Friday, November 09, 2007

So I look like the Green Eyed monster

This is an old image I reworked and put in my art journal. Yes I do feel envy once in awhile. You often doubt you have any talent, when you surf the web and see what others are doing, and you begin to feel like yours is pre school looking. But then I sit back and say to myself I am making this for me and I like it that should be enough. We have had a busy couple of days around here. Wednesday was my daughters 19th birday, so we were out for dinner, tonight she had a bunch of friends over. Tommorow she is leaving for Seattle for 3 days for shopping and fun with a friend, they are flying. The dollar is so good right now you have to take advanatage of it. I ordered some stuff on the net as well, could not resist. I might even do some christmas shopping on it as well. The weather is turning cooler and snow is forecast......Well I am going to bed now as tommorw I am going to the studio, you should see some new work soon.....Its a long weekend here, called Remberance we have Monday off as well.....


  1. Lee I'm sure a lot of artist s feel that their work is never as good as others! I often feel that way too. I like your journal headings...this one is good too. Sometimes I feel like scrappping my blog altogether, but if I didnt show my art work there then it would be just stuck in a dusty draw...I get a lot of inspiration from looking at your blog and the blogs of others too!so...keep on showing it off!

  2. And a little late , bit happy birthday for your daughter Lee !!

  3. Oh yeah, i hear you, but yes, you should do it for yourself, and your work is great!

  4. Hi Lee,

    I think your work is beautiful and expressive and uniquely yours. We did not get as much rain last week as forcast, but we did get lots of wind and the ground was covered with leaves the next morning. I expect we will get snow soon as well.


  5. This post really hit home! I am often envious of other's abilities but then I stop and think that I draw and create from my point of view as does everyone else. We can't all be the same or it would be so boring. I love your work. It has a fresh, very expressive style and I can tell it comes from your heart.


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