Sunday, February 01, 2015

Day 1 -I call her lee

This is the second time I have posted this today.  So lets try again.
I cant remember what I said the first time, so I guess you will hear new stuff.
The hubster has the superbowl on, and I don't like football, so I am busy
doing other stuff, working on my 29 faces, getting dinner ready.  We are
having bbq steak, and the works.  I was going to have some seafood, but
I just found out the other day I have high cholesterol  so seafood is out of
the question. The shopper and the boyfriend should be landing right about now
and facing our icy roads again.  And that's it the exciting life of me.  The picture above is like a selfie of me, when I was younger, or at least I have blue eyes. 



  1. Love it and I do see the resemblance... Love your top too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. soooooo beautiful Lee!!!

  3. Love her lime green flowery top, where did she get it I wonder?
    She has such a sweet calm face too with lovely eyes.

  4. Yup, she looks like you! Nicely done. (I didn't know seafood was bad for cholesterol.)


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