourture getting massages but helps
pick up new glasses today
get rid of wasp nest under porch
leftover friday for dinner
weather beautiful all weekend
ikea, bought new frame for art, scarf holder, and potatoe scrubber
what are you up to today

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have been MIA

I know I have been MIA for a couple of days, have been dealing with my neck.  You know sometimes you wake up your neck is sore.  Well mine is really sore, and my shoulder that whole muscle, so today I am off for a neck massage to see if that helps. The first index card was made with a seed catalogue, an image of hands and apple, and some coloured paper.  This one is titled "Going Green"

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

Another index card, I dont like bugs of any kind, so i decided to put one on a index card, goes with summer. Today I am on the hunt for white pens, the perfect summer drink, and some art

Started to carve it, this is the size
it ended up at

And this is what it looks like

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How I made a postcard

I started out with my painted paper, torn and pasted on a postcard
Decided it was not torn enough, so tore more off.

I then used some scrapbook paper I had, I tore it as well, so this kinda
decided my theme, birds egg a bird

The I used some really light paper, as I envisioned it flowing in the wind, only glued from the top

So far it was not going so great, I did not like the way the tracing paper looked
I decided then to draw a heart and a bird half on the tracing paper and some on the scrapbook paper

I then decided to use Pan Pastels, by this stage I hated everything about this postcard
and the next step would have been the garbage, I decided to try one more thing. The bird
looked like he had not had a good meal in days.

I took off the tracing paper, and redid the bird and the heart
in white pen, but it still looked flat

Next step, I used copic markers for the heart and part of the bird, part of the painted paper I used
getting better but still not great

So for the final step, I did some highlighting, and some shadingadded a word, I could have used a stencil, but I liketo try and use my printing

Truthfully I am not to satisfied with this finished product, but it does look better in person.
So If you like this, and would like to have it, leave me a comment,the first comment gets it.
If you don't like it,, it's okay, tell what I should have done or could have added more.
I tend to not add enough stuff maybe, I like clean lines.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Chores

 Just a page in my journal I made awhile ago,

Today was getting new glasses,
cleaning the garage with hubby
finishing up a postcard
deciding if the postcard was okay to send (always second thoughts)
taking devil dog for a walk at the dog park
having a piece of carrot cake, my wonderful neighbour made who gave me some just because
having a bbq tonight, to hot to turn the stove on, sometimes its to hot to bbq
making a salad of whatever is in the fridge
and just enjoying  beautiful Saturday
What did you do today.

My index card I made is about my camera, I have finally decided how to use it correctly and have been reading the book.  Only had it a couple of years?

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Love Fest

love that today is hot, air is on
love this icad card not because I created it, but the quote
love that the studio is almost spick and span
love that the things I call stuff I don't need ,another artist who needs it will get it
love that I am in the paper swap and my partner is from Poland
love that you read my blog
love that I have a blog, because many times I have wanted to stop
love that I have many good friends who I have met on my blog
love that I am going to Phoenix again this year with my good friends
love that you took the time to read this
What do you love , lets have a love fest

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am a garbage picker

Awhile ago while checking the mail, i spied this the buzz thing
in the garbage, so of course what does any artist do but
pick it out of the garbage, dust it off and use in her art. 

Now I am really not cross eyed, but the eyes on this portrait look like I am, in fact I don't even resemble this woman, but I keep trying. I am also making these on index cards, for the 31 days of portraits. I am keeping myself busy with arty projects this summer, still working away on my e classes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

whats on my desk wednesday and a index card

 Late posting today, I have been cleaning.  This is what my desk looked like before I started the cleaning of the studio.  I have been busy working, on  e classes, index cards, portraits.Plus nice weather .

So below is a 2fr (an index card and a portrait ) saved myself some time.  Hope you enjoy today short and sweet.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


My usual index card

I have been playing around with collage elements lately
and I did  one (below) but I am not happy with it. It looks
to nicey nice. I have done a few on index cards that I like,
so more practice needed. 
Maybe I would be good in advertising this one looks like a sale
flyer (lol)

Monday, August 08, 2011

envelope art and of course an index card

this was an envelope that I had on the table with my
art supplies, my hubby and I were talking finances
and I was writing on the back of it.  After we
finished I thought I will just do some abstract art on it,
because i had some paint markers that were almost
done, and then I saw some figures in the abstract
and here is how it ended up.

now the index card, is just a doodle that I did awhile ago

and thats it for today

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