Tuesday, December 16, 2014

house rules 16

christmas rules
christmas baking must not be eaten before the 24 of December
this rule is for me (lol) I can eat it in the freezer


  1. I have a way out of that problem - I just make TRIAL bakes, so they have to be eaten to see what they taste like! Love your Christmas blackbird! Valerie

  2. Lol yes that one is a rule here too. Until I get back from afternoon carol service and last minute card deliveries at about 6pm.

  3. Boy do you have many rules for Christmas. Only two rules here, all the decorations are put down Jauary 6.th and no expectations are put on mom (me) at Christmas day.All the rest are traditions. Oh, and just so you know, Christmas eve is our main time of celebration.

  4. I'm so enjoying your Christmas rules series - most of them - you know the one.
    Seriously love your bird here, what a character and what fascinating colours. He is looking a bit worried, has Santa crept up behind him?


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