Saturday, April 28, 2012

A deal's a deal

Sketched last night while watching Hockey, All I used was a pen that was not waterproof and my water brush.  Then decided she needed some colour, and added just a little bit of watercolour. I don't really like hockey but hubby does, so I sketch he watches.  You gotta do what you gotta do.
Well yesterday and today Michael's has a 50% off coupon, and I of course cannot resist, even If i go in there and there is nothing I want, I still had to use the coupon.  That's how they get us suckers in there. But today I am resisting and not going there.  Today i am making cupcakes with the shopper, she is going to a birthday party and she has to bring cupcakes, I will try to resist sampling the icing, but I love icing.  Other than that its a free day to go out and explore, what do you do on a Saturday?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Its not the Olympic trials

I know I said no more swim posts, but I had this one in my sketchbook and could not resist.  I did nothing to there faces, i could have made them better, and then painted them, but it was just an idea, so I got it down and I am happy.
I have been busy sketching flowers in my sketchbook and painting them with watercolour.  You will see a month  of art filled flowers, hope you wont get sick of them, probably wont be a month, i will be sick of them.  I am already and i have only sketched 10 .  Why because I joined a challenge for a month of may flowers, oh my god why do i do these things?   It sounds good at the time, but then when its time to do it I always get that buyers regret.  So I thought I would get started early and see how many I could do.   
I will post the link tomorrow just in case you want to join up.  What is your favourite thing to draw, mine you guessed it must be birds, what do  you wish you could draw better, mine is people.  While better go talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i did this little guy with a black watercolour brush and white-out in two minutes, and it looks like it.  I was doing these sketching exercises where i give myself a time to do a sketch without pencil or pen, with another medium like a watercolour brush.  So two minutes of art this was the best one, and that's not saying much.
Here is a question for you, when you join an on-line class, do you participate in class say Flickr group, or there chat.  I must admit I do not, its not because I think I am better it's just like i feel like they all know each other and then you just join in, and your that person who was in school the last to be picked.  Okay that's me and my insecurities showing through.  I can talk a mile a minute here, but get me somewhere on-line, no chatter from this girl.  I can chatter quite well, on the street, anywhere, even if I don't know you but on line, i feel awkward.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is that all there is?

Sometimes in my art i like to use an element more than once on a page, so what I do is go into
Photo shop elements, crop the image I want and  make a copy until I have as many as I want.  Now this is probably not the fastest way to do this, but its the way I know.  Now this image might look good in a journal page, or as collage fodder.  That's all i got today, some lame tip that everyone knows.
Today devil dog is off to doggy daycare, for friend bonding, i am off to help out the mother in law, and then out for dinner with a friend.  My lack of anything exciting to say stems from not doing to much.  Lets hope I have more to say next time.  Here is the question of the day, if you have nothing to say, is it better not to blog, or blog?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am loving .....

i need a vacation
Don't we all

today I am loving
that it is sunny 
that i can wear flip flops
that i don't need a coat
that i am having a easy dinner in the crock pot
that i finally have an idea what to do for flutterbye postcard swap
that i am going to meet up with a friend and go for a long walk
that i get to watch Game of Thrones on TV (i am addicted)
what are you loving today?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life is a mystery.....

Hi, how are you all doing? Well its a beautiful day here in wonderland , the sun is shining, you can go without socks, any day you can go without socks is wonderful.  And guess what I lost 25lbs as of  today.  Yep that right, I have been counting my calories, and watching what I eat , and then the walking and now the swimming, and before you know it, I will have the Victoria Secret body minus the boobs (lol).  No not quite, but I wanted to lose weight for me, that's the only way it works.  When you blog your faceless, I could tell you all that i am a doctor and you would not know the difference.  So when you hear my name, what do you  think of me? and if you were to see me, would you be surprised.  That's happened to me more times that I can count, you get a picture of someone in your head, and when you see them its completely different, like reading a great book, and seeing it on the movies, the characters don't mesh with what you see.  
I was tubby as a toddler, thin as a teenager and thin when I first got married.  Then of course the pounds come on when you get married you don't eat the same way etc.  I cant count how many times I have dieted and gained it all back.  Usually on Weight Watchers.  This time I decided I need to know how many calories things are how much fat, then when the weight is gone, I will know what I am putting in my mouth.
Swimming was great, I thought I would be nervous, not all .  I marched right in there in my poka dots and swam my little heart out.  I don't know why I was worried, all shapes and sizes in the change room.  I am a modest person, but some of those women doing there hair in the nude, walking around on there cell phone.  Sorry not for me, I am not a prude by any means, but I think a little mystery is a good thing.  Ok is the last post by me on my weight and my swimming and now we will get onto other more exciting things, which I will have to come up with.  So talk to you all soon. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pecker Bird

