Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 28 and a happy dance

I have to start using other colours, I use red and green alot.
Last day of 29 faces, tomorrow I will post a mosaic of all the faces
AM I glad its over yes, and no, first it made me post every day. Second
I drew everyday and then some.  I have improved my faces since I first started drawing them
way back 5 years ago, to now.  But now I want to do other things, I just have to get my
butt in gear and get doing them.  Still have not made that book, am still reading up on bookbinding.  That is a problem for me, I have to research to thoroughly  after all this book is not going into the National Library, its just for me, so I need to get busy. Do you procrastinate on things?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Its a poka dot world

Posting late today, had to go get a haircut, and my chin waxed.  to much information
I signed up for 6 weight lifting lessons, beginners, for ladies, it starts in April.
I want to build up some muscle mass for when I am older (lol), older than now. and it might kick start my weight loss.  Well I am off to try and make a mosaic of all my faces, I hope it works

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 2 Matisse Lines

I got this idea from Matisse, though he did his much better, his hand does not
look like mine, I not even quite sure it looks like a hand.

Can you believe I have been posting faces for 26 daze, I can.  I started some March art, after I am done with a drawing or painting, I will either scan, or photograph, and then enter it into the month folder I
have set up on my computer.  I wanted a way to keep track of things, I just started this system in January . so I don't know yet if it works for me or not.  
Today the neighbour and I are off for lunch and an afternoon movie.  Dont you wish you could come, (lol) an afternoon movie wont be crowded (probably just us) we are going to see 
Stolen Identity a comedy, I will let you know how it is.

Monday, February 25, 2013

family portraits

I am running out of faces to draw, so am now starting on family members.  I 
must assure you that my sister-in-law does really not look like this.  She really is pretty.
I emailed  her to warn her in advance.

and finally I got the cart put together, after much pulling out my hair and here it is in all its glory.  I love it, the colour the function the form, the colour takes me back

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Faces day 25

Day 25 can you believe it, It's nice to be able to say I am almost done, and I completed the challenge.  Some challenges I will start and never finish.  So I am glad I did this one.  Well tonight the shopper and the boyfriend are coming over for dinner, and its like spring out, so I am going out to take advantage of the nice weather, and we are BBQ tonight.
I put the cart together last night, could you hear the swearing at your house?  But its done, now today I am
going to fill and then take pictures, so stay tuned in.  


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Early presents

Looks like her make-up is smudged must have had one to many when I was doing this. 

Today I am posting late because drove my friend back to the airport, she flies back to Phoenix today, she is a snow bird, lives in Canada, winters in Arizona.  Lucky girl, though we are definitely having spring like weather here.  She bought me an early 60 th  birthday present, from Ikea that I have been admiring for awhile now,  and shared the picture in email and told her I  was thinking about getting iit and what does she do today but give  the  cart,,,what a lucky girl I am, here is the picture from IKEA, I still
have to put it together, which is like putting a science project together.

is this not fricking cute, I am going to put all my paints and stuff in, I will share a picture of it, when I have it all together, with everything in it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fridays tut

I am having trouble with my scanner and face colour, so since it is not posting the face colour, I am leaving if off for the scan for here, and then finishing it up later.  Here are your friday tuts that I find really good, hope you like them.  Her pin is a new stamp I just got, I like butterflies but cant make my own stamp, cause its turn out like crap, so I bought one.  How do you like the pointed face, I kinda like it, maybe I will keep it.

just some really great tuts I have found/ check them out

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over thinking????

Well hello, welcome to day 21 of 29 faces.....
Today I am off to the airport, to pick up a friend who is flying in
for a couple of days.  On the way I am stopping at Michaels and looking for 
a certain sketch pad my Michaels doesn't have, its my favourite, and its cheap.  Just picked up a bookbinding book at the library, with 5 more on order, I am going to be a book binding fool before you know it. I just have to jump in and stop over thinking it.  Do you tend to over think things?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

