Saturday, January 31, 2015

Counting Cars....

another old collage that I did.  Tomorrow starts the 29 faces, by the end of it, you will never want to see another face of mine for a long time I am sure.  I am trying to make them look all different, because that's the point right, by the end of the challenge, you
should be pretty good at faces.  Well I did it last year, and it seems I never really
got that much better.
Today its cold, snowy and windy.  I stayed in the house all day, most of it on the phone with the cable company, trying to set up a new system.  I am the tech guy in the house,
the hubster does not have a clue.....lucky he has me right.
I am making some welcome home food for the shopper and the boyfriend, return from
a holiday in Cali, they are in for a shock with this weather.  I am making pork chops in the crockpot, rice pilaf, muffins, and beef enchiladas So they should be good for
a few days, till they get settled back into their routine.
Ok that's it for me, talk to you tomorrow.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Its a collage day here on the praires

I like to do collage, you can sit down, and try different pieces, I find it really relaxing, I don't know why I don't do more of it.  If you don't know the shopper aka my daughter, loves to travel, that would be her job if she could find one, (lol) wouldn't we all love a job like that.  Any way on one of her travels, she went to the Philippines, and she
brought back some stamps and stuff and I made this little collage for her.
A year ago today, the hubster got sick at home, and had to be rushed to the hospital and stayed in for 5 weeks, then two weeks later another week.  But all's well on the home front now, so we are celebrating today with skinny tuna casserole.  I know who makes
tuna casserole anymore, very old school.  I am old school, and I like comfort food in the winter.  So I better go and make a list and see what I need in the way of
groceries, the hubster does the grocery shopping, I make the list, and put away.
and cook.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Another Dali inspired work, this is the style I like the most, kind of
really out there, exaggerated art. I think he did this style really well.
Today its off to the eye doctor, wont be able to see clearly for awhile
after those drops, then its home to do some housewifely duties, then
maybe some art.  Maybe a walk, because the weather is turning to
crap tomorrow. What are you up to today.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear Mr. Dali

Art was inspired by Salvatore Dali, I like his style, bold strokes, and plenty of color.
Its really been like spring here lately, all the snow is melting, and the temps have been high, its just tricking us for a short while, because cold weather is coming ...
I have been diligently working on my 29 faces, posting everyday in February is
going to be a challenge.....are you going to play along?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mish Mash Saturday

this is part of a page that I was trying to make a repeating pattern for.  In my other
life I want to come back as an Illustrator.  I am reading a great book called
7 letters from Paris, a true story.  Now an update:  Remember I said I was
going to approach the children's clothing store about putting my art up.  Well I went
over there the other day, and it was closed but I looked in the window.  Its a very
nice upscale clothing store, but no where do they display any art, and they
really don't have the walls for it, so that out.  I am going to have to
rethink now.  I was reading in the latest cloth paper scissor magazine, they
have a call for mixed media maps, you have to use some fabric in your
design, I might give it a try.  I have a few ideas we will have to see if
they work, I will keep you informed.
I just saw a great video on canvas take a look
I have finally finished the clean up in the studio and am going to take a few pictures of it, will post on Sunday.  Well I feel the need to go to the bookstore, so I am off to
browse the bookstore, and read all there magazines.  What are you up to today


Friday, January 23, 2015

family love

I think the older you get the more you appreciate your family, sisters, mothers, fathers.  Its like a lightbulb turns on and you think hey I have a family.  When your young
you don't need anybody especially parents.  I found the older I got
in my 20\s the more I appreciated all my mother had done for me, and
when I became a mother it just sealed the deal. I found that with my daughter,
lucky she doesn't read this blog, she had no time for me as a teen and young
adult, but now she settled in her house, and has a good guy, she is all
about family, and it makes me feel good.  If you read this blog you
will know I lost my sister when she was 55, two weeks after she turned 55.  As it happens, I spend 2 weeks with her after Christmas that year, and celebrated
her birthday and went home, and she dies two weeks later.  I was so glad that
I had got the time to spend with her. I must tell you it took me at least 5 years to recover from her death, was it the shock, yes for sure, my dad also died when
he was 55.  Was it wondering if I was going to die when I turned 55 yes.
I don't know how to explain it, but the sorrow is so strong it almost engulfed
me.  I had spent my whole life with this girl, and now she was gone.  Anyway
I just wanted to say I did this picture when she died, I cropped out the writing, and the poetry that I had done. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life is a beach far away in january

truth be told I wish I was on one.  Have you heard about the 29 faces challenge that starts in February.
I have decided to participate and hopefully all my faces won't look the same.  I feel that you have to start early because I don't think I could finish that many in one month. So far I have 7 done.
And they don't all look the same.  I hope by doing all the faces my faces will get better.  
Today I am off to the art store to buy some paint and a few other goodies I think I need.
Tomorrow the shopper goes on a little mid winter trip to Cali with the boyfriend, I think I need to go on a trip someone and get out of this rut.
Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a rut


