Friday, June 30, 2006

The long weekend is here.....

Well it's Friday night, and I have 3 days off, I am doing my happy dance right now. I didnt do to much when I got home from work, just lazed around with the hubby and went to my favourite Dollarama and totally got the greatest items, I will take a picture tommorw. Well I have decided on my next project and as usual am iching to get going, so I might tommorw, today at lunch I browsed at my favourite paper store and picked some up to start the project, more tomorrow. The weekend weather is going to be great, so I am in a good mood. Well I am off to bed talk to you tommorrow.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ikea is the place for me....

I am thinking of buying this from Ikea not in white, I think it comes in a dark mohagany (spelled wrong) I have the perfect place for it in the studio, I am going to measure on the weekend to see if it will fit in . I have re-read over some of my blogs and come to the conclusion I better get a dictionary, twhats a girl to do with no spell check!!!! I am going to start on my travel journal tommorw night, I was going to take a picture of what it looks like now and when I am finished only I cant find where I put it, that is what happens when you clean up. Now if I had just left the mess, I would have found it. I am looking forward to the long weekend not doing to much just hanging around, the weather for a change for a long weekend looks great. Well gotta go talk to you tommorw.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"L" is the letter of the day because.....

I have no other exciting pictures today to post, because L is my first initial, L mean Love, L means alot of exciting things. Well my daughter talked me into entering the Teapot in the contest, I took it after work, they did not laugh me out of the store, so I suppose it went over alright. My daughter did not understand, that 1. that is my favourite store, 2. I want to keep going there. 3. They have never seen anything I have done, so I was this mysterious scrapbooker who could have been great or really bad, but they did not know.
Now they know, I scrap out of the book, not tradionally, I could do traditional but I feel it's not me. Well now that the Teapot is done, I going to work on a travel book, for my upcoming trip with hubby to go and pick up my mother. Not going to start anything big until I get home, I have an idea on the backburner that I am going to finalize and think about. Today was an awesome day not only in the weather, but today we all went out to celebrate some employees milestones in there working career, and to boot we had a steak bbq. It was great, but I have one bitch, men honestly, it was a buffet, they took 2 or 3 steaks at a time, I was thinking there probably would not be enough for everyone, why was I worrying, but I did the ordering and the planning of the event, and I know how much I ordered. But some people were not there, so we got through. Oh well, heres to another year. Well must go its early tonight that I am posting, I am going to grab a cooler out of the fridge and sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather. Hubby is workng late, the daughter is out with the boyfriend, the end of school today, grade 12!!! Well talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have the teapot blues.....

You know when you have a vision of what something suppose to look like, and when you finish it, it looks nothing like your vision, well meet the teapot. I not very happy with the finished project, I am thinking it's going into the mistake file. I feel it looks like a kid did it, and never would I ever enter that piece in a contest. Oh well I will move forward and never look at that piece again. Well very hot today and we had pizza for dinner, I wasnt cooking in this heat. The pizza is not good for my health or my weight but I managed to contain myself and have only 1 piece. Well its getting late and I have ironing to do, so talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lifelong Friends....

I was thinking about my mother today, and she is coming to live in the same city as me. She is 78 and not getting any younger (note the pun) the picture posted is of her and her bestfriends (sisters. They lived across the street from each other and have been livelong friends since second grade. They remained friends until their death/ There death hit my mother hard as it has a way of saying dont get to comforable it can happen any time to anyone. My mother has experienced alot of death in her life, my dad at 55, my sister at 55, all her friends but she still is able to laugh and joke. I admire my mother's ability to get on with it, after the death of my sister, two weeks later she had a heart attack, but she now recovered and ready for her new adventure to move closer to me. I am excited for her to come as she has not lived in the same city has me since I was 19 years old. It will seem odd just to be able to go for a visit. On the craft front, the teapot project is slated to finished by the end of this week. I will post the completed project. I have been trying various paint techniques to use in the title but not to happy with any of them. Well must go its Monday and I am tired as usual and my favorite show is on House. I love that show, it quick witted and terribly funny in a sick kind of way, if you havent seen it before tune in you will become quickly addicted. Well talk to you tommorw.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Glueing it down the final committment....

