Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just one little word: STOP

Here's mine, heard the word, knew what I wanted to do, sketched it out, watercolour and here it is. Not typical scrapbooking but my version. Hope you like it....

Monday, May 28, 2007

Love Sweet Love - Johnny Reid

One of my favouorite singers and songs...hope you like it, I love this song.

Its been a hard days night...Inspire Me thursday Journal

What is a typical day like for you? Use your journal to reflect upon your normal routine — jot down a timeline, take photos or include daily ephemera or momentos, write down thoughts about your schedule — any way you choose to illustrate a day in the life of you.

Thought alot about how to document my day, first I was going to draw each activity and then decided just to put it all down randomly, this is a day in the life of Me.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well hi!! Happy Memorial Day to all my American readers...I have had a busy weekend, doing nothing. But I well rested and ready for work tomorrow. Had a BBq tonight chicken kabobs and veges, Greek salad, etc delicious. The weather cooperated and was nice. I have been in the studio trying to create, not going to great. This little piece was a doddle of a hand and become this. I actually like it , the colours (I used watercolour pencils I happen to be addicted to these now). Bonded with hubby over the weekend and spent some time with my MOM and now its over. So talk to you tommorw..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Studio Friday-May Treat

Treat yourself to something your heart desires, maybe some chocolate or flowers or new art supplies... a nice little something (no spending of a fortune involved). Celebrate yourself !!

I received this shelf for my birthday from my husband. I wanted one for use in my studio to hold some of my stuff. I love IKEA and their shelves. Hope you like my treat...

Inspiration Thursday...Two by Two

This week, let’s challenge ourselves to be copycats. Explore the use of photocopies, image transfers, tracing patterns, repetitive images in your art. Find inspiration in duplication, replication, reproduction, imitation. Interpret the theme as you wish.

I immediately thought of this, I used art felt pens,and watercolour pencils. I had a fun time doing this.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

zebra Lines

still doing 5 minute sketching
trying to get better, dont really know if it looks like a Zebra but for 5 minutes it will have to do. Well it was back to work after a long weekend. I love long weekends but hate to get up on the tuesday for work I just make it by the skin of my teeth. Hubby is awy on business till Friday, the daughter is working tonight so it is just me, some art, tv, and the computer, I am multi tasking. Well enough for one night no news that is earth shattering, so just enjoy that Zebra and think how I could have done it better. Talk to you tommorow.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Its a Long Weekend that is now Over

No picture today...Have had a great weekend. STill got the sore throat and cough. Hubby and I did spring cleaning (mostly him he loves to clean, so hey I just let him have his fun) windows, washing drapes, moving all the furniture and vacuming behind it etc. So I am officially ready for Summer to come, also bring on some nice weather will you. I have joined a couple of new art groups I think it helps me keep up my art inspiration. If you havent noticed I added Flicr to my blog, all by myself.l Hey I am a techno person...Next some video features, music etc. STill working on it, but it will come.Well better go talk to you all tommorow.

Go one little word...

From that one concept on words, we created a place where all of us, explore the power of words. Create ART and be part of something BIG!The first word we have selected seems appropriate for the launch of this site but what does that word mean to you? Here is what the Creative Team has come up for GO!

Go has many meanings to me. Most of all it means GO and do it, find what you want, wwhat you are looking for......

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Inspire me Thursday Journal...I dreamed about

What is the last dream you remember having? As you can see from the journal entry this is what I dreamed about for a week straight. I dream every night, but that dream since that week has never come back to me...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Studio Friday - 3 Wishes

If you had a magic wand what 3 creative issues would you solve? Maybe they are space issues that you are experiencing in your studio or issues about creating itself?

My three wishes are pretty basic:
1. I want to live a creative life
2. I want to continue to be happy with the art I create
3. I would like to be healthy as I age so that I can create a long time.

Loved doing the challenge, I thought of many wishes but really I am pretty basic and these are the 3 that make me happy...

Floaters - Inspire me Thursday

This week let’s be inspired by circles. A round canvas… circular elements… round tools? Challenge yourself to put your own unique spin on this week’s topic.
Here's mine I knew right away what I wanted to do, this are flowers falling down from the sky....I know it sounds odd, but it's conceputal...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Does this look like a Tomatoe...

