Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was working in the garage today and this is what I did. I used the back of another diet coke peice of cardboard, some stencils, and stuff. It looks way better in real life. It actually looks to dark here. Today was a great day, my daughter finished her exams today and is ready for summer fun to begin. My husband has tommorow off and the weather is suppose to be good. What else in life can you want. Did you see Oprah today Kristy Alley was on , I love her attitude, yes I have gained weight, but went on with my life. I want to be like that, just yes I have gained a few pounds ( I did to myself not anyone else, and nobody was hurt in my doing it but me) and yes I know I have to lose it, and yes I will on my own time. Yes I am woman hear me roar.
Well I am now getting off my soapbox and going in to watch Greys Anatomy. Talk to you tommorow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just dont know when to quit

This is one of my art pages that I did for Dispatch from La Class that I am taking. Okay after looking at this page I decided that I just don't know when enough is enough. Enough colour enough pattern. I saw this photo is vogue, she was exercising in her high heels with weights. It was to funny, because doesn't everyone exercise in high heels. So I thought what is more ridiculous is she should be boxing, so that she is. My motto now is "less in enough" and I am going to try and follow that rule.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am a recycler

The Coke family would be proud to know, not only am I biggest Diet Coke drinker they must have. But I also use the cardboard cartons the 12 pack comes in to make art. I made these 2 covers out of the 12 pack. They are the art journal covers I am going to use to house my work in.
Now it is not my best work, I was out in the garage spraypainting and it was freezing, right now it is snowing. What's that you say your in you bathing suit and I am in my parka. So I was hurrying to get in the house. I am enjoying the class at your own pace. Lately my pace has been slow to dead. I go in cycles lots of creative stuff then nothing. This weekend was pretty good. We watched a movie called Rachels Wedding, would I recommend it, no. But really it was a different kind of movie and was not that bad. Well I decided to go down to the studio and purge junk I am not using and try to get creative. Talk to you tommorow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Travel Stories....

My daughter finished her second year at college today, and then one more year and she is done. She is planning a backpack trip this year starting on June 29-July 30. She and her friends are going to go to the Philippines and Hong Kong. Most of the time they will be beach hopping in the Philippines and in Hong Kong site seeing and of course shopping. I am worried about her going, but what can you do she is 20 with a mind of her own. So the other day she asked if I wanted to go backpack shopping with her. I did and this is the backpack (I) bought her. I think that is why is asked me, smart girl that shopper, Mom is a pushover. Well have not really done to much lately, the weather is cold and to cold to spray paint. Plus lack of motivation to create anything. Well talk to you soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love Song....

This is my self portrait for Wednesday, over at Misty's. Alright you probably saying to yourself
there are a few odd things here. One why does she have a bird on her head. No birds have touched my head I can tell you that. The bird in this picture represents freedom to me. Freedom to fly, to spread its wings, to try new things. And that me, reborn .l..since I don't work anymore I have the time to experiment and try new things. The second thing is she is missing an eye and she has a funny nose. Okay the eye was in there and looked like hell, so I took it out, yes I took it out. An artist can do what she wants to do. But in turn made the nose look bad. Okay I played around with it for ever and thought I am leaving it. So here she is in all her splendor, bad nose, no eye, and a bird on her head.l I used napkins as the background, you are not suppose to know that. All and all that is who I am, I have all the required parts. Of those are my words, on the way to Ikea tonight I was composing in my head. Talking to myself out loud in the car, the guy driving beside me gave me quite the look and got out of my way. I had to stop and write it down before I forgot it....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Goodmorning Blogworld....

This is a board that I bought at Michaels, and I use for my spray paint station in the garage. I use it to contain the spray paint so it doesnt spray all over. I also use it in the studio, for the maya mists.
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was okay, this week will be better I am sure. I decided to take some photos of things that I know you would be interested in (lol) so if your not close the page. This Photos is of my stencil bin, I am taking an online class . So I have a move able bin, so I can spray paint outside and have everything I need at my fingertips. I debated on showing you this one, because it is not finished, I like the texture I created but it needs something else. I created the texture using, tile putty and a pallet knife.