Yes, when you commit to glueing it down, that means no more changes, then the indecision goes through you body for hours, could i have done it better, should I have moved it, should I have done something else. Well I done it now ,I have to move on and finish it, if your thinking there is alot of white space you are right. Well the Title of the piece still has to play a promient role "The Art of the Teapot". Plus the steps that are involved in the design process. Plus the word tea in Japanese. So It should not have to much white space left. The Plan is to get it done by Tuesday night. Well today was a perfect day, the weather was great, spent it with my daughter doing errands and such, not many days she want to hang around with me. My daugher and hubby went to the football game and I had piece and quiet in the studio. My idea of heaven. Well got to hit the hay I am walking with friends at 9:00 am. Talk to you tommorw.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Step 2 of the Teapot Project.....

Well this is step two of the project, I know you probably thinking it looks kinda crappy and this time you would be right, but dont judge it to harshly, it's still in the planning stage, no embellishments, not finished, nothing set in stone yet. Lots more to do on it. Well as you can see by the time, its late and why and I still up and not getting my much needed beauty rest. I got home late shopping with my daughter, and dinner at the Spagetti Factory. So tomorrow I am going to help my friend with an envelope to hold a map, that she is making for a gift opening ceromony. So of course I will take pictures of our handy work and post for you to enjoy (ha ha) hope it turns out. Well the bed seems to be calling my name and my eyes are getting tired as well as these trusty fingers. Talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Art of the Teapot.....

Yes this is going to be the title of the 12x12 layout I am creating for the scrapbooking contest, it will be all about the art of the teapot, step by step, and then the final product. It sounds pretty bad even to me, but trust my vision. So Step 1 -is a drawing or sketch of the main focus of the page, Step 2- (which I forgot to get a picture of, is cutting the teapot out into sections. Step 3 - Choosing the anchor page, Ste 4- Choosing the colour pallete for the teapot areas. Step 5- Adhering the paper to the sketch sections. That is where I am now. Still lots to do, but I have time. Well today was a mix of cloud, rain and sun. Its suppose to be thundering tonight, nothing better than a thunder shower. I am really excited about the teapot piece, I first invisioned it as an art piece for the wall, but I even think this could be an art piece. We will just have to wait and see, how it turns out. I have been thinking about taking a couple of my pieces to a store near here and ask them to sell them. Could be a couple of drawbacks to that plan, 1 - is i dont think I could do it, 2 - what if they thought my work stunk and I think its good. So maybe I'll go in and ask, if I could email them pictures of my work, and they could then either dismiss it or ask to see the real thing. Then I would not have to see them face to face, unless they liked my work. Yes I am a crazy person, I guess I dont really like rejection. Well gotta to go talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Summer in the City.....

Yes, its that time Summer is here..... I went and took this picture at the fountain near our house, its the closest you can get to water around here. I actually went and took some pictures of the fountain for a photo contest I am entering. I have not blogged in a few days, I was visiting my friendly dentist and got some work done, so needless to say I did not want to talk to anyone even blogging. Well the purple project (the contest) is my next project, so gonna start work on that tomorrow night, I am calling it the Teapot project (dont you just love all this goof ball names) I have drawn a tea pot and cut it out by hand, going to cover it with patterned paper, etc. I decided I am going to post step by step, so you can all see it. Well gotta go, it's a beautiful night out and I am going to spend some quality time on my deck. Talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well it's the end of the another weekend.....

This picture was painted by my 17 year old daughter, I am very proud of her and her developing talent as an artist. Her goal is to go to Art School and make it in the fashion business. Well this weekend was great, did not do to much art, clean up for sure, in the house and the studio, organzing projects and papers, etc. It's looks so good its hard to mess it up. We had a great fathers day, hubby loved his suitcase from my daughter, and the card. We took him out for brunch to Moxies and generally just bonded. Well got to go make my lunch for work ,talk to you tomorrow.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Friday or not.....

Okay I wasn't going to post the Paris Project..... because I am not happy with it, the project did not come together quickly, when that happens you know it all downhill from there. Oh well, I tried and failed, and it did not cost me anything and I learned a few things along the well, so all ends well. Now I move forward on to the next project, I don't like to have a zillion projects on the go and none finished. Saturday, all day long will be in the studio finishing up hopefully some of those oustanding things and a little cleanup is required. Tomorrow night the hockey game and family coming over to watch, its Pizza night, no I am not making it, so I can relax and watch to, (even though hockey is not my thing) . Well gotta to go if you have any ideas on how to improve that Pairs project I would be glad to hear. Talk to you tommorw.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A new baby........

