Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We are family of women, we love each other unconditionally. We three sisters have had our ups and downs as in any family of women. In January our sister suddenly passed away. The loss resounded through our lives like a bullet and the grieve is endless, but as a family we handle it. We each handle our grieve in different ways, I started to write poetry again, not happy stuff mind you, but it helps me. I wanted to share with you one of my poems that I wrote at the airport on my way home after the funeral

Sister Love
I miss you more each passing day
You've changed my life is so many ways
The sadness still seeps through my veins
My heart is breaking and I feel such pain

One day you were alive,well and strong
The next day came and something went wrong
Our hope for you was you felt no pain
Without you how can we ever be the same
My tears overflow like a river of rain

Your an angel now its time to go
I will always look to heaven and find your soft glow

I will never forget you
A daughter,sister, wife and mother
You can never be replaced by another


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