Monday, August 27, 2007

What does an ink dot say......

Yes, I was down in the studio tonight with artist block, so this is what happened. I had an watercolour card out and decided to paint it a pinky red didn't know why just did it. I had just read about an inkblot as art, and I cant remember where I read it. So I used walnut ink in the middle of the card *I have ink all over my fingers and cant get it off, but back to the story. Folded the card in half and then reopened it up, and to me it looked like a butterfly, so I had just made one out of some old cardstock so I put it on top of the one that was the ink dot and here it is, my version of inkdot art. That's what happens when you get artist block you come up with crazy stuff. On to further news, my daughter and friends are off to Cuba, they got a good deal on tickets so off they went, they only went for a week. But already I am worrying. The puppy went to the boyfriends house because we are not home all week we are working and we did not want her to be alone that long, I will pick her up on Thursday night. I am off work on Friday its my 34 anniversary, hubby is off as well. and its the long weekend.....Talk to you tommorow....


  1. congrats on the anniversary - wow youve been together a long and dh have our 29th wedding anniv on the 2nd of Sept. Amazing hwat happens when u have ablock....what did you write the words on with pen? ink too?

  2. cousin Kathy8:13 AM

    Happy anniversary ours was last Thursday 21yrs wow how time flies when you are having fun never thought I would get this far
    have agreat weekend and an even better anniversary say hi to your mom tell her I miss her and love you all lots
    cousin Kathy


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