Just came back from a baby shower, I have not been to one of those for ages, most of my friends are way past child bearing. This is a gal that works in the area where I work, and I was so happy that she had a baby and a girl. She got some great gifts, and the baby was such an angel she did not cry once. She's probably in for it tonight. Well thank goodness it is almost Friday. I just need to chill out and complete some projects this weekend. I got the fathers day finished tonight when I came home, and tomorrow night am working on the Paris project, I hope to post the completed piece on Saturday. Well i need to go empty the dishwasher as nobody in this house knows how apparently. Talk to you tommorw.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And the winner is......

I am entering a contest, was at my favourite scrap store today and was intrigued by this contest, you bought the paper they had pre-selected you create a design (or scrap page out of e only these papers, but you can use any embellisments you want. I dont usually enter these kind of contests, because I dont like to feel the pressure of a finish date. But it is in July so I thought why the heck not. I don't have any idea for this yet, but will keep you posted. Today was humid here, which happens rarely, a bit of rain and thunder. I think the first thunder of the spring/summer. Hubby is away on business, So needless to say, not much being done around here today and tomorrow. Heres a little contest how about you readers out in blog land play along, name 5 things in your purse right now:

Heres my list: Wallet, lipstick(never goes on the lips i forget it there) cell phone,little black book from dollar store used for ideas for art projects etc,Scrapbook sticker cards. Now lets here what you have, just post your comments, I look forward to hearing from you. Talk to you tomorrow,

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Projects ,,,,Projects

Yes that is right I am stressing out over all the projects that I have yet to finish, and these are just for me. I could not imagine having to do things on a time limit. I have these projects left to finish: The father days chipboard book, for Sunday, I just have the pictures and then my daughter is going to add the Dadism's, things that he always say's that bug her. Its a joke between them. I have the Paris picture, I have a teapot project on the go, I have to make a birthday card for a friend, and on and on..... But as all you know a womans work is never done, what with my full time job, cooking etc, I get to the stuio late at night.

I had a great time making this little chipboard book, it went quickly together. The front and the back are the pictures. Well gotta go talk to you tommorw .

Monday, June 12, 2006

We are family.......

Yes that right, my daughter just completed her pen and ink drawing for Art 30. I think it is fabulous and wanted you all to see it. Grade 12 is just about over, and final assignments and studying for finals, this was one of the final projects to complete the course. If I were her teacher I would give her a great mark (but after all i am the mother and a bit bias). Just got back from Michaels had a coupon and had to use it before it burnt a hole in my purse. Paper and adhesive today, have another for Saturday, I going to buy some stamps. Still working on my Paris project that what I am calling my yellow design. I have put things on and taken them off so many times, I am getting dizy and just a little sick of the project. So this week I am going to finish it, i am going to go in a different direction make it more like a old french playbill for the Follies, need to do a little research first. Well must hit the road, the iron is calling to me. Talk to you tommorw.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

You know its a bad blog day when......

All you have to post a picture of is fruit salad. The day today was cloudy and rainy. I did not get anything accomplished today, nothing. I had family over for my mother inlaws birthday but that was it. So its going to be short and sweet tonight, talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Score one for me......

<Today was shopping day with my daughter. She came home with nothing, but I came home with the above items. You probably wondering what is she going to do with those things. First let's just say, I got them all on sale...... at Winners.
The little suitcase I am going to store pictures that have yet to be put into my picture filing system(sounds pretty important) its not. The case with the small binders will be mini albums, the stickers I can use anywhere. Well hubby has gone over to a buddy's house to watch the game, so i am doing what, not watching the hockey game, I know I am Canadian and not interested in hockey, but that's just the way it is... Did not post last night, got home from tired, and grumpy, watched some TV and had an early night. Well enough of this for now, come on back tommorw and let's see if I can find something interesting to say..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

You got a friend.....

This picture which is not mine (Friedrich Seidnestucker) says it all, everybody needs a friend. I have 3 good freinds, we will do anything for each other. There always there when you need them. Each one of them is completly different but we all get along. We all went to the Olive Garden tonight and had a blast.We have been friends for about 27 years.Were all pretty close in age. Well not much to say tonight went to the Scrapbook store on the way home bought some paper for the card project. Talk to you tommorrow.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Poker Anyone....