These is a page in progress in my Art Journal. Look at the bottom picture I used that as a stencil and use maya spray ink on it. I didnt want to go out to garage to use the spray paint. Well today I am going to work on my spray painting class so you might see some samples later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tales from the Scales

Now I vowed I was not going to be one of those people who gave you blow by blow description of there weight loss journey. But I have been going to WW for one week now. The first week was the weigh in and to my surprise i had only gained 5lbs in one year. So was pretty happy about that, because it could have been 50. Now the second week (Wednesday) is the day I weigh in. Didn't start off so good, nowhere to park (arguing with myself since there is no where to park just come back next week). But went anyway, and did not lose one pound not an even an ounce. So did i feel bad and give up , no I had a talk with myself and said self you know why you did not lose now get with the program. So that is where it stands today, I have decided to give you monthly updates whether you want to know or not. Now this layout is about exercise, which I hate to do . I don't like to get hot and sweaty (good excuse eh, I am sticking to it). My idea of great exercise to to lay on the deck and once in awhile go in and get a diet coke. But since we have had the dog, I am the dog walker, so there is my bit of exercise. So I found this picture in
Vogue while exercising my hands. I made a mask out of it. In the real picture she had exercise clothes on, I like her more naked looking. Hope you like my page.

Dream a little dream for me....

I have always been a sleeper. I like to sleep...but do you ever have those days, or weeks where
you don't sleep. You toss and turn and you try everything to get to sleep. When I was working I used to hate those times, because I used to look at the clock and get all stressed and say to myself you only have 4 hours till you need to get up, 3 hours and on and on. And then you get to work and your exhausted. Since menopause ( i know your saying to yourself but she is so young lol) it has got worse. The doctor says this to shall pass. She gave me sleeping pills, I really take enough pills so I don't need these. I don't take them. So at least I don't have to stress about going to work tired, after all I could take a nap and nobody would care.

Well today is an errand day, already it is 7:14 am I have taken the dog for a walk, and am just about out the door taking hubby car in servicing. He had to fly out of town today so could not do it. See another benefit of me not working. Then a little of this and that. Well enough for now talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who am I really

I don't really know any more, I am constantly changing. I look back on that girl . I was married at 20 way to young to be married. But I was in love and still am with the same man. But I have changed in other ways, I have grown and evolved from that girl to a mature woman who knows what she wants. It has taken me along time on this journey and I am still finding out who I am. For years I searched for something to hold on to something that was totally mine. And I finally found out what that was and it was Art. And now its like the world has opened up and given me this gift of making art. No matter how good or bad my art is I enjoy making it. And I think that is what part of the journey is enjoying the life I live, and doing it the best I know how to.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Like a Virgin-for the very first time trying....

Pastels: I have used pastels here and there but never in a whole picture. Today I saw a hairless Cat, yes, a hairless cat. To me the cat looked like a rat. Sorry to those people who have hairless cats. I made this crazy challenge to myself, to try new art forms. I thought this hairless cat would be good in pastel (white), the cat was white. I had to use an art pencil as well ,as I couldn't get some of the definition I wanted. Yes I know doesn't really look like any cat you know. Maybe one from outer space but thats okay with me. My hairless friend would be proud to know he is now in my art journal for as long as the journal is around.
Today was Easter Sunday, how was your day. Tomorrow I am having 12 people over relatives for turkey. We are all bringing something so that makes it easy. I usually like to do this on a Sunday, but the daughter is working tonight so tomorrow is the day. Today was beautiful, we got alot of work done outside, washed down the house, the driveway, cleaned up the garage, the deck etc. When you live in a cold climate you make the best of it when spring and summer hits by being outside as much as you can.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just call me Pinky

Well I have been taking a brief respite from blogging on my blog, not on others. I always feel that I have nothing worthwhile saying. I wish I could write like toni on her words flow on paper like water. I have always been rather quiet so I think, but my friends might say different. My picture is of one of the flowers that I bought at Costco the other day, and I used one of the photoshop brushes to stylize it. Today that flower is no longer with us, its gone to flower heaven. Last night we had a wonderful thunderstorm and rain, our first of the season. We get lots of thunder and lighting in this neck of the woods. Started my online class last night with I must say I am getting more for my dollar than I thought I would. What alot of work was put in for the first class. A 20 page pdf document and 6 videos, showing all her steps. If you have not signed up, run and do it now. Today I am taking Sofie to doggy daycare, she needs a little dog intervention and I need the break. I am going to the art store to pick up some more spray paint and then home to spraypaint my little brains out. I am
going to post tonight so come on back and have a look

