Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Anniversary to the Boy.....

There once was a girl who met a boy. Who married the boy at age 20 and 21. Who have a good life for 16 years then along comes a little baby who makes the boy and girls life even better. Then the little girl grows up and makes her own way in life. Leaving the boy and girl by themselves again, but there love for each other is enduring thru the good and the bad, and has lasted 34 years and hopefully will go for many more. Happy Anniversary to the man who will always remain in mhy heart as the boy....who loves the girl......

Studio Friday Fun and games..

I just found this game the other day at "Winners" I love anything that has to do with Paris, and have been playing with myself and testing other members of the family, its been fun and games. I was going to draw it all out, but decided to scan it, to big for the scan, so had to take a photo, not great photo. but here it is.

Monday, August 27, 2007

What does an ink dot say......

Yes, I was down in the studio tonight with artist block, so this is what happened. I had an watercolour card out and decided to paint it a pinky red didn't know why just did it. I had just read about an inkblot as art, and I cant remember where I read it. So I used walnut ink in the middle of the card *I have ink all over my fingers and cant get it off, but back to the story. Folded the card in half and then reopened it up, and to me it looked like a butterfly, so I had just made one out of some old cardstock so I put it on top of the one that was the ink dot and here it is, my version of inkdot art. That's what happens when you get artist block you come up with crazy stuff. On to further news, my daughter and friends are off to Cuba, they got a good deal on tickets so off they went, they only went for a week. But already I am worrying. The puppy went to the boyfriends house because we are not home all week we are working and we did not want her to be alone that long, I will pick her up on Thursday night. I am off work on Friday its my 34 anniversary, hubby is off as well. and its the long weekend.....Talk to you tommorow....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Studio Friday-Margarettaville

What does a summer afternoon mean or feel to you.

I love summer, I wish we had nice weather all year round here. I would love to be able to live on the Islands, wear flip flops and sandals and live the summer life. So this wont be happening anytime soon or until I win the lottery. But truthfully this is my idea of a summer day, sitting on a beach, sipping a margaretta and listening to a few tunes and doing nothing, maybe reading a great book, and when I get hot get in the water. Hope you like it, I was going to use water colours but changed to use just old highliters not even my good ones, wanted to see how they did, I wanted more vibrant colours so should have used acrylics but It turned out not bAD.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ok not my best work, know this, I was experimenting and when you experiment they dont always turn out. See I am not afraid to show the bad work as well as the good work. I was playing around with watercolours and watercolour pencils, and timing myself on a sketch. Sometimes you need to sketch fast and the only way I can try to do it better is by practice. Today is windy, rainy, sunny. Got home from work, took Sophia out to relieve herself brought her in, she passed out on the couch and I whipped up a batch of chili for dinner tonight. It is bubbling on the stove. Today felt like fall to me, and i felt like cooking. I have been out of the cooking mode all summer and the family has suffered. Oh well, they all know how the stove works. Tonight I am going down to the studio to work on Studio about Summer and I have an idea......Well back go clean up the mess I made while getting the made.. Talk to you tommorow.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A new addition to the family meetSofia last name change

is she cute or what...just wanted to show you. She asleep right now....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

painting the fish-Inspiration Thursday

Last night I drew this picture of fish so that I could practice with watercolours, I am not very good at them, so more practice the better. I had just posted this when i went to Inspiration Thursday and find out its about Watercolour, I didnt even have to think about it here it is. I am trying to learn about watercolours, I have every library book out on watercolours and working my way throught them in hopes of getting better. So here it is, it is what it is...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A bad day in the neighbourhood

Yep I have been feeling kinda poorly the past 3 days, not sick but just not in a happy place. Important decisions to make and I do not want to make them, changes coming that I dont want to come. Oh well I quess this to will pass. Other than that, this is a self portrait I did a few months ago or more, I cant remember when i did this, I think i look much better in person, but i do resemble the picture so that is a plus. Talk to you tommorow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Searching for Leonardos DNA -Inspiration Thursday

