Tuesday, May 01, 2007

may 1, photo a day for Month of May

I am doing a mini challenge of taking a photo a day (of may life). This is the first one, you wont see them all but I will post a few. This is what I was doing tonight, having a diet coke (my favourite beverage) sketching in my book, and thinking about how to collage those tags, all while watching TV. I am a multi tasker (ha ha).

is another peek at another part of the studio...


  1. I don't know how you drink a diet coke at bedtime. I would be up all night! Thanks for posting on my blog, and keep up the art!

  2. Your studio looks so nice & organized!

    If you're wanting to make "rust", I have had a suggestion of wrapping the item in organic material (potato peelings, teabags) and burying it for a few days. If you have a fireplace (I don't) you can put the item in the fire a few times. maybe a bbq grill would work, too. Or you can just buy a patina kit. I am hoping to avoid spending money, though.

    My fave soda is diet dr pepper.


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