Your probably wondering, how does she play cards with those? I dont. I totally scored at the Dollar Giant today, i was checking out the crafts after work, and found these cards, I have been looking for them for ages. What do you think I am going to do with them? Good question, I am going to a baby shower, next Thursday for a girl at work, and one of the presents will be the cards, of course they wont look the same. Here's the plan, first card, title Page, baby's name etc, on the back of the card details of the birth, weight ,height,name etc. Then will follow 12 cards, one for each month of the year. I have one picture of her at 1 month old, so that will be the first card you see, on the back will be a paper with weight, height, etc, for each month, and each month she takes a picture and puts it on the front, she then has a record of the baby for 12 months, my version of a baby book. The cards will be hole punched with eyelets and attached to a rattle, and inside the case, which will also be done. I will take pictures of the finished product. I am excited to get started. Well hubby is watching the game and cheering for the oilers, my daughter is downstairs studying for finals (Grade 12) and I am off to get a little ironing done. I am off to the Olive Garden with my three bestfriends for a little RR tomorrow night, but will post after that. And on a final note, Happy Birthday Vicky, today is sisters birthday. She lives in a completly different provice, but she reads my blog, and we talk on the phone at least 3 times a week. Well gotta go, talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Mail......

Happy Tuesday it's almost the middle of the week.... Today I got some great mail, the book that I ordered "decorative journals by Donna Downey came I can hardly wait to get into bed and read it. I have her other book Creative Albums, amazing. I have a link to her site, she also has amazing wit and a great way with words My other favourite with a link is Cathy Zieiske, I also have her book, Clean and Simple Lines 1 and 2, I love the look of clean design, that is what I strive for when doing any art or scrapbooking project, I like the uncluttered look in my home as well. I was thinking today I havent said to much about me, to let you know the person I really am. I will share a few snippets about me ,(so you can probably stop reading now totally boring).
I was born in Ottawa, Canada(The capital of Canada)
Father was in Airforce and we travelled around the world
Lived in England for 1 year
Lived in France for 3 years

That's enough of that for now, gotta go, talk to you tommorw, i wish some of you who are not my friends would talk to me, i would love to hear from you.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Too much stuff..who me, never

Well tonight was organize the studio night, I have posted a picture of one of my drawers, and some other of my studio, its organized chaos but I like it that way, I am working on a couple of art pieces, one I have a posted a picture of it, it is a work in progress. My style, is to walk by and put different emblishments on it, then walk by and delte some, this can go on for days, so this is just the start of the process you see here. Well I was working in the studio, hubby was watching the hockey game.The art piece looks washed out on the screen but it is very vibrant in person, i am goind for the Provence look, yellows, blues etc. In one of the pictures you see a black handing hook thing, I got that at IKEA (My favourite store for like 6:00 i think). Well got to go make my lunch for work, Talk to you tomorrow.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

These shoes were made for walking....

And that just what they did, they walked today, they havent walked in while so lets just say, I dont know if I will be able to walk tomorrow. My Dr. says more exercise is required, so I thought about it and started walking, today I walked with 2 of my friend 2 miles and when you walk with friends it doesnt seem like forever. Now you can also see that i posted 2 art envelopes and 1 art card, i make art cards for myself, you can trade them, but I have seen some of the others and mine dont quite make it yet, but the more I do the better I get. I just showed you a couple of examples, I like to make envelopes to store them in. Well I must go and make my lunch for tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend, it was pure sunshine here all weekend, talk to you soon. (and hey if you want to make a comment just so i dont think i am just writing for myself go right ahead good or bad I can take it)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's all about me.....

Yes that's right it's all about me! I had this metal box lying around I think it came from work years ago when they used metal boxes, now it's all about plastic. I decided that I would make a collage out of the metal box and use for something usefull, so that is exactly what I did, I keep it in my studio, and I make art cards with envelopes and I keep them in there! It's all about things I want to do, or do, or love. Well tonight we are having our newphews over for dinner, hubby went and got the movie Capote, I might be in the studio doesn't sound like something I want to see. Talk to you tomorrow.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Those hot summer days

Do you know who invented flip flops, I would like to thank that person, these are summer shoes. If you live in the climate I live in, socks, shoes, boots, its nice just to put on a pair of flip flops. Today is perfect, its nice and hot, just got home from work, put my shorts and flip flops on, got a cool drink from the fridge, and am ready to chill outdoors on the patio, reading a new scrapbook magazine. I missed posting last night, because the family went out to dinner (for chicken) and then by the time I got home, it was housework, now I dont have to do to much this weekend, but hang out in my studio or on the deck. Hope you all have a great Friday night and talk to you tommorw. (new project in the works, collage more about it tommorw.)

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