Sunday, July 30, 2006

End of the weekend....

Well this is the last picture of my mother and her place I am going to post, first I think you all have heard enough about my mother, you are gonna begin to look I have a mother fixation. Well this is a picture of her place the living area, and that is all your going to see. She is happy there and that is it... Well today is raining and is kinda of a gloomy day kinda of the way I feel today. I have started a scrapbooking piece (the dress, the store the girl) tenative title. I am sketching the dress now and getting all the pieces together, you might see a little of it tomorrow. Well It's early and i have the usual sunday laundry to do, so talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I got the moving day blues....

Yes that is right, we moved mother today into her new place, I have posted a picture of some of it, she loves it and I am very happy about it . So I feel now that I have her settled and now I go on with my life . I have to get cleaning this house, all went on stop the past week getting her ready for the move. So tomorrow i am cleaning in the AM and I told her I would come after lunch and see what is left to do, a few pictures and I think that is it. Well I must go i am tired and I need some beauty sleep. Talk to you tommorow.

Friday, July 28, 2006

everyday ramblings 2

So its Friday!!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend. First lets talk about my art picture, its about hubby tonight, to know him is to love him, he is very clean,and my studio bugs him because it is off limits to him (no cleaning in there only by me and when I say) so he walks by and always says are you going to clean that tonight. Well we moved most of Moms stuff last night, and Saturday we have about 1/2 a load so its just really putting things up and together. She got new rug, all painted, new toliet (the higher ones for the Seniors). She is really excited and so am I, everyone in the bldg seems really nice and friendly, I think she will fit in really nicely. I am going to take some pictures of her place, I know you can all hardly wait to see it. Well I am off to empty the dishwasher. Talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

revisiting Tour de France

Reposted my picture, I added some journalling, and some ribbon and that's all there is. Did not post last night, as my many readers know. Went out to the Red Lobster with Mom and a friend. We had a great time, and the food of course was great. I love that place. A little pricey both worth every penny. Tommorw night (thursday, we are moving some of my moms things to her new place, pray it does not rain). The daughter is off on her trip with her friend, and already I miss her. I bought this little tin the other day $2.00, it looks just like the one they keep bandages in. I thought I could fix it up, and put some of ATC (artist trading cards) in there, a good little storage container and decorative.
Well it looks like we are in for a bang up storm so better get some stuff put away outside, hopefully will talk to you tommorw.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tour de France 1954

Hi, well here is the project it is not quite completed I still have some journalling and some embellishments. Are you wondering why I called it the Tour de France, well here is a little known fact, my family lived in France for 3 years. I was about 1 and my sister we about 3.l The pictures are of us on trips with our Volkswagon which we bought over there, and Xmas in France. They bring back some happy memories for me and I needed to scrapbook them. Well tonight we got my daughter all ready for her trip. Well she got herself ready and I just hung around. So she is off tommorw for 12 days. I know she will be in good hands, some of that time she will be staying with my brother inlaw and newphew. Well i quess that is about it for tonight note the time and I get up at 6:00 for work. Talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

BBQ Chicken anyone......

Its another 35 degrees today and its hot.....for a cold climate most of the year we should be enjoying this weather. Today was all about keeping cool and hydrated, we did venture out to the market (local) that is by my house and got some small potatoes to go with the chicken. That chicken was delicious and garden carrotts. Now is that not interesting knowing what I ate for the dinner. I must do more to have a more riveting conversation, things should pick up I am off to work tomorrow. I have been a night owl these past two weeks, I have been staying up past 2:00 just doing nothing, I like the stillness of the house at night, when everyone is asleep and I can read, watch tv , clean up etc. No i am not a nutcase.... Well lets hope tomorrow the blog will read a bit better, so talk to you tomorrow...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh those lazy hazy days of summer.....

This picture is of my deck, white house with blue trim, white deck, west facing backyard , hotter than .... So today reached 33 I think, it was like Vegas here, that dry intense heat, we went out on the deck this morning to read the paper, Mom to have her coffee and it was already hot at 11:00. We did go out a little, I drove past my mothers building, showed her the bus routes etc. We went to the Casino which is just down the road. I lost 20 and she lot 30 then we left. Had a bbq sometimes it even to hot to bbq and here I am. This is exciting isnt it. I did go to walmart to get some pictures of the family reprinted (when we lived in France ) for my art piece. Well tonight I am working on the piece so you might get a glimpse tommorw. Well its early as you can see, but I am not going to go to bed early. You talk to you tomorrow.