Do you have trouble coming up with a title for your blog posts, or is it just me.  I come up with the dumbest ones.  OK its another bird, but a different one this time, it kinda looks like a cross between a wood pecker and a i don't know what, so I am calling him a pecker bird (sounds dirty doesn't it) hence the dumb blog title.
Well I am going to start swimming tomorrow.  To hell with the YMCA i say and on to the community pool, which meets my requirements of swim lane times.  So today I got my lock and am trying to memorize the combination, which is difficult if you have an old memory like mine, I might write it on the tag on my bathing suit, that's how worried i am about my memory.  I am in a new postcard swap over at flutterbye, you should go there a really fun site, lots of tutorials, and nice people, I will link you up
this is not a paid advertisement (lol)
okay next you will hear about the swimming and that I promise will be the last of it.

talk to you soon


Monday, April 16, 2012

swim girl

Well I signed up for the adult swim stroke and endurance lessons at the YMCA.  They start on May 1.  I was going to start lane swimming at the Y, but in order to swim during the day, I have to become a member.  Ok I don't have a problem with that I thought i would just join monthly 83.00 a month a little steep just to swim in lanes during the day.  Now if i just wanted to pay 6.00 every time I swim, I can only swim at night, during open swimming with the real people who can't or wont pay the Y's prices..  Now I can tell you I would not do that because I have the whole day open.  Truthfully if it is not convenient, I wont do it.  Then I thought about joining for a year 788.00, for just swimming I don't think so, (let me go and revive hubby he passed out on the floor when I told him that).  So I am now exploring other pools, not to far from here to see the cost.  What's a girl gotta do to get a little lane action.
Well this drawing above was done in my Teeshsa Booklet, i had fun doing this one, she looks like  she is so excited to get into that pool,( lol) in her little tankini. My bathing suit much like hers is black and white.  Well its 7.21 am and I am thinking to myself what the hell am I doing up so early, I might go back and catch a few winks, talk to you tomorrow?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The handyman Can

Just a mindless doodle I did last night well watching Lock Up.  I did it in a pen that when water is applied you would see the wash, I kinda love that look.  Well it looks like spring is not coming this year, woke up today the ground is covered in snow, what's with this weather....Today i am going to meet up with my accountant (best friend) who is going to do the taxes.  Dont you just hate tax time.  I am working on a swimming picture, which should be ready for tomorrow, as that is the day I actually start swimming.  The saga will be on the blog tomorrow.
Do you doodle? I doodle on everything, according to hubby there is not a piece of paper that is safe in this house from me.  I don;t even think about it, if i have a pen or pencil in my hand something is going to be doodled.  That would be a good song lyric (lol).  I went to IKEA with the shopper on friday night, she bought drapes for her bedroom, now its just a matter of someone putting them up, the only problem is the boyfriend and hubby are not handy.  She and I are the handy ones in the family, so we might be putting the rods up.  Who does all the handy man work in your family?
Well better go and get ready I will talk to you tomorrow

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Mail

This is some great mail that I received lately, and they deserve to be recognized.
I have number them , 1 is from my postcard swap with Ihanna is from, isn't if beautiful, a collage, she actually sent me two,
the first one she didn't like, I love both of them.
2. is from a lovely person named Andria from she made them for Easter and mailed me some, isn't that nice, just a really nice person.
3,  Another postcard from Ihanna swap from, a beautiful card from I hope I 
 get this right
Erin I am not sure where from maybe Germany.
4.  Last but not least, a thank-you beautiful postcard from  Karen from as a thanks for something I gifted her with.

