Friday, June 05, 2009

Inspiration Friday-Craving

Your probably saying to yourself how does this picture represent Craving. Well I crave sleep, I am not sleeping and will a good sleep comes dreams.


  1. Hi Lee, thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your questions, yes I always paint before I journal, I don't like writing on white pages anymore and I don't really plan anything.

    I hope you get some sleep, have you ever tried "Sleepytime Tea"? It usually works for me.


  2. Krissie @ winterwood12:08 AM

    Hi Lee - wondering if you that sleep? Or are you creating still as youve been v quiet this weekend? hopefully you will post in the week! see you then!

  3. Sorry you aren't sleeping. It doesn't happen too often with me but when it does it throws me way off track.


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