Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Does this look like a Tomatoe...

This is my art journal that I carry around in my purse, its really not to big. I put everything in it, ideas, sketches, things I find that I might use one day. Qutoes, sayings, things that I might make one day with instructions its a carry all for everything.
I created this on a scrap of watercolour paper I had laying around, and with watercolour pencils. First time I have used them. I think it turned out pretty good. I go to this great site, I cannot say enough good things about her art. She paints, uses pencil crayons, and water colour crayons and gives little mini lesson on using them. She gave me the courage to try them. I love the way they look and how you can blend. I am more tightly controlled you can blend all the colours and get get brights. Hope to talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Yes! That certainly looks like a tomato! Great work. I think it's very, very cool. I love how it just runs off that page.

    Love it.

  2. awesome! i love it. good idea carrying your art journal around. i need to do that, but my bag is alreayd so heavy that i'm walking sideways :)

  3. I love the confessional nature of this post, the way you feel so shy but are sharing so much!

  4. that's a lovely tomato!

  5. I love this did a fab job!!


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