Wednesday, April 06, 2011

mish mash wednesday

Just was reading Yahoo news and saw that Mari ah Carey shared her twin belly for all the world to see.  Okay now when I was pregnant many eons ago, how come my belly did not seem to glow like her did, though I only had 1 baby in there. I would not have showed the world my belly, which chose to hang down not like here upright and just cheery looking.  Maybe the stars get the special baby belly (lol). . Ok enough rating about bellies, nobody is seeing this middle age belly ever and that is just the way it is

Well what have I been up to, lets see.

Making a FRESH fruit salad because finally it feels like spring
Made some muffins with applesauce and cranberries (low fat) that felt like hockey pucks and were so little that you needed a magnifying glass to see them
Been taking long walks with devil dog, where both her and I come home needing a bath from all the water that is melting from the snow
Had lunch with a friend
Having dinner with the shopper tonight at my house, making turkey burgers and salad
Getting ready for the trip packing, as the shopper says we are not leaving for awhile why are you packing, my answer you pack you take out, you pack you take out.  That's what I do, I over pack, then I edit, then when I am there I wish I would have left the clothes in the suitcase
Spring cleaning
Trying to work on the project that Janet and I are doing from the book by Pam Carriker, but having trouble.
Just enjoying my life

What are you up to


  1. I'm loving those pigtails that are sticking straight out to the sides! The red text is terrific... tonight I am up in bed with my laptop! Shame on me!...your fan in germany, tj

  2. I just saw the pics of Mariah's belly, too! I'm with you....mine never looked like that. I think it's called air brushing!

    Love the pigtailed girl! Don't sweat the project. I say change it however you like....make it your own way. Art should be fun.

  3. I didn't see the belly of Mariah, but I'm pretty sure it's the result of the wonderful possibilities of a thing called Photoshop ;-)
    Your drawing is lovely by the way.

  4. Hi Lee....first concerning showing the belly...totally agree with you. I never would have showed my baby belly uncovered either!!!!

    So off to enjoy your new posts and art!!!!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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