Monday, February 14, 2011

An ode to Pablo

this page started with me just jazzing around with paint, trying to get some paints together that went well, and inspired me.  next came the half moon circle and columns, I had some art stickers of Pablo Picasso that I had got the last time i was at the art gallery, and walla a page is born.  And the quote actually is one of my favourites of his.


  1. This is great Lee : ) The colors are really nice too.

    Happy Valentines

  2. You are really on a roll! This piece is great. I like the background colors and texture, and the face with wings is perfect. LOVE this one!!!

  3. wow just brilliant and the quote is great too!

  4. What a beautiful creation! So inspiring! :o)

  5. So true with that saying! It's definitely and enrichtment of life, being creative!

    Smiles, Anke ;)

  6. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I like your Pablo masterpiece! It's a wonderful composition...and the quote is one I've never seen until now.


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