Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing with blocks of wood

Yes i was down in the stuido playing with these 2 x 2 blocks of wood, trying to make something out of them, maybe christmas tree decorations, and this is one I came up with which is going straight to the recyle bin. I got the idea of site. I love her work, in fact i am in awe of her talent. Of course mine are not like hers and I would never want to copy her, but I did borrow her idea, go to her site, its on the side as a link and look at her work it is amazing, she started painting late in life just like me, but the talented gene pool is all on her side. I am not giving up, I am just taking a day to think it through and go another way. I know I am going to use those cup screwy things and maybe a bead hanging at the bottom. Lets just say its a work in progress, instead of a peice of xxxx. Well again its late, went shopping for presents tonight, came home with one,at that rate I should be ready by next christmas. No really I am just about finished just my daughter and a few odds and ends. Well got to go catch some beauty sleep and be bright eyed for work tommorow. Talk to you then...


  1. Enjoyed my visit here Lee ! Wonderful things to see and read . Have a nice weekend !

  2. I would not say the gene pool was all on the other side!! I enjoy your art work very much. Sometimes we don't like something because we compare it to someone else's work (that's my voice of experience talking there!!) After you had your beauty sleep I bet you created some ornaments that you like.

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    You are so funny Lee, I love the way you never get upset with your art and I had a good laugh when you said it was going in the recycle bin but no keep it!!!

  4. I love the way youre not afraid of experimenting with new stuff and media. I wouldnt even start afraid of failure. I think a few beads and it would look finished...I quite like its simplicity.


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