Monday, April 14, 2008

Suddenly you see....

I heard this song on the radio, and some of the lyrics are "her face is a map of the world" and I loved it. I thought it would make a great art journal page and here it is...hope you all like it


  1. This is lovely, lee. I love how you can pick up an idea and translate it into art. This IS art, by the way. Most of what I do, is just (science) illustration, which can be breathtaking but is all about being literal and drawing all the details (actually not all, but those that matter for identification's sake). Anyway, there's not much room for being oneself there, so I don't consider it a true form of art.

  2. This is fantastic the way youve done her cheeks so that they have come up pink as part of the map... I too love the way youhear a song and are inspired by it enough to transcribe it into an art piece!

  3. I love this!! How clever you are.

    And I also like your mail art from a few days ago....especially who it's going to!! (I'm trying to play catch up with all the blogs since I was sick.)

  4. love it!!! great card!


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