This is my art journal that I carry around in my purse, its really not to big. I put everything in it, ideas, sketches, things I find that I might use one day. Qutoes, sayings, things that I might make one day with instructions its a carry all for everything.
I created this on a scrap of watercolour paper I had laying around, and with watercolour pencils. First time I have used them. I think it turned out pretty good. I go to this great site, I cannot say enough good things about her art. She paints, uses pencil crayons, and water colour crayons and gives little mini lesson on using them. She gave me the courage to try them. I love the way they look and how you can blend. I am more tightly controlled you can blend all the colours and get get brights. Hope to talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who called for Parcel Pickup...

Would you let him pick up a parcel for you!!!When I started this it was something else, just a 5 minute timed drawing, didnt even have sketch pad, did it on lined paper, as it developed I totally imagined him biking around New York City at break neck speed trying to get a letter delivered. What an imagination I have (I wanted to go NY). Had a great day, still got the pesky sore throat. Just watched the series finale of my fav show Gilmore Girls and waiting for House . Hubby is out of town for a few days, the daughter is working, and I am throwing my own little happy party, sketching, laying around not doing to to you tommorow

Woman, Artist,Mother,Wife Elsie's Challenge

Here is my self portrait not the usual photograph but I was having a bad hair day...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Are you a doodler.....

Yes i admit it, I am a doodler, My favourite place to doodle is while on the telephone. I have a book beside the phone at work, not for doodling, but for writing pertinent notes, etc. But by the time the conversation is finished I have doodled all over the page. One small mark becomes something else. It helps me with practising my art...Today was back to work, still suffering from my throat and cough, but I figure I have already given it to them, last week before I knew i was getting it, so there safe now...The weather is going to be perfect this week, so I might just sit on the deck after dinner tommorow and relax and read some art to you then....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Been away...sick

I have been awol for a few days from the blog. Got the flu last week and still have not fully recovered from it. All I have is a really bad sore throat and bad cough. Which in turn gives me headache. Went to the dr. tested for strep (but does not think it is that) said I should live. So went back to the world of the living today, as I have to go to work tommorow. Decided to work on Studio Friday submission, and post a little. Other than that Mothers day has been great, family food and fun...what more do you need to have. So happy mothers to you tommorow.

Inspire me Thursday-Silence

Inspire me Thursday challenge for "Silence"..I immediately thought of this song, this is my all time favourite song by P. Simon....I may be dating myself....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No this is not a picture of me....

This is an ATC (an artist trading card)Just a little reminder to get together with your Mother on Mothers day and celebrate. I used pencil crayons, which I am not very good at yet, but going to get better, its all about the blending and shading. I found the coolest site (and she's from Winnipeg a great artist, and she gives great tips. go there and check out her site....

Monday, May 07, 2007

A night at the Museum.....

Alright I had a bad day and this guy reflects the mood I was in. I would not like to meet him in a back alley. He does not look like anyone i know. Well I glad Monday is over, I dislike Monday's i have a hard time getting going and to top it all off my stove element went out so no stove cooking today. I know this is reverting conversation, I think it is PMS this week, my husband better go into hiding......Well since no news is good news I will take off and talk to you tomorrow. By the way I found this webset that puts your pictures in a museum setting

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - Foliage

Well inspire me thursday is down and out for the count for a few days but we did get the message this week was all about foilage. So here is my interruption. I love spring, summer and fall. I created this picture just using just stamp ink, a make up sponge, and some flower stamps that I had, I love the colours and think it turned out great. So here is my stamp art version of foilage.....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Its raining men, Its raining men....

Just a little sketch tonight of some guy in the vogue book, I need to practice more on people I have trouble with noses, mouthes. Did some work on the Studio Friday theme. And I had the day off today, another vacation day at this rate I wont have any holidays left when summer finally rolls around here. It is raining today which is good for the grass, to get it nice and green....well gotto go talk to you tommorow...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

may 1, photo a day for Month of May

I am doing a mini challenge of taking a photo a day (of may life). This is the first one, you wont see them all but I will post a few. This is what I was doing tonight, having a diet coke (my favourite beverage) sketching in my book, and thinking about how to collage those tags, all while watching TV. I am a multi tasker (ha ha).

is another peek at another part of the studio...

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