I am a lucky girl, to get all this great mail, I am so happy to receive it.  Today it is pouring rain, which is good, this is the first rain of the season, but apparently it is turn to snow, and that's a whole other story.  Well I best hit the road, I am looking after the neighbours dog, his name is max I call him mad max,  he hates devil dog so I cant walk them together.  So its going to be a walking weekend. Talk to you tomorrow with exploits of the my swimming Odeessy  


Thursday, April 12, 2012


This girl started her life as a head drawing, then I added the features, was none to happy with the outcome, decided to gritty her up some with charcoal, that didn't do to much , then decided red lips would make a girl happy, still no smile appeared, so I gave her a hat and decided that she would always be a bridesmaid never the bride with a mug like that.
Janet always names her girls, so I am naming this little lady Agnes, fits the face.  I feel that I should stop trying to make realistic faces and just go with what ever comes out.  Hence Agnes.  What do you like painting the best?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Head

Hi, how are you all doing? Well this picture  is from my teesha booklet, a little side page. The body of the boy belongs to my dad, I love this one, it makes me smile, I like creating odd creatures.  I am just about finished the booklet, and will let you see the rest of the pages soon.  After I have finished it, I will journal in it.  Well I got some great mail, which i will show and tell you about it Friday.  But I am worried about stuff I have sent out for Hannas postcard swap, only 4 people let me know they got there's, and they should have them by now, I sent Janet something about two weeks ago and she has not got it yet.  I hate to think that the recipients of the postcard swap think I did not participate, I had them out the same week as the swap deadline.  Well the shopper comes home tonight at 11:45 so I am the only one not working, so I am in charge of picking you up, hopefully the plane is on time, because she has to go to work on Friday.  Other than that, nothing new to tell.  So i will sign off and talk to you Friday

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Half a face is better than no face

Remember this face and how I had to cut it in half and do the other half, background and all.  Well below is my completed half a face, it was not easy, I could not get the background the same, I did not put in the extra hair, I messed up the earrings, but I gave it a try.  Its very hard to draw half a face.  Plus the magazine picture distorts the colour.  Christy did an excellent job on hers.

I am getting better, but only from practice, and I still need lots of practice on painting.


Sunday, April 08, 2012

A rose is a rose and sometimes a rose lily

Well hi, I am been having a little break from blogging.  Today the shopper left on her Easter Pilgrimage to the religious city of Las Vegas and she is praying to the casino gods for a big win.  (I am sorry if I have offended anyone) I have been doing some work in my altered book journal, the page above was done last night while watching TV.  Now that i think of it, it should have been a lily for Easter, so just think of it as a rose lily. I tipped in one of the beautiful postcards that I received in the postcard swap. On the rose page there is room for journalling. I never knew what a tip in was until I watched a video on altered books, so now I am tipping in all over the place.

Today we are off to the mother in-laws for a turkey dinner.  Nobody in the family likes ham except me, so we always have turkey. We all bring something, I am assigned to bring a fruit salad. Do you have a big dinner on Easter Sunday and what do you have.

I signed up for another class, this one is only 24.99 I couldn't believe it either , what an amazing price.  I
have taken a couple of online classes from Roben and been happy every time, you should go over and have a look at what she has to offer or just go to her beautiful blog.

Well happy Easter and I will talk to you soon


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

art geeks

I belong to a group called "Art Geeks Christy from goes to alot of trouble to host this group.  Every week there is an art challenge, and she does the challenge and has an art video to go along with it.  So this weeks theme was half.  Get a picture and cut it in half and draw and paint the other side of it, including the background.  This is what I have done so far.

It kinda looks like her, now the challenge will to be paint, how to do you paint diamonds.  Research is needed.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Acrylic done on Paper, head is a little wonky live and learn

Okay I am having a talk with myself, every-time someone comments (and I so appreciate the comments)
I try to go to that persons blog (except you CAT do you have a blog) but now I am thinking I should go
and email you personally and thank you.  So you know how much I appreciate it).  So how do you handle the comments made on your blog, lets hear.

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