She was blinded by the light

If you have been reading my blog  for awhile you know I like two things 
can you guess, yes if you guessed pattern and colour you would be right.
Well I have finished drawing all the faces for the challenge, all 29 faces,
so you will see faces till the end of the month.  But meanwhile , I can  get onto
some other art things, don't know what yet, but something.
Maybe some more collage,
maybe I will throw some paint around on the canvas I am working on.
Its a beautiful sunny , but cold day here, I don't mind the cold
when its sunny,.
Okay talk to you  tomorrow
What are you working on?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

low brow art

Another Art Geeks Challenge, this is lowbrow art, I think.  I am enjoying learning about these different kinds of art and trying to create them, sometimes I might not get them right, but I have fun trying.
Do you have a favourite TV show that you love to watch?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Are your going to Scarborough Fair

This is a piece that I did for a group I am in   a group called "ArtGeeks|
Rhomany has prompts, she is doing time periods
this one I think is the Renaissance period,
and this is what I came up with, I just did it, so it
should count for the face challenge.
Well today just like in the States its a holiday, we call our
Holiday Family Day, I think yours is presidents day.
Today it is just Home made Hamburger soup
and grilled tuna melts, been busy all
day organizing, my daughter asked me to help her,
I love organizing so was glad to go.

So what have you been up to?

Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is not what I wear to bed, I wear an old t shirt and pyjama pants,
I believe in being comfy in bed, I don't wear a nightgown, because, it always rides up, to
much information, ok I am done telling you what I wear to bed, get that visual out of your head.
Her nightgown I made from tape, the only thing I think turned out well is part of her arm.

Well I am off to help the Shopper clean up a bit, I think she wants some company,
the boyfriend went to work. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I turned to Gelli

Lately on all the blogs all you hear about is the Gelli Plate and how they made these fabulous papers and how great it is.  Well those of us (and there is alot) who cant get these fabulous Plates,or who don't want to pay high shipping costs cant get them.  So here is what you can do, you can use glass (like a frame glass), do the same stuff that they do on the plate, and almost get the same effect, I am going to do this today and try it out. There are lots of youtube videos on this technique using glass, I tried to link but it didn't work.

Friday, February 15, 2013

To smell me is to love me

Just in case you missed the link this is the journal I am making

A really good tut showing how to draw lips and paint them, I need all the help I can get

I did this technique several times, so easy and fun

there are some great tuts here, I like her style

 a free download from one of my favourite artists
and maybe an idea for next year

another great video stencilling on newspaper for your journal

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spread the love

Hope you have a great day .  Hubby is taking me out for lunch.

Trying to stay away from the chocolate goes straight to my hips


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Day 13 of the face challenge, and I am keeping up, (patting my shoulder)
I am off to visit my best friend who is in the hospital again, she has been sick
many years with Scleroderma (an autoimmune problem_
 this disease has affected her life
in so many ways, and there is no cure.  It took her kidney, it gave her a heart attack,
gout so bad they cant cure it, it has left her with no resistance to any
viruses, diabetes 's she has suffered so much, but yet she manages to put on a brave face
and go on, she is my inspiration so when I have a bad day I just think of 
her and pick myself up and go on again.  We have been friends since grade 6, lived on the same street, and became best buddies and have ever since.  We introduced her to her husband, we went through deaths in our families, births, miscarriages her (she never had kids),.  She never complains about her life, and always even if she has a bad day has a smile.  She is in and out of the hospital  monthly. AlI I can say is I awed by her bravery and her zest for living in the moment.  
Do you have a friend a best friend like this not sick but who is there a constant in your life?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sipping a cuppa and dreaming

Told you I was getting tired of drawing normal faces
Today I have been swimming, and made lunch and now am going to walk the dog.  T hats how
exciting my day is shaping up to be.  It's funny you wait all you life to retire and have
time on your hands, and then you retire and think is that all there is.  Because in your mind or at least mine,
i thought of travelling the world, just doing fun things.  But you forget they someone still needs to cook the meals, clean the house, and to travel the world you cant do that all year long, or you would have to
go back to work. But no I would not like to go back to work, I did that already, so
I am taking this life and enjoying it, and my mind can still think that I am in Bali.


