Friday, August 30, 2013

I am back early...

Yes, I am back early but I am back
going away again around Sept 10 for a Week road trip with the hubby and devil dog
Oct 7-17 to Phoenix, but I probably will post from there
My summer has been fun
I had a small project put in Altered Arts online
I did some art
Joined an art journal page swap which I am sweating about already
had a art date with a friend Gail who I met online who happens to live in the same city and
she joined the Art Journal swap as well
created an angel booklet to be posted soon
did a portrait
made some postcards
went to a wedding art journal coming soon
enjoyed our weather a mix of sun and rain
and missed you alI thought about quitting the blog blog about 100 times this past summer,
but Gail and Janet talked to me out of it so if your bored you have them to blame.
Tommorow I am having my 40th wedding anniversary (I was just a baby when I married)
40 years with the the same hubster, who knew
ok that's it for today, I am glad I am back, and I hope you are to


  1. welcome back - this is sooo pretty!

  2. have a wonderful anniversary, ours in on monday we are five yrs behind you though! and looking forward to seeing all your summer art too!

  3. Welcome back Lee. Happy wedding anniversary for tomorrow. I am curious about the Angel booklet.

  4. Nice to see you back Lee, and happy anniversary. 40 years, these days that qualifies for Guinness book of records. You are four years ahead of me. Sounds like you've had a great summer.

  5. I missed this post earlier! I'm so happy that you're not leaving Blogland. I'd be sorry to see you go and I'd miss you so much.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  6. yay - I'm so glad you're back, and so glad you haven't quit the blog!


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