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

If life gives you lemons -chew them

been having some computer problems
fixed them all today
made homemade vegetable soup
and salad for dinner
got a glorious pedicure today
almost needed a saw to get those toenails done
it rained
its icy
its Wednesday
whats up with you today

Monday, January 19, 2015

An eye to the ladies

This is my rendition of a picture that Henri Matisse completed.  Not really
his style, more mine that his.  I am really enjoying playing with the
Masters, and creating my own version of them.  While today is Blue Monday,
halfway thru January, still winter, and its blah out.  Not cold, not hot,
muky, icy and dirty.  We are having unusual weather for here, but usually
its so cold you car wont start.  Speaking of that the hubster is dealing with
the shoppers car problems, its my old car she is driving, and apparently
all the oil was on her garage floor last night.  They have already
been shopping around for a newer car, but thought they had a bit more time,
apparently not.
Okay I am going to go do my wifely duties, and do some housework.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Ideas

I would like to introduce you to Robert Rauschenburg and his art.
He was a prolific painter, sculptor, and collagist.  Used bright
colors, and shapes.  Love his body of work.  Check him out
Now your probably wondering what the city is doing in there, well when
I was drawing the hand I was just practicing and it was only in my sketchbook
and I had decided to use the rest of the page with city scapes for practice.
So you get the whole practice page.
I am linking to this months challenge over at

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Shoe Collage

I have been making postcard collages, its easy , and fun.  I have
a bunch of backgrounds all ready and cut into post card sizes so
when I feel like making a postcard.  I whip one out, and then look
thru my collage fodder and then proceed from there.  Sometimes they
are pretty simple like this one, but when I saw the shoe, I loved it
with the background, then came the words.  Sometimes the words
come before the object.  When you make collage, what is your process?

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Paint wagon is here....

welcome to my paint party, I have been flinging the paint around,
deciding whats good and whats really old and wont come out anymore.
Throwing the crap out, and re-organizing my paint.  I have a bunch
of paint, I have good, medium, and craft quality, and I use them
all.  What's the problem paints paint, nobody is going to want
to look at my work in a 100 years or more.  Its good for 50, so thats
good for me.
Yep that's right I am not a paint snob.  Yes I did jump on the Golden
paint bandwagon awhile ago, and yes I do use there products I must admit I do like all there mediums.  But I also like to spread the wealth around.  Its the colour
that draws me in.  I also have a cupboard full of paint which I did not
show.  I love my paint wagon, my friend got me from IKEA for\
my birthday and I love it.  I have seen some blogs that use theres for paper,
but I have always used mine for paint, it wheels around anywhere
I want it to go.  I think I might need to invest in another one.
 Well I am off to walk the dog, and then off shopping for a few things
that I don't need but feel the need to buy.  Then a quick stop at the bookstore
and then home.  Its Ribs for me for supper, and the hubster is having
Salmon, fish is not my thing.
What's your day looking like

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Come get happy

had a great day today.  Made a few postcards (one is above) and it is winging
its way to a friend as we speak. Went to Costco with the hubster and the mother in-law, bought a few things we didn't need.  Lunch at Panda Express and then home.  The weather was mild but a little icy.  Pasta for dinner, and a movie for entertainment.  Ah
the joys of not working.  How did I ever work for 35 years...... Tomorrow I will be hitching my paint wagon to this blog, and showing it to you.  Stay tuned to a
monitor near you so you do not miss it. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh the excess

