Monday, May 29, 2006

The Studio

First off whoever commented on my pictures and art thank you very much for the nice comments. At least someone is reading. Now here are a couple pictures of my studio, you cant see the whole room as I have to take different angles, more coming. I love it, its all cupboards and counters and space, even though it is my basement, my basement is finished so I dont feel that it is a basement. I'll will get out my handy digital and take some of the basement to give you an idea. I do lots in the studio, sometimes I just go down and do nothing, just to get away and get a little peace and quiet, you know ladies sometimes you just need it. Its all my space and I can leave it messy if I want, as you can see by the pictures, actually that pretty clean. Well another day tomorrow and its 11:00 better get to bed soon, i usually dont make it till 12:00, i like the quiet in the house to get some things done.


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