Monday, April 04, 2011

To be Goth or not to be

I always feel that everything I do is safe
I like the way some artists are when they do work it has that grunge appeal to me
I think I must be secretly longing to be a goth type person, I do wear alot of black
Even in this one, I didnt make it all moody by using darker colours, but I wanted to make it have that grungy effect, I dont think I got there yet
Maybe I am to cheery to try to be dark and moody in my art  


  1. I too am trying to step away from my comfort area a bit...not easy.
    Your journal is wonderful!
    and all those colors of pens and markers! I love it.

  2. That's so funny....I never think of you as playing it safe with your art! I think you're very innovative and do so many different things. I like the grunge look, too and I think this page is really cool.

  3. Oh, I know that feeling, been pushing myself to try out things I always thought I just can't do. I know I need to improve on so many levels but sticking with what I can already do (playing safe) is never going to get me further so I'm pushing through the discomfort of trying new things as much as I can. Keep trying and experimenting, even if you think it doesn't look as good as you had imagined you'll be so happy you've at least tried, trust me :)

  4. totally agree with janet!

  5. Lee, let's pierce our noses or maybe stop showering!!

  6. I think you succeeded with the grunge look here.
    Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can make for interesting results.

  7. I agree with Janet too...lovely greetings


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