I know who has this many pencils.  Who needs this many pencils, there are watercolour pencils, colored pencils, white pencils, drawing pencils
pastel pencils, you name its there. I truthfully didn't know I had this many,
as I always kept them in a drawer, but I wanted to start to use my
stuff and I have to see it to use it.  So I found this old container
that I had for forks and knifes and put all my pencils in there.  I will
not be buying any pencils in the near future.  I bet Picasso back in the
day used one nub of a pencil, and look what he produced.  God
with all this stuff, I should have created 50 masterpieces and been
a millionaire by now.  This is like my walk of shame, that a person
accrues so much, so in the coming days you will see my shame on
full display.  I have paired down and given stuff away and still its a lot.
Ok what do you do with your unwanted supplies?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

stencil reorg

just a unfinished sketch in my art journal.
  I have been busily trying to think
of something intersting to say on this blog, other than what's on the dinner table.
So today I am going to talk about storage in my studio.  I am trying to find
a working solution for my stuff.  When I say stuff I mean stuff.  I decided
today that I am on a moratorium until I use up my stash of stuff.  First
I want'ed a way to store my stencils.  

I have tried storing them in a box, on a ring, listing them on paper.  Nothing
seemed right.  I decided to go get a 12x12 album, I have different sized
stencils so I am not even sure if this method will work.  The little ones, I am going to store in a smaller binder, then I will have all my stencils stored,
in a binder.  Then sort them into some kind of order that will work for me so
I will be able to find something I want quickly.  As you can see this is a work in progress.  If you have stencils, how do you store them.

Monday, January 12, 2015

We will resume regular programming

I have a travellers journal that I carry around in my purse.  Its made out
of leather, and it holds a daily journal, a book with drawing paper, stuff
like that.  I am sure I have blogged about it before.  These are just
little doodles that I do in the book, so I thought I would post them.
Nothing fancy.  Well I am on the mend after all day yesterday,
in my Pjs and a good nights sleep, I feel way better.  So was
out today with a friend for lunch.  So its back to regular programming
in my life starting tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A little mish and mash

still down for the count, never even made it to michaels to spend my coupon, I must really feel like crap, which I do.  Did I tell two days after Christmas our main tv
just quite working.  These days its cheaper to buy a new tv than try and get
a repair man.  Our TV was 15 years old, and it was time to Update.  The heavens must have heard my plea for a new TV   I sent the hubster out to buy a new TV, with instructions, must be flat screen, must be no smaller than 55 inches and must be a smart tv.  He met all the criteria and came home from Costco with a new beauty.  The reason I wanted a smart TV was so I could get netflicks.  Anyway short story
signed up to Netflicks, and we have been addicted to the show Homeland, on Netflicks, it has the first two seasons, and we borrowed the third seaons from our
friends.  Now we just need to find 4 and we are caught up.  I asked the hubster,
now we almost done, what are we going to do (lol) we might have actually talk to each other.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

two halfs make a whole

It's gustuf again this time with a bit of an Asian influence. I decided it needed a bit of  Color.
He was easily influenced by japanese art. I am not to happy with the mine turned out but you gotta show the good bad and the ugly

Friday, January 09, 2015

still alice...

Meet the artist Alice neel an American and a portait painter
She painted gritty regular people.  Her friends, boyfriends, family.
Still holed up with this cold and aching bones, but hoping to at least
get some fresh air today.  When was the last time I got a cold,
I cant remember that's how long ago.  Its really cold here,
and has been snowing, to cold for the dog walk, so she
is moping around.
Anyway enough complaining, I got a 50 percent Michaels coupon, some
money in my pocket, and I just might go buy myself something I
don't need, just because I can.  Talk to you all  tomorrow.
I am linking up to Master challenge
and baltzer BlogSpot

Thursday, January 08, 2015

A picture without a painter, is a song with out words

this is a painter from around 1401 all they know is that he was from
sw Germany at the time.  So I did my take on it for the challenge of doing the masters.

I seem to have caught a cold, so I am staying warm and cozy around here to today. Finishing up cleaning the art room, going down to try and finish some projects.  Having left over vegetable soup , and tuna sandwiches for lunch (I know you wanted to know that ).  Been using watercolours more, just experimenting, I did the girl above with them, eh lets just say, I need more color.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Goal 3.......