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Travels with Lee

Thats right my dream vacation would be to go to Egypt. I would sail on the nile and just create art. I might have to go by myself as hubby doesnt want to go, to dangerous. The whole world is a dangerous place nowadays. Oh well a girl can dream. I created this page in my art journal. I went outside my comfort zone as usually I dont do pages like this. But I think it turned out alright. A girl has to try new things. Well today its a day of errands and cleaning. Postoffice, drycleaners,bank,laudry and maybe cleaning the studio. What are you doing today.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Walk in my Shoes

This is my favourite song by Depache Mode. Its is so true. We always thing that somebody else
has the perfect life, or the perfect clothes, and we envy them. But do they really. We don't live
with them, we don't know what kind of life they have. When I was younger I was quick to judge
people. But now I don't judge anyone because we don't really know the person, because we don't walk in their shoes.
I am going to play along with . Its about journal ling, using your own words, using your own writing. For example for this page, I used some of a song, Words that I found in a magazine, hand painted background, a stamp I craved myself. One day when I long gone I want someone to find these journals and get a peek into my life. From my journal I hope that they would find that I am just a woman, who loves life, had flaws, has learned from her mistakes and just keeps going on. I don't like my own writing but it is in my journal. Who ever reads it in the future would probably say that girl should have used the computer.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

In Need of a Rework....

This is the first picture that I ever painted, and used wax on it. After I was finished I was so
proud of myself. I have had it hanging around for ever. For starters its suppose to have the other side of her. Which I have not done. I really had a good look at her and she needs a re-do.
The face is to round, the colours are not working for me... As an artist are you ever happy with
the final product. Truthfully, I pick everything apart that I do. My critical eye is working overtime. I have to learn to let it go and go with the flow. Easier said than done.
Today was great, the weather co-operated was nice. Used my 50 percent off coupon at Michaels on some paint. Stayed on the WW plan and now am going to watch a movie with the hubby. We are going to watch Lakeview Terrace, suppose to be good. What are you doing this weekend?

Friday, April 03, 2009

No cost-to low cost stencil ideas

The other day Janet (Lavender Loft) was commenting she wanted some ideas for stencils that were diffent. So I thought I have some so thought I would post them. We both are taking a stencil class from I just figured out how to do that... The circles are cardboard, I found at Michal es, they were putting out stock and ripping up there boxes and I took this home. I love circles and they makes them perfect.
Dollar store foam stamps, also Michael's, .50 cents.

The angel I got at Michael's in the wood section for $l.00 I thought it would make a great stencil The flower and the cirlces were from a transparency I had and I just cut them out and made it a stencil
Now I was in Home Depot the other day and found this sponge with texture on the back and liked it.
I went again to Michael's for flowers for my house and thought this leaf would make a great stencil and I love the way it looks. $1.00

Home depot again this is used when they are making the walls they lay this roll over the wall, sorry I cant remember what it was called, or the price. I know it was more than a dollar Michael's again dollar bin you get about 5 of these for a $1.00, different kinds.
Found this at my friendly dollar store it make the coolest textures.
The Salvation army shop, looking for cool things for my studio and found two of these. $.50
Paper lace dollar store

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hiding behind rose colored flowers

Have not been blogging much this week since I got back. Errands to run, things to finish and feeling sorry for myself to do. I have been avoiding getting on the scale. Every morning I go into that bathroom and look at the scale and walk away. Its time to take stock and do something. I did not make a commitment at New Years because I do every News Years and I dont achieve my goal. I am going to achieve it this time. I have to lose a few pounds okay lets get real maybe more than a few pounds and I will do it. Tomorrow I take a full length picture of me and no I am not going to post I am not that crazy. But on September 1, I will take another picture of myself and then I will post both of them. That is 6 months, I should be able to shed a few by then. Watching Oprah today reinforced my desire to lose weight. I cant afford Jenny Craig, dont want or need surgery so I am going to do it the old tried and true way
Weight Watchers here I come on Friday. Well now you all know and now and then I will be reporting back to you my progress good or bad.

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