Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ok not my best work, know this, I was experimenting and when you experiment they dont always turn out. See I am not afraid to show the bad work as well as the good work. I was playing around with watercolours and watercolour pencils, and timing myself on a sketch. Sometimes you need to sketch fast and the only way I can try to do it better is by practice. Today is windy, rainy, sunny. Got home from work, took Sophia out to relieve herself brought her in, she passed out on the couch and I whipped up a batch of chili for dinner tonight. It is bubbling on the stove. Today felt like fall to me, and i felt like cooking. I have been out of the cooking mode all summer and the family has suffered. Oh well, they all know how the stove works. Tonight I am going down to the studio to work on Studio Friday...it about Summer and I have an idea......Well back go clean up the mess I made while getting the made.. Talk to you tommorow.


  1. Hi Lee - I've just discovered studio friday - hadnt heard of it before reading about it here...sounds fun...what are you going tocreate?? Looking forward to seeing your result. I dont feel very summery here as its only just heading into spring here....a few more months till lovely summer arrives! will pop back tosee what youve been up to in your studio!

  2. Hi Lee...I'm having a little contest at my blog...go and play, it's easy~peasy!



  3. Sandy8:41 AM

    Lee....I love this....and feel so fortunate to have you, ML and LE for my best friends....I would like a copy of this to put in my study...can you send me the jpeg and I will print it out....great work!!!

  4. Sandy8:42 AM

    Lee....I meant to say my "Studio"...not study....


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