Well I have been busy these last couple of days.  I am in the middle
or organizing my studio, again.  I tend to do this when I am
in a art rut. Thought I would write a blog post before my day
starts, I am off to the pool, then home to make some vegetable soup.
Well today I am sharing my last goal for 2015...
Working on myself
I need to make more time for myself, who doesn't right It ties into the
other two goals.  I need to lose some weight and keep it off (a never
ending goal).  I want to take a life drawing course at the university.
I want to explore new countries (something I vow to do this year)
I want to volunteer at a school in the art room.
Take time to read more books
be a better mother and wife and friend
Try to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone as much as possible.
and the list goes on.  Did you make a resolution , or any goals that
you want to share, I would like to hear some.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Fashion, and a french illustator just like toast and Jam

I love fashion illustration, and for the masters, I chose in my opinion, one of
the smattering of fashion illustrators, who are in the realm of a master.
Meet Renee Gruau he is a great illustrator.
Gruau became one of the best known and favorite artists of the haute couture world during the 1940s and 50s working with Marie-Claire, L'Officiel, L'Album Du Figaro and an assortment of “high-style” magazines  Gruau’s artwork is recognized and commended internationally in some of Paris and Italy's most prestigious art museums including the Louvre in Paris .In addition to his international fame and recognition, "Gruau's artwork is known for its timeless and enduring style. (quote from Wikipedia).
I think I like him, because of his clean lines, and use of color.  What do you think?
I have a link to his work, check him out
and I am linking to the masters challenge

Sunday, January 04, 2015

block head

I am hitching my wagon this week over at
Its all about color blocking, I don't know if my fits in or not, but I am
going to sneak it in, and hope it passes the test.  Today I am all about being
cozy, its freezing here, minus 33celsus, so fireplace, cozy pjs and comfort food on the
menu at my house today.  Okay and some art....

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hello Gus


This is my take on Klimt, I sure his peeps called him Gus way back when.
He what was known as a ladies man, but he only married once, but
managed to have 14 children, I don't know if it was all with the
little woman or not.  He had a thing for painting erotic pictures.
I guess today instead of painting beautiful pictures he might
have been into other sorts of erotica, none I want to know about.
Okay I do like his painting, he used a lot of gold, maybe because
the family bus was gold engraving, you know kind of keeping it
the family.
Glad to see the masters is back and am linking to

Friday, January 02, 2015

Life Organization

In yesterdays post I let you know that I have 3 goals for this year, and I
told you the first one, now on to number 2.  I did not know what
to call this one so I called Life organization.
Goal 2.
Life Organization
if you read this blog you know I am retired, and should have lots of time
to get things done in my life.  But at most times it seems I am spinning my wheels.
First the hubster is retired as well, should not be a problem right, wrong,
he does not have any hobbies, so his hobby, is cleaning the house,
nice right, wrong, he likes me to help him.  Imagine that....well my
way to do things before he retired worked for me but apparently does not
work for him.  So I sat him down the other day, and explained my
life expectations, which are
I go swimming in the morning for 1 hour a day, but it takes 1.5 hours to
get there, come home, and shower etc at the pool.  So I am gone
2.5 hours in the morning.  When I come home, I will with him
clean and do what needs to be done in the house, from 2.00 to 5.00 I
will go to the studio, and work without interruptions, just like a
job (of course hours are subject to change, cant create on demand)
So this is a work in progress, not set in stone, but I need to
create, in the studio, because I want to go big. More on this in
later posts

Thursday, January 01, 2015

The word vs goals

Well happy new year to everyone, hope you are all alive and
well and made it through new years eve.  We had a quiet new
years eve, we went out with friends for dinner early,
and came home, and I was in bed by 10.00  Am I getting
old or what.....
So I have though long and hard about the word every one
does every year, and decided no word for me, I never
quite do the word.  So this year I have decided on three goals
for me to achieve, so today I am sharing goal one.
Goal One...
To sell my art
This is a tough goal for me to achieve, first and foremost, I don't produce a ton
of sellable art.  So that in itself is a big problem.  Second I or my self crtic
always says not good enough to sell.  And last of all I am not good at
promoting myself or my art.  So those are all big problems.  So I had made
these collages above awhile ago, you might have seen them on my blog,
they are all my own design, and papers I have painted and collaged.
When I look at them, I see children's rooms, so I thought that might
be where my market for these are.  We have a second hand used clothing
store just up the street, not you usual second hand, upscale second hand
if you know what I mean.  So this is the plan in the next week, first
go in to the store, (never been in it) talk to the store owner, about
getting some children's art on her wall to sell, and show her these
five and see what she's says.  She can only say she is not interested right.
So that is plan for next week, will keep you informed of my progress
as I go along on this goal.  Tomorrow I will review Goal 2.

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