Today's Inspire Me Thursday is about DNA. Now I could have gone the usual route child, father etc. And I was going that way to start. Then I thought whose DNA do I wish i had an artist of course. I have read alot on Leonardos life and have always admired his talent. So I think that his DNA is the wealth of paintings and drawings he left the world.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Studio Friday-Sketchbook

these are two pages out of my sketchbook. I carry this sketchbook around with me in my purse,and when inspiration arrives I jot down things, I sketch, i write poetry, I write phone numbers. This is the book that is always with me . The sketches might not be refined they are a fast sketch of what is going on in my mind that I do not want to forget.
These two pages are things I have been thinking about doing. They may never see the light of day for weeks, months or never. Or they may be done tommorow. I then have another bigger sketchbook, that I refine the design process in before it goes on whatever I decide it is going on. So this is part of my thought process I am sure you all do things differently. The Rocket man sketch, I was thinking of that song by Elton John (i really like Elton John) and wanted to do a sketch with the lyrics hence rocket man. See thats how my mind works. (As my hubby says nobody understands it but me).But it would not be any fun if we were all alike.

The Dark Place

This is my version of altered art. This was a brochure from BEBE which I painted over, just left a little bit of the face, painted the background and the wording. I like it, my family said I must have gone to a dark place (hence the title) because really my art is not at all dark. I like exploring a different side of me in art....Hope you like it because I do.

The wording says:
She left on a swirl of anger
Shrouded in a coat of green
Head bent, shoulders slumped
Teardrops falling silently
She was alone and lonely
This was her destiny
This was her life

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

coffee break art part 2

this is the 2 nd picture on the monthly calendar that I draw on at coffee. I just used a regular old pencil for this one. Last night I totaly did something I never have done. We received in the mail a brochure from BEBE store a fold out 4 colour one. I took it to the studio on the first page painted etc on. The second page had a glamous girl with a really hot dress,I painted over the dress, over the hair, the only thing remainng was a bit of the face, and I made a new picture. I love it, it is just waiting for words its a dark peice it needs something dramatic, I have not decided yet. As soon as I do I will post it. I am really proud of it. I have a hard time going over something that is perfect and creating from me, but it felt good and I am ready to do it again.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cofffee break art part 1

yep this is what I do on my coffee break. I was sketching on this month page calender that I have on my desk,and this is what came of it (one of the pictures) i used black pen and markers that I had in my desk. I think it turned out pretty good, I believe that you have to practice your drawing skills everyday in order to get better. Well we just finished our long weekend, we had great weather and I did not do to much. Just basically relaxed and visited with friends. We bought some new den furniture about two weeks ago and we were going to put it together but it is still in the box in the den, and all the stuff that was in the den is in my living room and dining room. Maybe this weekend. Gotta go talk to you tommorow.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

watch out curves ahead,,,,

this is the last in the series of bathing suits this is number 5. I created this one because it seems all women have a issue with bathing suits,everybody that I know does. Nobody even if they have a great body think they look great in a bathing suit. So here she is in all her glory curves and all showing all the world her body. Good for her. I loved creating this one, she is not pretty, she is curvy in all the wrong places but happy with herself.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Inspiration Thursday-Becoming Picasso-Diary entry

This is my take on this week’s theme Diary. I did get a diary at the age of 13, but do I still have it, no. Those things did actually happen, so this is probably what I would have written in my diary at that time. I was very faithful about writing in it. It had one of those locks with the little key and I used to wear it around my neck, and hide the diary under my bed. And yes I did want to be a nun, and I am not even Catholic but then I found two things that changed my mind boys and art in that order.

A few months ago I did receive a grown up diary (journal) as a present from my friend.
I do write in it, I keep it beside my bed. When I have had an upsetting day I write in it
And relieve my frustrations and it makes me feel better. When I have something that I want to remember, I write in it. I think just the writing of your thoughts and feelings are important. I will keep it this time, and look back in 20 years and see what I thought was important to me.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Inspiration Thursday...Open Topic...Serial ART

This is what I have been doing lately serial art. I have been sketching in my art journal and writing. The concept is a continuing story about a girl and boy who dance Tango.
Each shoe will be a continution of the first peice.
I am going to do it on small chunky canvas. Have not started the canvas yet, still defining the story line. Everyhting is rough right now, so the pictures will be much better, judging it till its done..I was not going to particiapate this week, because I felt funny about showing it, some might think what the hell is she talking about. But it's my take on my art, so here it is.
I am all about a series lately I also have done a bathing suit series. Hope you like it. Dont mind the other stuff on the page, I like to use up all available space in my art journal.....

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