Monday, February 11, 2013

A Manly man

welcome to my world, this is what happens, when I get tired of drawing women's
faces, out pops this manly man (lol)
I am late in posting today usually I do it in the AM but I have been super busy,
running all over town today doing errands, so here I am finally.  
Other than that making faces in advance so I dont have to worry about
ever catching up, because once I get behind, you might as well forget it.

well I will be back tommorow

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tuts for you

I couldnt get all my words in on the scan it say's  SHE WAS AGEING GRACEFULLY,
today I bring you some tuts that I think are great, enjoy:
Shelly makes a journal page and turns out beautiful
 Jane make some really sweet valentines from felt and hand sews around the edges


Another Jane make postcards from one sheet of paper, amazing, really check this out

Well that\s it for today, have a good one,


Saturday, February 09, 2013

I wish that I was Picasso's Girl

Well another day another face, Pablo had created this face first, and then I put my
own spin on it, the fingers need some work, Pablo's were perfect, I was
trying to find the reference photo but now I cant find the site.
Its snowing here, and the wind is howling, but there is money to be
spent on shopping, so someone has to brave the elements and
get out and keep this economy going, so its going to have to be me
so until tomorrow
Au revori

here is a link to the journal I am making really easy

Friday, February 08, 2013

Its not always Black and White

I like black and white, it really makes your eye take it all in.  I also love me
some red. I have no idea why I made her squinty eyed, looks like she needs glasses, must be from all that black and white she wears.
So I am still doing the challenge and still creating these women, and I havent
run out of ideas yet.  I have done a couple of things, exchanged ATC's with
in Norway
made a journal card for Janet

and a collage postcard from here

and am still trying to make a book, got the pages folded, but thats it, watched the video at 4 times
so now I just need to do it


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Matisse times two

click on picture to make bigger
I was at one of my favourite sites and she had painted
and suddenly I know I wanted to try it.  Myra and I have completely different
styles, so there not the same, her's in fact looks more Matisse ish than
mine.  My  arms are mangled looking, and the chair is orange, but the
scan does not scan orange for some strange reason.
But I had fun making my own version, and am looking now for
other pictures to do 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Daddy Long Legs

Yes its winter out, she has on her boots and her mittens, the hands I sketched looked mangled, so
I put mittens on her, and a body suit.  How would you like to have legs like that?
Bad Posture  because of those legs, you would have a bad back I am sure.
Well that's it for today, like to keep them short and sweet, so you
will keep reading.

I found a really good tutorial on one of the sites I frequent
I love it when artists share
go check it out its worth it


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Chin like Leno

Yes she has a chin like  Jay  Leno, but it gives her a air of distinction (lol)
I am enjoying making these faces, I am trying not to make them all  look the same,
one thing they all have is blue eyes (I have blue eyes) I have a regular sized head and no Leno Chin

Today Hubby sister is in town visiting so we all are going out for lunch, I think I like going 
out for lunch better than dinner
tonight's dinner is home-made tomato soup, and chicken on a bun
sounds like lunch, oh well to bad
that's all for today, see you tomorrow

Monday, February 04, 2013

beam me up scotty

click on her and she will get bigger
Yes I have officially joined 29 faces, you can too, 
If you can't figure out how to do it, email me, I had a heck of a time but figured it out  
Okay, yes she does have Spock ears, linebacker shoulders
and a wonky eyebrow going on.  But here she is in all her glory.

I have signed up for a free class and here is the link
so now my finger is healed, and my shoulder is fixed and I am to dazzle the crowd in my bathing suit in the swimming pool.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

hit me with your best shot

this guy looks better in person, the face colour does not look like that

I am  joining Feb challenge of 29 faces in Feb, I am still
making my faces but have not been showing them, so stay tuned you
will  have 28 days of them.  
Well today is Sunday, and we are off to a family function, I am
in charge of bringing Greek Salad.  Its hubby's family, my family
is just me and my sister, plus my sister does not live here, she
lives in Winnipeg about a 1000 miles away.  Well have a great
Sunday and see you on Monday

Friday, February 01, 2013

Take me to Europe

I wanted this collage to feel European and old
Click on picture to make it appear bigger

When I create collages it takes me a while,
first I have a ton of stuff to look thru
I have tried to organize it, and I have
gone thru it and thrown alot of junk out
but truthfully its hard to organize that stuff

second you have to think of what looks pleasing
to your eye.  I am not one who can just
throw it down and call it done, I wish I was
Sometimes I don't know when to call it done like
this one, I still thinks it need more.
What do you think?

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