Thursday, August 09, 2007

Studio Friday-Sketchbook

these are two pages out of my sketchbook. I carry this sketchbook around with me in my purse,and when inspiration arrives I jot down things, I sketch, i write poetry, I write phone numbers. This is the book that is always with me . The sketches might not be refined they are a fast sketch of what is going on in my mind that I do not want to forget.
These two pages are things I have been thinking about doing. They may never see the light of day for weeks, months or never. Or they may be done tommorow. I then have another bigger sketchbook, that I refine the design process in before it goes on whatever I decide it is going on. So this is part of my thought process I am sure you all do things differently. The Rocket man sketch, I was thinking of that song by Elton John (i really like Elton John) and wanted to do a sketch with the lyrics hence rocket man. See thats how my mind works. (As my hubby says nobody understands it but me).But it would not be any fun if we were all alike.


  1. so much great detail! i really want to get into the habit of carrying a small sketch book with me

  2. I like your idea of carrying a sketch book everywhere too. It seems like a great way to catch ideas before they're forgotten.

  3. cool glimpse into your thought process on paper! fun to see the "raw" sketches as they just fall out of your head, rather than the refined sketches.

  4. m i c h e l l e10:49 PM

    These pages are insanely amazing! Fabulous work!


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