Sunday, July 21, 2013

just checking in....

 been missing you
just back for a few days to catch up on a few things
went to Ottawa for a wedding
hotter than hell
high temps and high humidity
but no mosquitoes
been making some art
reading lots of books
having a few cool ones where ever I end up
loving summer
hope you are having a great one
be back for sure by September 1
love lee


  1. Hi Lee, so much to catch up on too. Just home from my vacation in the US. Will share on blog but need some time to sort out all the impressions. Keep on enjoying Your summer too!

  2. LOVE this icad Lee - THANKS for sharing!

  3. Love this art Lee. Enjoy your break! It does seem like everyone is gone. Wish I was traveling too. Not this summer though. We are recovering from wedding expenses (our boys' weddings).

  4. I'm missing you, too! And it's been hotter than hell here and we've had humidity which is usually not normal for us. I'm glad you checked in to let us know you're okay. I'm looking forward to Septembr when you'll be back with more art.

  5. Love your art! Enjoy the summer (even though it's hot ;-) )

  6. Love your card Lee....hurry back!!!

  7. Love this piece, Lee...looks great! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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