Holiday Time just about over...

Yes, that right back to work on Monday, have I enjoyed these two weeks off, the answer is yes. Would I have liked to go somewhere other than Vancouver and home and lay on a beach and not do one think the answer would be yes. But I am happy with what we did do and everyone I got to visit. Am I happy about going back to work, that answer would be no, but a girl has to work for that pay.
Today was hotter than.... and all the weekend is suppose to be . Alright I do have an air conditioned house and I must say I am I love with that Trane on these hot days. I always thought we dont need one, but thank god hubby wasnt listening. Tomorrow hubby is going with a friend to Nascar races, his friend had tickets, now he is really not much of a car nut, but you gotta go once in your life and see it. We (Mother and I are going to just hang out and enjoy the day). Well as you can see it's late again and I need some shut eye and really how interesting is this blog today. So stop reading and I will talk to you tomorrow. Side note that picture was taken in BC I am not sure what mountain that is, but I liked it because the haze was blocking the top it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paris under construction.....

This is what i am calling the Paris Project, looks not so great right now, but have faith, still lots to do. Its kinda going to an art gallery theme, with my pictures hanging, i have vision (where have you heard that before).

I also took a picture of my studio working surface lets just say I am not a neat freak when working, it does get clean when I finish working on the piece. Organized chaos. Well still on vacation, still nice weather and just hanging out and enjoying the weather. Hope you are all having great summer weather and you know you can leave comments, I would email you back. Well gotta go talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Those lazy crazy days of summer....

Today i was lazy, still on vacation, weather is great. I bought this magazine today, that dress form totaly inspired me. I wanted to rush right home and make it. Small problem, no dress form to start with at this house. So am on the move to find a dress form, gonna be looking everywhere. I did clean the house today it needed it, took my time and it all went great, clean house for the weekend.
I did buy this little item at Winners it was on sale, I go in and look at the sale stuff, it is sitting on my kitchen table and looks great. My mother says it needs something in it, but I think it looks fine just as it is. Well it is just about midnight and I guess I best get some sleep, I have been burning the midnight oil on holidays, it is going to kill me to get up at 6:00 on Monday. Talk to you tomorrow....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Do I really look like this....

Today was all about my mother, she went and signed papers for her new place, which she moves into on July 29, 2006,l she is really excited so am I. They just painted it, and she gets new carpet. So we are going shopping tommorw for some new knick knacks her favourite. Tonight was all about me and my art, I was getting antsy not having done anything since I got home from my holidays, so I am crating a visual journal, and here is the first picture, It will be about feelings, or things that prompt me to have an idea, people who really ????? me off,loving feelings, its all about what I feel in pictures and words, someof them you wont see, some you will see. The first one, is done with watercolour, coloured pencils, black felt pens, Some pictures will be full of embellishments what ever I feel like doing. So this is me, this is some of my art, not all of you will like it, or think it is any good. But you know this is for me. Talk to you tommorw...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Old is new....

Hi, well its Saturday and I had a terrific day (since I know I am still on vacation) slept in, shopped, barbequed and cleaned up the studio. I went today and picked up my project (the teapot) from the store, I did not win, but the winning entry totatly deserved it. The picture is a car that my multi-talent brother inlaw has in his shop, for painting, this is without the paint, when done I will post the completed job, it will look great. My daughter is going to Vancouver for about 12 days, first time without mom and dad, she is visiting with my brother inlaw, and then her friend Jasens parents, and then going to Oregan for a few days. I am kinda of nervous but it's time she is at the age and graduated to get out on her own. Well tomorrow the weather is suppose to be good so I will talk to you tomorrow.l

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hanging out...

Just hanging out still on vacation for another week, which I am stoked about. One of my pals just called and wanted to go walking on Sunday, first I said no,(yes i am lazy) but in the end said yes, need the excerise. Today we went around to all the government agencys and signed my mother up for a change of address and that was it. I did not even go down to the studio want to but decided unless full effort is put forth leave it until Saturday, which I am going to do. Have to get back into my routine, summer is hard because it's nice just to be out and about, not done in the studio. But that is my passion so this summer feeling wont last long. Tne picture posted is my mothers place in Vancouver, the movers were moving her out. Well talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moose on the loose......

