Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hark do you hear angels

This is the cover to my angel booklet
I used gesso paint for the wings
and a stencil with yellow spray
I gellied all the pages
marker for the hair
this booklet was such fun to make I cant wait for you to see the rest

Friday, August 30, 2013

I am back early...

Yes, I am back early but I am back
going away again around Sept 10 for a Week road trip with the hubby and devil dog
Oct 7-17 to Phoenix, but I probably will post from there
My summer has been fun
I had a small project put in Altered Arts online
I did some art
Joined an art journal page swap which I am sweating about already
had a art date with a friend Gail who I met online who happens to live in the same city and
she joined the Art Journal swap as well
created an angel booklet to be posted soon
did a portrait
made some postcards
went to a wedding art journal coming soon
enjoyed our weather a mix of sun and rain
and missed you alI thought about quitting the blog blog about 100 times this past summer,
but Gail and Janet talked to me out of it so if your bored you have them to blame.
Tommorow I am having my 40th wedding anniversary (I was just a baby when I married)
40 years with the the same hubster, who knew
ok that's it for today, I am glad I am back, and I hope you are to

Monday, August 19, 2013

A sneak peek

Just checking in
showing you a peek of a mixed media canvas I am working
made at least 4 pamphlet stich journals ready to Coptic stich
working on an Angel Journal
the shopper aka the daughter is in Thailand wish I was there
the hubby is all better
our travels resume
see you soon

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Aye Matie....

Well here it is another month
Still enjoying the summer
husband has had some health issues, so sort of derailed the travelling for a bit
her face looks like she has a skin problema
have done some work in my summer journal which I will show when I am back
I have a whole checklist of art things I want to accomplish before I return
so I guess I better get at it
I hope you are having a great summer
See you in September
see you when the summer thru
I love that song

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