Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Taking a blog summer break

I have been pondering taking a blog break, and after much debate with myself I have decided to take one. I am going to take a break starting today and take the summer off and come back in September. I find myself saying dull and uninspiring things, I want to be able to concentrate on my art and enjoy the summer without worrying about my blog and posting. I will however continue to check and comment on my favourite blogs I do not plan on not surfing the web, I love it to much, but I do plan to cut back on the amount of time I spend on it. What brought all this on, is my best friend of 40 years is seriously ill and I have been spending time with her and realized how precious time is and you need to take each day and welcome it and make your day worthwhile. I have been retired over a year now and have not really enjoyed my time. I had to adjust to the life of a non working person, had to come up with a different routine. When you work you have a routine, you go to work, you come home, you cook, clean etc. When you are retired you have all day to do it, and if you don't get it done today there is always tomorrow. But I am a person who thrives on routine, and I was not getting anything accomplished. I also have an elderly mother who I am responsible for, and I need to spend more time with her.
So there it is in a nutshell, so for my 5 readers don't worry I wont forget you I will be busy visiting your blogs and making comments. See you in September.


  1. OH NO LEE!!!!!!!!!! you are never dull or unispiring quite the opposite in fact! I will miss this blog so hope you dont stay away too long??? please email me if you can over the break, and even though you will be missed I think that a break sometimes is a good thing for us. will pop back now and then to check!

  2. I agree with Winterwood, I'll miss you, you were never dull. But you do what you have to do. Just make sure you come back in Sept.

    Enjoy your summer and take care.

    Love & Lollipops

  3. 5! That's it ? I have often felt either inspired or just plain good after reading your blog : ) I have been home unemployed for 10 yrs. The house is never clean, we have people trafficking in at least 5 times a week and art making never stops here, we just keep going & going. Do what you need and whats best for you : )

  4. I never thought your posts to be dull and uninspiring. I'll still be here when you come back in September.

    Take care of yourself!

  5. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Lee I will miss your blog but if you feel you need a break then that is ok but please come back as you know this is my connection to my family in Edmonton and as for being dull or uninspiring I find your blog quite the opposite. I also know what it is like to have someone you care about ill as I lost my best friend to breast cancer 11 years ago so spend your time with your friend as time is precious.
    Also spend time with your mom as she is also geting up there and as I am not there to spend time with her my Aunt (favorite at that) just let her know that I love and miss her I am going to try to come to Edmonton but no time right now I would like to bring my Mom to see your mom but my Mom does not like to travel anymore so we will see
    take care of your self and your family and I will check back in Sept to see when you are back
    love always Kathy your cousin in Vancouver

  6. There are already five comments here so I guess I'm #6....I think you have more readers than you know! I will definitely miss you but I also understand. Real life always comes first before blogging and friends and family are most important. I also can relate to the part about routines. When I don't have a routine I waste a lot of time!!

    Keep in touch and enjoy your summer break.

  7. I am sad and missing you already but I completely understand. I often think about taking a break but I blog so infrequently. Life is precious and way too short. My mom is terminally ill and I have been spending as much time with her as I can. Stay in touch, i'm leaving you on my favorites list and will check in on you in September. Enjoy your life:-)

  8. WENCH. But I totally get it; I've been having that conversation with myself for two months ... boring posts, same ole', same old' ... so have FUN, spend time with your friend, know that I'll miss you something fierce though!

  9. Anonymous10:28 AM

    5 readers.. lol

    Take your time my friend.... looking forward to you coming back full of great art to share!


  10. I know how you feel, sometimes real life gets in the way! I've been pretty blog negligent myself. I'll check back every once in a while just to make sure you haven't sneaked one in there. And thanks so much for letting us know how you are feeling because I always worry about my bloggy friends when I see they haven't posted in a while. Blessings and happiness during the summer!

  11. Hi Lee, enjoy your break and summer time. I probably will post less too in the next couple of weeks. 4 more till due date....So enjoy and get lot's of inspiration.
    Hope you friend feels better soon.
    See you around, smiles, Anke ;)

  12. As a reader of your blog but a non artist or blogger myself I enjoy being able to go to your blog and catch up quickly on what you are doing. I will miss that quick spontaneous contact but on the bright side will have to talk to you on the phone if I want an update.

  13. How are you? I miss your blog. Hope all is well. Thanks for visiting me and for your comments.
    Those books I mentioned are both very good, I also just finished "SugarQueen"....excellant book.
    Well come visit again soon and enjoy your summer.


  14. Hi Lee!

    Obviously, you have more readers than you thought you did! And we all agree that you are not dull or uninspiring.

    Just wanted to let you know that I think taking a break is a good idea, but that you will be missed.

    BTW, I was NOT accepted into grad school. But I am trying to not cry about it.

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