Saturday, April 30, 2011

I left my heart in San Fransisco

Just click on the pictures it makes them bigger

The parrot page I inserted and made two of them, and I also spelled Mission wrong, which will be fixed

This page was in a magazine originally a new yorker add, I cut
it out added the words, and I am going to put my daughter and I
picture in this spot.

Just thought you would enjoy looking inside some of my pages in my travel journal.  Its not finished yet, lots still to be added, more journal ling, pictures, ephemera I collected etc.  Be back to regular blogging on Sunday

Friday, April 08, 2011

Doodling the night away and a blog break

Yep that's right I am going to take a little blog vacation, and wont be back in the saddle again until April 30 with a full report of my vacation, what \i bought what I did etc.  Until then I will be checking on your blogs until I leave, I need to clear my head, do some things around here, try and stay off the computer and get them done.  So don't forget about me.  And I will talk to you later


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

mish mash wednesday

Just was reading Yahoo news and saw that Mari ah Carey shared her twin belly for all the world to see.  Okay now when I was pregnant many eons ago, how come my belly did not seem to glow like her did, though I only had 1 baby in there. I would not have showed the world my belly, which chose to hang down not like here upright and just cheery looking.  Maybe the stars get the special baby belly (lol). . Ok enough rating about bellies, nobody is seeing this middle age belly ever and that is just the way it is

Well what have I been up to, lets see.

Making a FRESH fruit salad because finally it feels like spring
Made some muffins with applesauce and cranberries (low fat) that felt like hockey pucks and were so little that you needed a magnifying glass to see them
Been taking long walks with devil dog, where both her and I come home needing a bath from all the water that is melting from the snow
Had lunch with a friend
Having dinner with the shopper tonight at my house, making turkey burgers and salad
Getting ready for the trip packing, as the shopper says we are not leaving for awhile why are you packing, my answer you pack you take out, you pack you take out.  That's what I do, I over pack, then I edit, then when I am there I wish I would have left the clothes in the suitcase
Spring cleaning
Trying to work on the project that Janet and I are doing from the book by Pam Carriker, but having trouble.
Just enjoying my life

What are you up to

Monday, April 04, 2011

To be Goth or not to be

I always feel that everything I do is safe
I like the way some artists are when they do work it has that grunge appeal to me
I think I must be secretly longing to be a goth type person, I do wear alot of black
Even in this one, I didnt make it all moody by using darker colours, but I wanted to make it have that grungy effect, I dont think I got there yet
Maybe I am to cheery to try to be dark and moody in my art  

Sunday, April 03, 2011

A tale of a travel journal

Did you know that I am off to San Fran on April 24 with the shopper.  So I decided I needed to make a travel journal.  I like to get things ready ahead of time.  So when I am there I can collect and add etc.
So I have used this size before and found it suits me fine, not to big, big enough to fit in the purse.  Cream pages that I glued 2 or 3 together.  It costs only 1 dollar at the dollar store.  I glued a favourite piece of paper to the front and the back I covered with  tape. So here is a sneak peek into some of the pages that I have created.  So far these pages have been out of magazines only.  So just so you know if you don't have anything but a pencil and a magazine you can create. I did this while watching TV last night with the hubby

 Sorry I did that have a sign  that said Lombart, I have not showed
you that page but I have been to San Fran before, so I drew the
street, with houses and everything, so just need text dont know if I am going
to walk down it or drive, and I also will take a picture.  I will of course be
taking my camera and then adding photos to the journal as well.  We are only going for
6 days.


 This two page spread above is the inside cover of the book
where I am going to put my address and stuff
and a little envelope I have to put little stuff in.

I always need a page to tell the weather, so you can look back and say this is what it was like when I was there.  I am going to clip out of the newspaper when I get the weather and glue it in my book

I loved this picture above when I found it, so I had some words from my magazine "Stay Connected"
and I ripped up an ad I had in the mail that had that green and flower and made a collage.  That
is all I did and I think it looks very cool.

This is just a little page of some of the places I want to go and there addresses, I did not show you the other page..  I find when i am travelling you need to know addresses.

So here is a little peak at my Travel Journal, I am going to add a few stamps, numbers etc.  and of course pick up stuff when I am there.  Hope you enjoyed this peek.

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