I'm back, I had a great time. While driving home from moving my mother we ran into this little guy on the side of the road just having dinner, had to take a photo, actually saw lots of moose, and deer no bears. Well my mother is now living in the same city with me. Actually living with me, till she gets her place. We have her name on a list, so dont know how long it will take, dont care, just glad she is actually in the same city as me, and I dont have that to worry about anymore. Did lots of thinking and planning and sketching well I was away and got some great ideas for my art projects. Can hardly wait to start the flower project, I might start tonight, havent really done any art for over a week, so need to get my creative juices a flowing. Got my car fixed by my brilliant brother in-law and newphew and saved myself a ton of money. Visited with them and my newphews girlfriend and her awesome little boy. I wish they all lived in the same city as me, but I will be going back lots, after all it is my favourite city in Canada.
More pictures to post, one more for tonight, was in Kelowna for a couple of days and here is one from the pier, if you never have been there, go, its beautiful just as nice as any beach city in States and less hectic. Well gotta go do some holiday lundry and relax. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Friday, July 07, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Do you know what these do!!! They are really a couple of my fabourite things, they make stickers, so heres how it works, you put in say something you have made like a quote , you roll up and it comes out with glue on the otherside and you just put in on your project. I love them, I am saving up for one that does the whole page, these are pricy little items, that I only bought when they went on sale and I have a coupon, because the sticker replacement parts are also pricy, but they are very handy. Well its an early blog and short one tonight, need to get early shut eye for the trip. Will post from the road if i can, So talk to you hopefully tommorw.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My baby was sick.....

My baby is my Honda, I had to take it in today because I just got the brakes done about a month ago, and they seemed to be shimming (I dont even know if that is a word) but they seemed to know what I was talking about at my car place. Any way I dropped it off this morning and they said they need to machine the rotters (whatever they are) they did and did not charge me, yeah. Now the brakes work just fine, just like the day I picked her new. I have never had a new car before, hubby has, but not me, so it was my turn. So In Jan of 2004 I picker her up, two weeks later well parked at a mall, someone pushed a shopping cart into my door and gave me a bump, of course nobody stayed around and owned up to it, I then proceeded to have an accident, my fault, got that fixed, then well checking out colleges for my daughter someone with a trailer hitch on their truck backed into me and of course did not stay around to tell me. Well that still needs to be fixed which I am getting fixed next week by my brother inlaw. Its handy to have someone in the business. So these past two days have not been doing much in the studio, i have selected the paper and I have sketched the layout which i want to accomplish. Its quite the process I dont know how anyone could do it in a hurry. So am going to be away a few days starting Saturday but will post hopefully with some wonderful pictures for to share with you. So until tommorw night, good night.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Devil wears Prada....

Its a hot summer night here, and whats better than to go to a movie, I just went and saw the Devil Wears Prada and I loved it, it's a laugh out loud movie, it's a bit of fluff and that's what I needed tonight. It's not my normal dark kind of movie, but the daughter and I bonded and went together, the hubby was definitely a no go. The other thing I like to do is have a Tim horton Ice Cap, love them, hate coffee, but love them, no coffee taste, it's not something I would drink daily (to many calories for this girl) but it's a treat when your driving home with the windows down, Jewel on the CD and just enjoying life. God I am poetic tonight, had a rough day at work, really busy and was just happy to do something for me.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Canada Day 1 day late

Well i missed posting yesterday, was busy celebrating Canada Day, went over to friends and had dinner, chatted, had a few coolers, watched football, had a great time. Well I went to the Dollarama and bought myself a new notebook, to become my travel journal, as you can see by the pictures it pretty plain, but after a few stickers, some paper, it getting a little better.
Now you probably wondering what is she going to do with it, well I plan on taking it on the forthcoming trip, I am going to do some sketching, I am going to write stuff that maybe I want to go on the blog so I wont forget, funny things that happen along the way etc. when I get back I will share what I have done. This is the first time I have done this, so we will see if it is a waste of time or not.
Well should go and talk to you tommorw.

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